Download CocoPPa Android – Free

Customize with your own unique style Android device CocoPPa. This application will It offers hundreds and hundreds of icons and wallpapers with which you can boast of a smartphone like no other.

Customize your smartphone and discover the style of other users.

The app offers customization packages with all kinds of reasons: Hello Kitty, Snoopy, drawings manga and anime style ... all it mixed with social features that let you know the style of other users of the application and share with them the home screen of your phone to see that you also have good taste.

The app CocoPPa icons and wallpapers

  • Configurable user profile.
  • Notifications.
  • Explore the style room where other users.
  • Timeline to discover and follow other users.
  • Shop where you acquire funds and exclusive icons.
  • User customizable page.

Become already with the APK and discover a new way to socialize the style that you customize your phone.


Download Puffin Web Browser (Free Android – Free

If you value most in a browser it is your speed, Puffin Web Browser You're going to love it. The highlights are the Puffin quickness and support Adobe Flash. With Puffin Web Browser you can watch any video or play Flash games without problems.

The mobile browser faster.

key features

  • High speed charging.
  • Cloud help download up to 10 MB per file.
  • Tabbed browsing.
  • theater mode to display videos and games.
  • Customize the interface different color themes.
  • It includes virtual keyboard and gamepad.

Discharge Puffin Web Browser on your Android and check their speed.


Download Search – Trovit Jobs (4.20.1) Android – Free

Let's face it: Search Curro is a Peñaza. Search through pages and pages of job you do not too crazy shit you cansino. But no problem (first world) that our mobile devices we do not whip up in a jiffy. Rather than go rummaging through a few pages and other and settle loads of different apps, you have the option that brings Find Jobs - Trovit Jobs, that in a jiffy You combines all job offers as you look.

Trovit Jobs seeks job offers in thousands of different websites and you displays on a single page.

To do this, the search engine generates a list according to filters that best suit your needs from thousands of different job sites. From the app itself you can sign up to the offer and follow their updates. For your filters you can select from a large number of them:

  • Type of contract.
  • Area.
  • City.
  • Publication date.
  • Number of hours.
  • Experience required.
  • Salary.
  • Other details.

Create alert and you will be notified when an ad that meets your requirements is published.

Any offer you bitten by the bug but are not sure whether to file your candidacy for the post or not? Save it to favorites and recover it at any time, even if you delete and reinstall the app. But that's not all: Through its custom alerts, when an offer that meets your requirements arise, Trovit will send you a little message for you not pass unnoticed, even if you have a closed tool.

How to advertise on Trovit?

Once registered as a professional in the application you can post your own ads to find and hire staff. But you can also create ads in the sections Trovit Homes and Trovit Cars. Want to buy a house or go to a holiday villa? Do you Arriendas a house with doghouse? You do not need a real estate, this app can solucionarte the ballot by showing a jug of ad pages. Through its filters you will know if pets are allowed, find a home with pool, select only ads terrace houses ... In addition, Trovit Cars also find the results of a large number of pages of selling cars and vehicles of all type and in any condition.


Download Open Document ( – Free

On occasion it may Glad we happened if you receive a document and do not have the corresponding program for its opening, especially if the file has been sent to us mobile. Quite a problem with a feasible and effective, as you will see below.

Open Document is a program that allows opening and viewing files with TXT, PDF, DOC, DOCX and RTF format, either from Windows or from a phone with Windows Phone.

¿PC, mobile, Surface? Anywhere without problems.


  • Open documents from the local disk.
  • Read documents from the Internet.
  • Print documents.
  • Search and page breaks and text.
  • Markers.
  • You can take on any device with Windows.

Open what you need

With an intuitive interface, you will have access to the files you want, configurable and can display them in lists for sorting by date, size, source folder, last start, etc. We can open them from his visor, with the possibility of even editable text search and replace, which can be of great help in the event that we do not have the editor for the extension of the file at a given time. We will also have option to print our documents if we need it as well.

The program has integrated purchases, allowing us to activate new features step-by-case prior to consumer tastes as needed, which opens up more possibilities of use if possible. A simple but effective program at a given time. It is free with basic options, it can give you an opportunity. It depends on you.

Download Speaktoit (1.9.2) Android – Free

Need help getting organized? Speaktoit is a comfortable assistant you can talk using natural language. He will answer your questions, you will be notified about events and perform some tasks for you.

Speaktoit It is your personal assistant.

Speaktoit It is customizable. Choose the appearance of your virtual assistant: Speaktoit It offers the choice between various avatars.

