Download Gothic 2 PC – Free

The world of gothic It is one of the highest rated among RPG, with a series of video games really consolidated and that this second installment he was a real revolution. The story of Gothic 2 continues exactly where it ends in the first part, being as thorough and complete as expected.

In the first gothic, everything revolved around a magical barrier whose malfunction had led to a real political, economic and social order problem. Our character played a crucial role in those frames now continue. In Gothic 2, It all begins when your mentor rescues you after a month buried in rubble. The world has changed and some dragons sent by Beliar (The evil god) have put your people in danger and you have to fix it.

With a improved control and a goal to get to defeat the dragons, Eye Innos, your mission is to join one of the groups or factions with your decisions and get good reign again.

Download Exchange Server 2010 – Free

Every large company needs to have a tool to help you manage collaborative work and communication between employees, so it is always advisable to have a system that can function as Postmaster, server data access and protection for sending information media.

Exchange Server 2010 It is presented as the ultimate solution to manage and optimize information among employees of an organization, as it not only functions as mail server, but it can also be integrated into other applications, for collaborative tasks from different jobs.

Microsoft has also emphasized mobility and, therefore, is not only longer compatible with desktops or laptops, but also it is with mobile phones, smartphones and netbooks, can synchronize our information with the server, wherever we are.

If you are looking for a tool with which to manage everything concerning the communication within the company, offering versatility, stability and security, you should not miss the opportunity to try microsoft Exchange Server 2010.

Download PC Building Simulator (0.01) for PC – Free

The PC simulation games go far. We have seen from games in which we can expect to live a virtual second life, totally different from the monotonous and boring existence that we often bring up games that simulate be truck drivers or train, airplane pilots, farmers and even a goat .

And now we can play set up our own computer virtually completely, without resorting to PC components to buy all the necessary parts: CPU, RAM, video card, bus, optical drives, hard drives, power supply, fan, etc. Does the target PC Building Simulator? Learn and show that You know your own PC hop able to run the most demanding games of the moment (Battlefield 1 Hitman, Far Cry Primal, etc.) without exceeding the initial budget that accounts.

How to play ride your computer?

No more mystery. Download and unzip the installation folder and play. For now, the development of the game is in a very primitive state and you can only access a tutorial to learn the most basic options of this game, but the interface itself makes it clear that soon there will be a career mode. We do not know if they mean we can become a technician and spend APP or PCBOX life repairing and assembling computers with that, but of course the game promises.

3D component models completely realistic.

Once you run the tutorial will have access to all available components and the number of them that we can use. Simply browse the menu by selecting the pieces that you will use, and then click on the slots where you want to place them for subsequent wiring. Once you get the hang of if you have not installed a computer in your life (this is basically a PC Building for Dummies), but do not expect beat your geek friend who brings their own PCs being built from 15 years.

Download SAT (2014 6.11) – Free

SAT, also known as Administrative System Workshop, it is an application designed for use in repair and after-sales services virtually any commercial or business sector.

Facilitates the management of your workshop

Unlike other programs in the same category, SAT dispose of an attractive interface and, above all, intuitive, since the elements that will be most used are just a click. With it you can keep tabs on the work being carried out, orders and stocks of parts or tools, it also allows us manage revenues, generate invoices and receipts, and making closures and counts cash.

With this program you can optimize the management of your service.


  • interface easy to use and customizable.
  • control over jobs, orders, stocks of parts and tools.
  • Control of expenses and income.
  • emission invoices and receipts.
  • Cash operations.
  • Management communication with customers.

And also improves communication with your customers

Has a section called Communications through which we can control the exchange of information with our customers, allowing us send emails or SMS messages When we have completed their assignments. This way your business door improves both inward and outward.

Discharge SAT and try one of the most complete market for workshop management programs.

Download SereneScreen Marine Aquarium (2.6) – Free

You can customize the appearance of your computer using different tools or pictures, but one of the most important elements is the screensaver. It is possible to use photo galleries, 3D animations or developments as original as SereneScreen Marine Aquarium, which emulates a fish tank which in turn can show the current time and date.

The appearance of this screensaver is very attractive. features very colorful and very worked animations. From the configuration panel you can select which fish you want to appear, the image quality and speed of movements, among other things.

