Download Terraria (1.2.8798) Android – Free

Sandbox games users type conquer the freedom of movement they allow. pass in an open world with virtually unlimited possibilities. Along with Minecraft, one of the most popular is Terraria.

Play Terraria Android.

Terraria It is a game of exploration, adventure and construction. Examines the world around you and start customizing it. You have over 25 different types of blocks to build whatever you go through your imagination.

How to survive the first night?

If you're determined to start playing Terraria the first hurdle that must save is to survive the first night. With darkness monsters appear they will not hesitate to kill you at the first opportunity.

To avoid this, leverages the resources of the game to start building weapons and seeks a hiding place during the day to spend the first night (the perfect place are the mines and caves that can dig yourself).

Thousands of adventures await you to download Terraria Android.


Download LEGO Ninjago Tournament Android – Free

Relive your childhood With LEGO figures by taking part in a tournament of ninja fighters based on the cartoon series Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu in Which you'll face up against the Elemental Masters to prove That you're the best fighter of them all.

Release your fighting potential.

By download the APK of LEGO Ninjago Tournament you'll Have access to one of the best Android games of the year According to Google With Which you can have a really fun time. That's if you do not get fed up of waiting for the game to download, it weighs more than Because 900MB.

Main features

  • Take part in Master Chen's Tournament of Elements.
  • Fight against different Elemental Masters.
  • Become the best fighter of them all.
  • Train your characters to make them invincible.
  • Unlock hidden characters: such as Sensei Garmadon, Snike or Mindroid.

Download MusicTube (1.2.7) – Free

The idea behind MusicTube is able to enjoy the music that is available via YouTube in a totally different way than is normally used to enjoy that online service.

What sets it apart?

Unlike normal search results from YouTube, MusicTube offers the user a list of discs an author / group or on a specific topic appears. The list includes all album covers, so that the user can pick the one that wants graphically.

In addition to listening to music, MusicTube also it lets you enjoy the video related to the song, and even allows you to choose between viewing the studio version of the video or watch a performance of the song live.

On the other hand, MusicTube as well It allows the user to create their own playlists so that you can be enjoying for hours without making a single search.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy different music player, discharge MusicTube on your computer.

Download Football Manager (2014) for PC – Free

In sports management games is the saga Football Manager one of the most prestigious. All options that give it boasts great realism, thus simulating the management of a professional football team in all areas.

Football Manager It is the best football manager game

In Football Manager The concern is not only directing the first team if not also their lower grades. The challenge is great since we can pick any team that militates in humble categories to make progress and ascend to the elite. For this you must govern in all walks of life, leading from the transfer policy tactics and techniques in training and matches.

Plots manage the club in Football Manager

  • Transfer policy of the club.
  • Interaction with players, staff and media club.
  • Lineups, tactics, training and matches of the first team.
  • Finance.
  • equipment subsidiaries.
  • Personal.

Some of the most important new features of version 2014

In Football Manager 2014 Several improvements have been introduced and you can see for yourself in the demo. One of them is intended to take advantage of the cloud since the player can continue your game on any computer that has the game installed. It has also been improved game engine, presenting a best animation of players and AI behavior. They have also been undertaken improvements in the transfer system, interface and interaction with the staff club, making this game a year in a jewel of sports management simulation.

Choose your team from the top leagues in more than fifty countries and become a successful manager with Football Manager 2014.

ingame Video Football Manager 2014


ingame Video Football Manager 2014

Download FIFA (12) Mac – Free

Football games two sagas monopolize the interest of amateur, and one of them is FIFA. For years Electronic Arts recreates the excitement of the football world in its popular game, available for many platforms Now, finally, also for Mac.

Think about football. Play soccer.

Changes in the latest version of FIFA in Spanish they are optimized to maximize the sense of realism in the behavior and control of the players. He Player Impact Engine, inspired by the real football, it offers a reliable experience. Also new Precision Dribbling, the Tactical defense or AI opponents.

Some features of FIFA 12 for Mac

  • Over 30 officially licensed leagues.
  • 15000 500 teams and real players.
  • also disputed football 5 streets.
  • Paco González comments and Manolo Lama, Game Time.

Football stars have signed for your Mac. Now your turn to lead the team and achieve glory by downloading FIFA, the more real football game of the moment.

Piktochart Online – Free

The computer graphics is a good way to represent data visually. Piktochart is a graphics editor Cloud that offers you all the tools you need to create your own infographics in a simple and practical way.


  • Create your own infographics.
  • Editing Tools easy to use.
  • Customize colors and fonts.
  • Export your graphics as static images.
  • Up to 40 themes and templates different choice.

Take advantage of graphical information

Once you create your user account, you can choose from multiple templates available. You'll be taken to the editor where you can make use of all the tools to create infographics. On the left side you have the drop-down menu with access to all forms and graphics. Drag and drop the items to the home screen to add them to your presentation.

Combines text and graphics to present your information more visually appealing and with Piktochart.

Download Office Mobile (15.0.4522.2000) Android – Free

Office Mobile Android is the solution to view and edit your office documents comfortably anywhere, from your smartphone.

Microsoft Office suite optimized for Android.

key features

Although Office Mobile Android is not intended for creating documents from scratch, includes all the tools you need to:

  • Access content stored on SkyDrive, SkyDrive or SharePoint Pro, or memory storage of your smartphone.
  • View Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint created on PC.
  • make small changes to documents without affecting their structure.

Also it lets you create simple spreadsheets or text documents with basic editing tools included.

other advantages

Further, Office Mobile It presents interesting features like the ability to continue reading where you left off documents, quick access to recently opened documents on your PC or edit files even when you're offline.


Download Google Chrome (62.0.3202.89) Linux – Free

Google burst into the browser war Microsoft and Mozilla only When Were battling it out With Their Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers, respectively. google Introduced Google Chrome, Which Immediately started to gain users Thanks to its innovation and stability.