Some things Speaktoit You can do for you

  • Find information.
  • Connect with Facebook, Google, Twitter and other services.
  • Find images.
  • Offer weather forecast.
  • Convert currencies.
  • Send emails and messages.
  • Make calls.
  • Translate texts.
  • And many more.

Discharge Speaktoit free and Discover Android Siri, your virtual secretary.

Siri for Android


Siri for Android


Download NetCut (1.4.1) Android – Free

Are you sure your wireless network is secure? How do you know if someone is authorized not connected to it? Well now you can know for NetCut, wifi administrator can detect if users without permission parasitando networks. Note that It is not just that your bandwidth is limited but see that any data traveling through (banking credentials, for example) can be intercepted.

How to detect who is connected to my wifi?

This question is to answer it in this utility for android, app APK format that can also be used in different versions of Windows, from XP to Windows 10 and with which We know which devices are connected: Windows or Linux PCs, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones or tablets, game consoles Xbox, Wii or PS4 ... any of them.

Protect your wireless network from unauthorized use.

And we can unknowingly installing this application on your mobile device and gives us that information with your IP address, machine name and physical address of it.

Key Features and functions

  • Scans the network when you suspect there are unauthorized users connected.
  • Detects any user connected to a wireless network.
  • Connect and disconnect any device from it.
  • Short signal when deem appropriate.
  • Detects attackers.

This app also has NetCup Defender integrated. This is a tool that will help you navigate public networks insurance because it is able to detect and block attacks ARP spoofing.


Download dubsmash (1.3.7) iPhone – Free

There are phrases that have become memes and enclosing broad concepts or simply adapt a particular situation better than anything we can say. Therefore, why not use them in our conversations? What if we also videotaped?

Bend with any legendary phrase.

This is the concept that presents dubsmash, you can use anytime a sentence or famous or even sound recorded by yourself to record yourself on video and bend with it.

How does it work?

Its operation is very simple and there are only Three steps:

  • Choose a famous quote.
  • Record yourself on video.
  • Send folded video to your friends.


Download Adobe Creative Suite (6 Design Premium) – Free

Adobe Creative Suite It is the most complete collection of programs for generating multimedia content, integrated into one package. Gather everything you need to create any content: video, audio, web animations, interactive creations, etc.

The pack more advanced creative tools

Some of the main components Adobe Creative Suite They are:

  • Adobe InDesign, excellent layout software.
  • Adobe Flash Professional, the best program for creating interactive content.
  • Adobe Photoshop, undoubtedly the image editor and photo retouching par excellence.

It also includes: Illustrator, Acrobat Pro, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Adobe Premiere Pro, Soundbooth, Encore, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Device Central, ...All these programs typically offer a quick and efficient navigation, and a state that management sencilla.Podemos Adobe Creative Suite is a comprehensive creative environment, with perfect interaction of all components.

Download Give Up (1.0.1) Android – Free

It sells itself as the most difficult game in the world. Do you think that is? Play Give Up salt and doubts. At least you can easily ensure that you will not find ...

Does the game more difficult in the world?

Its concept is nothing new and we have seen for years in many games: enter through one door and out the other to pass the level. What happens is that between them You'll find all kinds of traps highly exasperating. Not that your lives are limited, what happens is that you are going to kill many times you might want to give up.

Harto they kill you, you'll want to give up.

Yes, it is a fun game, especially for those who like platform games that test your pulse and skill. And as, for those who enjoy splashing blood of his protagonist die...

Download Nokia Software Recovery Tool (1.3.1) – Free

Windows Phone is an operating system for smartphones upward and thanks to him the Lumia range of Nokia phones has been very well received. If you are owner of one of them to keep up to date maintenance is advisable to download Nokia Software Recovery Tool.

An indispensable tool for keeping your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone tool.

Connecting via USB phone to your computer and throwing Nokia Software Recovery Tool, you can recover the factory settings of your phone and install the latest version of the firmware. It is a program of great ease of use that does not involve any complications and is supports both the newer Nokia models as above. Of course, the important aspect to consider is that since this is an irreversible process, so you may want to backup the files before proceeding with the operation.


  • Tool of Restore factory settings.
  • Installing latest firmware.
  • Compatible with the range Lumia, Symbian, Series 40 and Asha.
  • easy operation.

Discharge Nokia Software Recovery Tool Nokia and returns your phone to its original operating state.

Download PlayStation Mobile (1.4.0) Android – APK Free

PlayStation Mobile, known as PSM, It gives users the ability to enjoy PlayStation the best content on mobile devices.

direct competition from Google Play and App Store.

If you have a PlayStation Certified mobile can now enjoy contents PlayStation Mobile, the online store that replaces PlayStation Store. You will find a large catalog of games with prices suitable for all budgets.