It is also possible configure the display of the date and time, one of the most important functions of this development, no doubt.

If you wanted a screensaver with which to surprise your colleagues or relatives when activated, just download and install SereneScreen Marine Aquarium.

Download SuperTux (0.4.0) for PC – Free

The most famous penguin returns with computer SuperTux, a platform game in 2D in the style of Super Mario Bros. Like the original Nintendo, SuperTux It develops from a side view. Run, jump and kill enemies to overcome different levels.

SuperTux features

  • 26 levels.
  • 9 enemies.
  • OpenGL rendering.
  • Use the PC keyboard or a joystick controller.
  • Redesigned graphics.
  • Attractive soundtrack.

Tux, El Salvador

SuperTux guarantees you a good bit of fun in front of your Windows computer, although there are also versions for other platforms. Test your skill and your reflexes and salt to rescue your beloved Penny, prey under the clutches of evil after being kidnapped during a picnic in Antarctica. Discharge SuperTux Free for Windows!

Download Metro7 (1) – Free

One of the things that has highlighted the future operating system of Microsoft Windows 8 is the new Metro user interface, which is specially designed for use with touch devices, while at the same time It offers a very comfortable use Computer users who only need access to your email and social networks, and now thanks to Metro7 You can enjoy this interface while working with Windows 7.

A clear and easy to use interface

Interface Metro7 It is identical to that of Windows 8, can access to all options through simple screen widgets (Which is shaped like small rectangles), and even showing some of the information without having to access if you want each of the options.

From the basic interface which is accessible nothing will be possible to install the application access to weather information, enter Facebook, checking email in Gmail or activate a screen with a giant clock.

But is that in addition to these options Metro7 It includes the same store widgets included in the development version of Windows 8, allowing the ability to add more options to the desktop if possible.

Discharge Metro7 free, really You will notice the change.

Download FRAMED (1.3.2) Android – Free

Puzzle games on Android and iPhone have reached another level and are now very comprehensive stories that used to watch on portable game consoles. While it is true that the puzzle framed within a context of adventure is not a new thing, much less. Here we have games like Lost Vikings, which is an entertaining puzzle game with an argument adventure game.

Something happens FRAMED, a title very honored that a set in a story worthy of a movie or thriller plot, leads to solve a series of puzzles to make your protagonist has to survive.

Survival depends on your logic protagonist

The main character is in danger, are trying to kill him. What you should do is in each of the chapters to see how you can escape while hindering the work of his enemies. For it is based on a curious system of comic panels that have to move to alter the course of history and loosing actions. The puzzle is knowing how and where it fits each.

So here we have a logic puzzle game format with a black comic genre and an argument that hooked us squarely to history. If we kept you add your animations and jazz music composed for the occasion and accompanying action perfectly ...

A puzzle adventure comic format that will not leave you indifferent.

Step you have to download their free APK will not be possible, since it is a paid game, which is not surprising when you see the end result and that has earned him a number of awards.

So if you like challenges and also are fond of black genre, and grab this excellent title and try to find for yourself the solutions to all its chapters. Do you think you can do it without help?


Download Omegle (2.1) iPhone – Free

Meet people and make new friends is as easy as downloading Omegle. With this application you chatearás with random users and can meet people from all over the world.

Connect with any user and befriends

As a wheel of fortune, this chat randomly connects you with any user. You can talk to him one on one conversation and totally anonymously. Of course, nothing will stop you reveal what data about your life.

Make new friends with whom to share interests.

Omegle It gives you the ability to add personal interests before starting the roulette. Thus the system will sift among all its users to connect only with those who have things in common.

Download the official application Omegle iPhone and discover the easiest way to make new friends.

Download Furby BOOM! (1.9.0) Android – Free

Now you can play with the new application based on the universe downloading Furby Furby BOOM! Android. In it you'll have to take care of yours dedicating all kinds of attention. Are you ready for this new responsibility?

Key features of Furby BOOM!

  • Take care of your Furby.
  • tickle
  • Interact with your Furby BOOM!.
  • Grow it.
  • Teach words.
  • Broods up to 48 eggs.
  • His personality.

Care for furblings

If you ampoules eggs in Furby BOOM! You will see how the Furblings born, Furby baby you have to feed and care for Furby fledged done.

