Download Sculptris (1.01) – Free

The vast majority of tools for 3D design often very complex and are necessary a series of advanced knowledge to handle them. Sculptris breaks this rule, since it is a lot easier than others in the same category application. This great program we allows sculpting models virtually, resulting in a very intuitive approach to design anything.

Once we have modeled the figure we want, we can painting or texturing each of the zones, change the type of material Composing model or resize and correct any detail of our work.

The program interface is very practical, leaving aside all the painting and compositing tools, the properties of the object on the top and the model we are developing in the center.

If you are looking for a simple and intuitive application for development of 3D figures, discharge Sculptris.

Download Gnumeric (12/01/27) – Free

Gnumeric is one of many alternatives available when choosing a software to handle spreadsheets. This time the project has blossomed into GNOME, the popular window manager. Being such an attractive software, the truth is that perfectly can rivaling Excel If you do not need to perform advanced or specific tasks of implementing Microsoft.

Spreadsheets Open Source

Although the software was originally designed for Linux, the fact is that operation on any Windows system is really flawless. Speed, efficiency and gratuity are three main reasons why Gnumeric It should be taken into account.

The Excel open source.

Gnumeric It is compatible with Excel, Applix, Quattro Pro, PlanPerfect, Sylk, DIF, Oil, SC, StarOffice, OpenOffice, and Lotus 1-2-3 because it uses the XML format to save your files, but also can open the ubiquitous XLS. Unfortunately, still does not support macros, something more advanced users will miss.

Of course, for generate graphs, Calculations sheet and maintain an updated daily, Gnumeric It is more than enough software.

Download OfferBox (8.1.6045.468) – Free

Access the best internet OfferBox. With this desktop application, you no longer need to research on the Web for the best discounts and promotions your favorite products.

Your shopping assistant in real time.

To use OfferBox you just browse as usual. In the system tray will appear the real-time alerts when there are deals available in your interest. In addition, whenever you want you can check the bargains in the application interface.

What are the advantages OfferBox?

  • New discounts and deals every day.
  • Real-time notifications based on your browsing.
  • 100% customizable application: Decides on topics you want to receive offers or pause operation OfferBox anytime.

By downloading OfferBox You can have the free offers from your favorite products on the desktop. Start using OfferBox and make your online shopping easier.

Download Damn Small Linux (4.4.10) – Free

It seems incredible but only 50 MB can have a GNU / Linux distribution complete and efficient. Damn Small Linux is a LiveCD with which we can enjoy an operating system with various tools that can record on an optical disc and use on any computer.

Enjoy this tiny Linux.

key features

You can this distribution boot from a CD or from a USB memory, allowing its use in other operating systems such as Windows, and also can transform it into Debian through installation on the hard drive.

The tools needed

Damn Small Linux It has the necessary software on any operating system:

  • web browsers (Firefox and Netrik).
  • Email manager (Sylpheed).
  • Word processor (Ted).
  • Picture Editor (XPaint).
  • Application to make VoIP calls.
  • Programs to read PDF files.

Now with DSL you can keep lightweight operating system anywhere. Do not hesitate and free download Damn Small Linux.

Download PCMark (8 Basic Edition 2.7.613) – Free

PCMark It is the best tool for measure the overall performance from your computer. This is an application easy to use benchmark that allows selection of the best components for your computer. This software incorporates Pro Online ResultBrowser (ORB), which is a tool designed specifically to make comparisons between different systems.

Measures the performance of your PC.

Operation PCMark It's very easy and fast. Just run the application and in a few minutes you'll get all kinds of details about your computer and its components: processor, motherboard chipset, latency and response times of RAM, speed of hard disks, etc.

Key features of PCMark

  • measuring System Performance.
  • Detailed information computer components.
  • Comparison of scores obtained by your team and other users.

The best choice for users with specific needs when renewing their equipment is used PCMark.

Download Horse Adventure: Tale of Etria (1.3.1) iPhone – Free

Ubisoft offers us a horseback ride for which you will not need a tracksuit or ask Tactel borrowed in the lobby of any railway station. Horse Adventure: Tale of Etria leads you to a paradisiacal world of idyllic and spectacular scenery you'll think that you have brought in a Philippine ship.

Extensive world travels back of your steed

This game offers an adventure in which you gallop about these animals with the mission of help seniors find their Milenarios Horses. This is an adventure that offers a journey to a magical world that we can share online with hundreds of thousands of players from around the world (Android users also have the APK of the game).

Poppy, pretty little poppy!

key features

In this epic adventure Etria from your iPhone or iPad without camel you can perform actions such as:

  • Ride through a vast magical world freedom of movement gameplay sandbox.
  • Take care of your herd of horses.
  • Train animals developing personality.
  • Customize your character and the steed with hundreds of options and different objects.
  • Compete with friends in show jumping and racing.
  • Help each other taking care of your horses.
  • Gift and exchange objects.

