TSA Update

When I wrote the preceding post, I had no idea how far it would reach.  I’m glad that it’s out there now, particularly since the TSA responded publicly with an apology and a promise to retrain staff in handling sensitive situations.

We do our best to treat passengers with the dignity and respect they deserve, but in Lori Dorn’s case, it looks like we missed our mark. We sincerely regret and apologize for the experience Mrs.[sic] Dorn had at JFK. The Federal Security Director for JFK has personally reached out to learn more about what happened so he can help ensure that she and others will have better travel experiences in the future. 

I’ve heard from many that the apology rang hollow.  Perhaps, but it was a public acknowledgment all the same.  And I know that the above referenced Federal Security Director was absolutely sincere in his apology as he disclosed to me had lost someone close to him to cancer. I accept his and the TSA’s apology.  The proof, however, will be in the pudding the next time I travel through JFK.

I’ve had many, many media requests for interviews.  One TV station reporter even got past my doorman and up to my apartment, which I find to be unacceptable.  I don’t understand how a reporter would invade a person’s privacy in order to do a story on the very same person’s invasion of privacy.  I think the irony was somehow lost.

Most requests, however, were very polite and for that I am appreciative.  The thing is, I’m not looking to be on-air.  That never was the intention.  I’m not made for the talk show circuit.  And I’m still being treated for cancer.  I just don’t have the energy.  I’m sorry.

Many people shared their TSA horror stories on Twitter cc’ing the TSA Blog Team, inundating them with @ replies. This was the feedback that caused a government bureaucracy to acknowledge something went wrong. Not me.  And I thank everyone for it.

I do want to call out several people.   Xeni who really helped get this out in the public eye,  Drew who took on this cause with fury, and, of course, my husband, Scott Beale who has tirelessly maintained the media roundup over this event. Thank you. You are all so very dear to me. 

I’m not sure if I can say “Mission Accomplished” quite yet, but I can say that the mission has begun.  And that’s a helluva start when you’re dealing with the TSA.

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