Innovation at the user's service

DESPITE arriving later on Linux than on other platforms, Google Chrome Also you have created a niche Among ITS users. On This operating system, the browser recreates the features That Have made it one of the favorite options Among users, Such as ITS Browsing by independent tabs, ITS support for add-ons or the home page of sites with Thumbnails. Together with ITS USABILITY, Google Chrome stands out for STIs speed and stability, Undergoing many updates on Behalf of Its developers.

Stable, quick and secure. That's Google Chrome.


  • High speed When starting up and loading web pages.
  • Compatibility with the main web standards.
  • Possibility to expand functions by Means of add-ons.
  • Greater stability AS ITS tabs run on independent processes.
  • Secure browsing That warns the user About the danger of Accessing Certain websites.
  • Integrated translator.
  • Download Manager.

The future of browsers

Google Chrome Integrates increasingly more and more functions make it to That That tool goes beyond web browsing further. It Allows you to log in with your user account for Google services, and in turn it fully Integrates With the Latter. It's possible to Already carry out functions and tasks That Were not so long ago inconceivable for a browser, like playing, for example.

Download Google Chrome for Linux and take a look at the future of browsing.

Download Backup Google Photos ( – Free

Obsessional the order will find well when downloading Backup Google Photos, since they will be able to see all their photos from one place and well organized.

The perfect complement to Google Photos.

This tool has two great advantages:

  1. On the one hand, thanks to the automatic backups you never lose a photo. Always you will keep in your cloud space associated with your Google account.
  2. On the other hand, instantly find any images is easier. Your content is saved much better organized.

Options available in the application

  • Direct access to Google Photos and ability to view the photos you have uploaded.
  • Activate or stop Backup function with a simple click.
  • Creating a list of devices from which always import images or, conversely, generating a list of devices to exclude when importing content.
  • Selecting the picture size: Original (with a limit on your Google storage space) or high quality, but with a reduced weight file (free unlimited storage).
  • automatic organization of pictures.

In short, this tool is just what we needed to complete the great possibilities of implementing Google photos.

Download Xming ( – Free

He X Window System is a software that provides graphical interface to Unix systems, and if you want to use this type of system from a computer using a Microsoft operating system, the best idea is to use xming.

East Microsoft Windows native program It is a complete X Window server which has the particularity to work perfectly as a portable X Window server given how light it is.

The program is fairly easy to use, since it includes a program launcher helps the user through the setup process, You can choose among several options window, and even allowing you to work with multiple monitors at once.

At the same time, xming also it allows more detailed settings for advanced users who they are used to working with such systems.

Therefore, if you need an X Window server for a computer with Windows installed, download and install xming, It's free.

Download WebMail for Thunderbird (1.4.4) – Free

WebMail for Thunderbird it may be one of the most interesting extensions for mail client Mozilla. We get through it have on our desktop emails we send and receive mail services from web-based.

Yahoo !, AOL, Hotmail, Libero... Are just some of the services that can be configured by WebMail for Thunderbird and allow perfect timing as sending and receiving. It is also possible to use regional or special domains of each service because, for example, Hotmail It allows you to configure domains ".com", ".is" or even change the "hotmail" by "msn".

Thanks to supplements like this, Thunderbird You can become a mail client versatile because once we synchronize all our inbox and services output e-mail via web, they gain in functionality. With WebMail for Thunderbird You can back up, make analysis more comprehensive antivirus or apply your own rules antispam and organizing messages.

Download Softcam (1.5.2) – Free

softcam It allows create videotutoriales or broadcast live from your desktop very easily. Simply by starting the program get a virtual webcam that we can use to record what we are doing in a file or even record some relay that we are coming through the browser, instant messaging or similar.

Thanks to programs like softcam, allowing record audio and video simultaneously, it's not complicated videotutoriales perform or record something we want to have always saved to view later.

The program interface is very simple, showing a we can resize square, which will record whatever is inside. So we can have a recording area and the rest of the desktop to use as we wish.

In the main window softcam you can configure if you want a streaming hard disk recording, resolution and other technical aspects concerning the sound recorded video resolution or the place you want to save the files.

Download SpeedBit Video Downloader (3.2.0) – Free

Internet are increasingly multimedia streaming content. The main advantage of this technology is that it allows view multimedia content without downloading on your computer. To do this, use is made known Flash format.

But this advantage of streaming content sometimes becomes inconvenient, when what we want is the full file to store it on your hard drive or reproduce, for example, on another computer where we do not have internet connection.

Need a tool that allows you download multimedia streaming Internet content? An interesting option is SpeedBit Video Downloader.

SpeedBit Video Downloader It is a free application that enables the download of Flash videos that are broadcast streaming on the web. The process is simple: play the Flash video you want to download, click the button "Download video" and save it in the directory of your hard drive you choose.

This application is compatible with download Flash videos from sites like YouTube, dailymotion or Facebook.

Download Men of War for PC – Free

505 Games Best Way and return to the fray with another strategy war game, this time based on World War II and with the peculiarity of being able to control any of the three major armies that battle: the German army, the Allied or Soviet. Scenarios, the environment and the units of each side have been faithfully recreated, giving a feeling of complete realism. Also we will fight historic battles like the Normandy landing or taking Berlin.

In addition to the three versions of the campaign (one per side) so, we will have two multiplayer modes (One where we fulfill a mission or kill the enemy, and one where the objective is to capture the opponent's flag). Each of the stories of the campaign mode Men of War It is narrated through the eyes of a soldier the side that we have chosen, providing consistency each of the missions that we face.

If you like real-time strategy and major military battles, surely this great title from the creators of Heroes of War and Faces of War you are passionate about.