You know, choose your avatar, personalize it and start playing ... Can you do without cheats, and other tricks?

Download Hitman: Blood Money for PC – Free

Hitman is a European video game series seam in which the protagonist is a sadistic murderer hired product of several experiments genetic.

The fourth title in the series is Hitman: Blood Money, where our agent must committing a series of murders among which they include assumptions about murderers President of the United States.

Maybe the game is that supports mode "full freedom" in which you can eliminate everyone without fear of being discovered. Also it includes a mode "infiltrate" where you should not draw attention and a hybrid of both.

As distinguishing factor over previous versions of Hitman, Now we can make money at the end of our missions, with which we can invest in weapons, to bribe witnesses of our "feats" or to create a new identity if ours is burned.

Highly addictive and spectacular graphics, Hitman: Blood Money It is available in both PC as the most popular game consoles.

In the demo we offer they can be appreciated all the ingredients that make this title a cocktail sadistically explosive Y funny.

Download Writefull (1.0) – Free

Looking up a word Doubt About to write a text while we can ruin our working rhythm. Writefull That is an application complements our usual writing tool will help us to That linguistic settle any doubt That May Arise.

Settle spelling and linguistic Doubts without losing your concentration.

You can search for words or fragments of text in Google Books on the web or combining resources Both. To do so You have to launch the application, That will run in the background, and you want to look Whenever something up, you just Have to select the text and press Ctrl + Space the key combination. Then the results will be Offered on STI interface, showing the matches With Different examples found on the Internet.


  • Look up spelling Doubts by searching on the web with Google and in Google Books.
  • shows Matching results.
  • Examples With the different use Given to each word.
  • Search for synonyms.
  • Compare the amount of results.

A richer experience writing

You can Enrich your writing Because thanks to this tool, as well as checking if a word or expression Certain Has Been spelled or used correctly, we can find examples of use Also or even synonyms. THEREFORE, download Writefull Both your writing and Improve and productivity.

Download FaceTime (1.0.5) Mac – Free

FaceTime It is a system that is integrated into various devices developed by Apple and used to power videoconferencing among them, having originally appeared iPhone, the program is also available for computers running Mac OS X.

The application integrates seamlessly with both the operating system, offering a very clean and elegant interface, and some tools, such as the agenda, from which we can call any contact that has the program installed on your machine, iPod Touch or iPhone compatible with development.

Obviously both devices must be connected to the Internet to perform videoconference and will need to have an Apple ID to use the tool.

If you were looking for a way with which to communicate with your friends using iSight and integrated sound system on your Mac, download as soon as possible FaceTime.


Download Wibbi (2.1) iPhone – Free

Do you know Tinder? An app to flirt in which you could set your geographic preferences and find like-minded people near you. Wibbi It goes beyond that. We know how difficult it is to connect with someone, so Wibbi proposes a solution for refine search of the ideal person.

An app sponsored by Alonso Aznar, son of former Prime Minister of Spain.

With Wibbi you can meet people, make friends and who knows if you start a relationship, yes, sure they will have some similar tastes to yours. This is because the system Wibbi He proposes to check-in at the gambling dens and events that you attend usually, so that you will agree with people who have very similar interests to yours.

What happens in Wibbi stays in Wibbi

Once inside, look at the environment and participate with your comments on the wall of the application. If you like someone can private conversations. Nothing happens in Wibbi It will be posted on your social networks.

If you need help icebreaker when meeting new people and link, download Wibbi for iPhone.


Pourquoi je ne peux pas télécharger Interrogée

télécharger interrogé il vous suffit d'aller au magasin virtuel de votre appareil mobile correspondant et appuyez sur le bouton approprié pour l'installer, ce qui est généralement de couleur verte. Juste au cas où vous avez eu des problèmes à jouer avec cette application, il pourrait être parce que votre appareil mobile ne convient pas ou qui n'a pas les exigences de base qu'ils sont nécessaires pour l'exécuter.

Cette application nécessite que vous accordez à un ensemble d'autorisations d'accès:

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Patcher chanceux ce qu’il est

Plusieurs utilitaires qui peuvent être trouvés à Lucky Patcher, tous orientés pour traiter les différents aspects des applications installées sur le système et que nous aurions aucun moyen de le faire sans elle:

  • Suppression des applications contrôles de licence.
  • Pour éliminer la publicité intégrée dans différentes applications.
  • Modifier les autorisations associées à différentes applications.
  • Créer des applications de sauvegarde d'extraire le format de votre fichier APK.
  • Déverrouillez les applications de paiement afin que vous puissiez les installer sur d'autres smartphones ou tablettes.

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Off Windows 8 Clavier

Off Windows 8 Clavier

Saviez-vous que vous pouvez désactiver Windows en appuyant simplement sur un bouton sur le clavier? Il est facile si vous avez un clavier avec des touches programmables et ici, vous pouvez apprendre à faire.