Discharge Furby BOOM! Android and have fun taking care of yours.


Download Circle Dock ( – Free

The Windows graphical environment is very comfortable to access our programs and files in a quick way, but often misses a dock, from which to run those folders or programs that we use most frequently.

Circle Dock It is a utility that lets you create a circular or oval bay anywhere on your desktop, where possible a set of shortcuts to any element housed in our system. This dock can be fully configured to change your look, add Windows options or apply skins.

Among the features to highlight Circle Dock not forget that You can fully control the mouse and keyboard shortcuts, so that if at any time you can get to bother, we can make it disappear by pressing a key.

Give a futuristic touch to your operating system, running applications from an elegant dock.

Download Privalia – Outlet online fashion (3.1.2) iPhone – Free

Some years ago the outlets of fashion and accessories are here to stay. In the case of Privalia, number one in this sector in our country that has adapted to these times -in which for the first time it sails through the tablets and smartphones from the computer- developing an app to match its incredible discounts of up to 70%. You choose where to do your shopping! Stay abreast of the latest developments, presale access the premium service, monitors the status of your shipment ...

Privalia - Online Fashion Outlet It has the same dynamics as the web: Register and access the campaigns of top brands for a limited time. Buy two clicks and if you do not like, from within the application you can manage returns.

With Privalia enjoy the best brands at the best price!

It does not matter if you are looking for the iconic sneakers Vans, if you need to buy a phone, a computer or smart TV, if you love fashion and have tastes as diverse as Tous, El Ganso, New Balance, Apple, Adidas or Uggs because they are all, yes, run and grab them because the stock fly.

Because the app works exactly like the web. Browse for their campaigns man, woman, home&decor, children, delves into your past orders and watch your basket that expire in a short period of time. But also, benefit from exclusive discounts for implementation and win gift vouchers every time you share the app.

Who sends Privalia

Privalia every time it gets easier in terms of shipments, besides having lowered their shipping to EUR 5.95 now you can pick up your package faster than ever both in your home and at a collection point for only 3.95 euros.


Download Camera Effects (8.3) Android – Free

To edit and adjust a photograph is not necessary to have a great knowledge in image processing software or operate any very powerful. Well, at least to offer decent results (because we will not be us who we remove merit professionals photo editing or say that Photoshop is useless). The proof we have in the app Camera Effects.

Offers exactly what its name promises

And his name leaves little to the imagination: indeed, if you download the APK of this application on your Android discover a tool with which we can apply filters to our photographs to create different effects, either with images from the gallery or with which we take directly with the application.

Very intuitive and easy to use.

The interface offers easy operation in which we can moving between the range of filters to choose from and there are dozens of them.

How does the photo editor for Android works?

It's simple, only must follow these steps:

  1. Step 1: Run the application and choose whether to do a photo or gallery will choose.
  2. Step 2Once you have the image slide your finger across the bottom of the interface to navigate between filters.
  3. Step 3: Choose the filter and adjust parameters such as brightness or intensity.
  4. step 4: Keep your online image to share on social networks like Facebook, app messaging and chat, e-mail, etc.

If you choose bajártela will be a good choice: fast, intuitive and uncomplicated.


Improve sound quality PC

Improve sound quality PC

Would you like to improve the sound quality offered by the speakers on your PC? Play your favorite music or your films like dispusieras a powerful subwoofer and surround sound system with support for 3D effect.


Download Scrabble 3D (3.1.1) for PC – Free

Scrabble is one of the games that has been most widely distributed internationally, largely because it is a game that combines fun with a mental exercise. Over the years they have appeared versions for the PC, but so far there had been no a version in Spanish free quality 3D scrabble.

Using a fairly clear interface, 3D scrabble It shows the user the board and tabs that are available. this version It offers the possibility to use the classic board game, the extended version and even a 3D board, which is quite different from the traditional game.

Further, 3D scrabble It allows the user to choose the colors that will be used to display the different boxes so that you can customize the board.

Another option that is worthy of mention 3D scrabble It is the ability to use it to study vocabulary in other languages, because it allows the use of any of the other dictionaries available, something particularly interesting to study English vocabulary, for example.

So, if you want to enjoy the game of Scrabble in Spanish on your computer, just download 3D scrabble, It's free.