Options offered by PlayStation Mobile

  • Download games from the PlayStation Mobile store.
  • Play the acquired titles, both PS Vita and PlayStation Certified any device.
  • Use the DUALSHOCK controller to play virtual on mobile.
  • Find all downloaded games "library" within the application.

Discharge PlayStation Mobile Free Android and enjoy the best content from PlayStation.

Download Pale Moon (27.6.0) – Free

Millions of users rely on Firefox to surf the Internet. Still, there are areas of weakness, and Pale Moon It comes with the idea of ​​polishing them to enjoy an enhanced version that remains almost intact the appearance of Mozilla.

Free download Pale Moon will allow you to use a based on Firefox but with new features that improve its operation and make up to 25% faster browser according to its leaders.

An open-source browser

Pale Moon achieved enhance processing scripts and reduce memory consumption by disabling redundant and optional code, thus improving load websites. This is mainly due to the optimal use of the new processors have appeared in recent years.

A simple and efficient browser.

If you're using Firefox and have some suspicion the change you need not fear. You can export your old profiles, settings and bookmarks to Pale Moon, it also supports extensions and themes fox web browser.

Do you use Firefox? Try downloading Pale Moon free, a browser based on Firefox able to increase by 25% the original product performance. Imports all your profile data and settings and enjoy a version of the Mozilla browser optimized to the fullest.

Peeple, the Intelligent peephole to your door

Peephole in the door

Admittedly the peephole in the front door is a good invention: when you see who is calling and if you are interested in open and if not, then not. The thing was evolving technologically with video intercom and closed circuit television, allowing you to identify the visitor from anywhere in your home.

But what if you're not at home? Yes, there are systems to send a video signal to your phone or computer but Peeple proposes a fairly simple system much simpler: A Intelligent peephole caller sends photos.

How many people call when I'm not at home?

This is really a small camera that mounts on your door peephole and photography through it. It is easily attachable as you can see in the video and allows you to easily remove it if you want to be yourself who looks through it. Peeple detects if someone calls or try to open the door immediately send a notice to your application on your mobile with your photo as it connects to the Wi-Fi network in your home.

For that, it actually is to record who went through your abode. At the end of the day it's like on your phone, you have caller ID and a record indicating how many times you phoned. In fact you can see the history and know how many people pass through your door when you're not ... or just know if you want to open or not if you're at home and do not feel like moving.

Kickstarter funding campaign

Ah, Kickstarter! That paradise where any thought has no place and, best of all, you can get funding. It is at this platform where you can find Peeple and how to collaborate economically and take advantage of some other advantage according to the amount contributed.

For that you'll have to hurry because they are 3 days left to the deadline ... but hey, do not worry too much about its viability because the campaign can be considered successful: $ 50,000 needed to fund and already exceed $ 80,000.

You have the possibility to get in several models: Camera, camera + window (if you do not have in your door) and camera + supermirilla (for large doors). It is available in various colors and couples (if you also rear door). Even a special edition 50 Cent ... yeah, inspired by the rapper.

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Download Flippy Wheels (1.08) Android – Free

Defies physics Flippy Wheels, a game I uploaded the vehicle you choose to go over scenarios full of dangers and obstacles, some explosives.

Infinite number of levels

One of the advantages with this fun game which features found in its level generator. This allows the user to create and share with others, so you may find a large number of them besides those he has the game.

impossible physical and humor.

Another of his inducements is in the ridiculousness of his physics and that is extremely bloody. Convincing arguments for any left over.

Download myMail Android – Free

Unify different email accounts under one interface contributes to better manage them and reduce the number of applications installed on the device. This is, among other things, providing you myMail Android.

A substantial improvement in productivity

myMail It is a quick application that enables managing different accounts with simple gestures allowing the most common actions with mail. Unified all accounts in one application, the user does not miss a minute going from one email client to another thus gaining in productivity.

A single mail client for all accounts.


  • Support for mail services Google, Microsoft, Yahoo !, AOL, GMX, Mail.Ru, Yandex and Apple.
  • Automatic detection of configurations IMAP, POP and SMTP.
  • push notifications new instant messages.
  • possibility of silencing mail accounts to separate work and leisure.
  • faster browsing through message lists.
  • Customizing the appearance of messages.
  • instant search.
  • Fast composition search queries.
  • Suggested contacts.

More productivity and safety

The design of myMail It is designed so that you have all the content of the email account in a more accessible form the couple has taken great care the appearance of searches, so that these are simple and quick. All without neglecting safety since the data is encrypted to ensure integrity, security and privacy even in Wi-Fi networks open access.

administered with myMail all your accounts faster and more efficiently mail.