Il existe plusieurs façons de fermer Windows 8: le bouton officiel, en utilisant des raccourcis sur le bureau avec le bouton ordinateur hors tension ... mais aussi à partir du clavier aussi longtemps que vous avez l'ajustement requis. Autrement dit, il offre la possibilité de configurer les raccourcis clavier.

Arrêtez Windows 8 à partir du clavier passe par un clavier programmable

Logitech, Microsoft Genius ou la société elle-même ont clavier avec touches programmables qui ont été conçus spécifiquement pour Windows. Pour tirer le meilleur parti de cette fonctionnalité vous devez télécharger le Centre Microsoft Souris et clavier qui vous permettra de mettre en place ce dispositif pour toutes sortes de tâches avec des raccourcis clavier, tels que l'arrêt.

Ainsi, une fois lancé le Centre de la souris et de l'application de clavier doit aller à mes favoris et jeu d'instructions pour définir l'arrêt. Ceci est -s -f -t 00 Arrêt vous devez entrer la clé de l'espace que vous souhaitez attribuer cette fonction. Cependant, vous allouer plus de fonctions normalement ils se rapportent à la REDUCTIONS redémarrer, le système de suspension, mise en veille prolongée ou de fermeture de session:

  • Off: Arrêt -s -f -t 00
  • Reboot: arrêt -r -f -t 00
  • Suspendre: Rundll32.exe powrprof.dll, sommeil SetSuspendState
  • Mise en veille prolongée: shutdown -h
  • Logoff: Arrêt -l
  • Bloc: Rundll32 user32.dll, LockWorkStation
  • Changer d'utilisateur: Tsdiscon.exe

Configuration des touches de fonction sur un clavier pour Windows 8

Avec chaque ligne de commande réglée sur la touche désirée, vous pouvez exécuter chaque action avec une simple touche

Pas exactement du clavier ...

Et si vous ne disposez pas d'un clavier avec des touches programmables, vous pouvez toujours vous tourner vers les bienheureux et classique Ctrl + Alt + Suppr, que, bien que Bill Gates désavoue tout nous semble très utile. Donc, vous le savez, le pressant vous aurez accès à des options de verrouillage, l'utilisateur du changement et la fermeture de session, et le Gestionnaire des tâches, mais aussi à l'arrêt. Off bouton qui apparaît en bas à droite et, oui, vous devez cliquez avec la souris de choisir entre l'arrêt ou le redémarrage.

L'arrêt de Windows 8 Alt + F4

La combinaison de touches Alt + F4 fonctionne toujours dans Windows 8

Vous avez aussi, bien sûr, la combinaison Alt + F4 exhibant le menu avec les options Changer d'utilisateur, Déconnexion, redémarrage Suspendre, bien sûr, fermé, comme cela a été dans les versions précédentes de Windows.

Comment nettoyer votre système avant de avec CCleaner

Nettoyez votre ordinateur avant l'arrêt

Prenez soin de notre ordinateur personnel Il est essentiel de travailler rapidement et aussi vite que le premier jour. Et, comme vous pouvez l'imaginer, quand on parle de propre équipement, ne nous parlons de polissage et dépoussiérage, il est également nécessaire de temps en temps (ventilateurs de poussière et les bouches d'air peuvent causer des ravages à surchauffer l'équipement).

L'un des plus faciles à utiliser les outils et les plus efficaces pour maintenir "en forme" votre équipe est CCleaner. Parmi les fonctionnalités offertes par l'application est la possibilité de désinstaller facilement des applications que vous ne avez plus besoin, vérifier l'intégrité inscription Windows et supprimer les fichiers temporaires, les journaux, les cookies, l'historique, les données de navigation, ...

L'élimination Informations sur l'utilisation navigateurs et système nous permet d'améliorer notre confidentialité et cela est particulièrement important lorsque nous partageons l'ordinateur avec d'autres utilisateurs. Dans ces cas, il est conseillé de nettoyer toutes ces données personnelles et privées à chaque fois que nous utilisons l'ordinateur.

dans les paramètres CCleaner il est possible de programmer l'équipement de nettoyage automatique pour démarrer le PC, mais cette action ralentit le démarrage du système. Donc, une autre option, moins ennuyeux, est de reporter cette tâche à effectuer avant chaque arrêt.

Pour ce faire, procédez comme suit:

  • 1. Créer un raccourci sur le bureau.
  • 2. Cliquez dessus avec le bouton droit de la souris et sélectionnez l'option "propriétés".
  • Nettoyez votre ordinateur avant l'arrêt

  • 3. À la campagne "destination" ajoutée à la fin de la ligne "/ AUTO / shutdown"Donc, ce sera quelque chose comme: "C: Program Files (x86) CCleanerCCleaner.exe" / AUTO / shutdown.
  • 4. Maintenant, au lieu d'arrêter l'ordinateur, il suffit de double-cliquez sur l'icône et votre ordinateur "purifier" et il s'éteint par lui-même.