Alternatives to FastPokeMap: GO Pokémon radars that work

Pokemon Pikachu

You can not deny that Pokémon GO has caused real fever among players of mobile systems. Passion by some players when done with all pocket monsters can get is so strong that have appeared tracking applications to help capture. One of the first was PokeVision that due to an update of the game saw the new APIs that were made unusable to find these beings. The next most used was FastPokeMap, universally considered one of the best alternatives to PokeVision that could be found on the Internet.

FastPokeMap now does not work. As can be seen as accessing your web, the service will remain "closed until further notice". Niantic is getting very hard with tracking apps, all trying to stop working as soon as possible. From the developer He believes that the players are cheating to use them, and maybe, somehow, are hurting their business model.

The best options to replace FastPokeMap

FastPokeMap tweet announcing the closure of the serviceFastPokeMap tweet announcing the closure of the service

What from Niantic not seem to have foreseen is the call "hydra effect": For each radar GO Pokémon getting close, it appears another. They may try to cut as many heads as they want, but that does not seem to deter those determined to create ways to facilitate the search for Pokémon players.

Pokecrew, a map generated by players

Pokecrew is a map created by crowdsourcing can use Android users. All data on the various pokémon that can be found around the world have been contributed by users, which is difficult to certify its reliability. It indicates all kinds of data about the creatures found as their type or distance that is., rather than a simple map

PokeFind map on the webPokeFind map on the web

PokeFind is a webapp that works, like the previous alternative, such as a map created by crowdsourcing. Now, it has a fundamental difference with the previous one: It includes a calculator developments which will better manage this aspect. In addition, it also features versions of the map as applications for iOS and Android.

Pokémapper, is pokémon from any device

It is clear that after the success of FastPokeMap crawlers pokémon based on the cloud and agnostics to the device used operating system would proliferate like mushrooms. Pokémapper is another map created by users themselves through crowdsourcing, you will be able to use seamlessly from any device. Only allows access to your location and let the program do the rest., as close to FastPokeMap

Unlike other alternatives we've seen so far, It is one of the most reliable webapps we could find so far. Although it shares its name with one of the applications we have listed here do not include changes Calculator although have a chat to talk with other coaches pokémon in real time.

GO Map - For Pokémon GO, an alternative to Android

GO Map - For Pokémon GOGO Map - For Pokémon GO

In line apps as discussed above, Go Map It is an Android app that also works by crowdsourcing. This means that users upload the locations where they have seen pokémon appear to servers that host this map. You can set notifications to alert us whenever we find a new baby on the way and we can even see a breakdown of appearing near our location.

GO Radar - Live Map for Pokémon GO, the best app for iOS

GO Radar It works basically like GO Map, although what the difference is the platform on which they run. This app for iOS is one of the few radars Pokémon left in the Apple operating system, and now looks set to continue. It has an alert system and also works through crowdsourcing.

Download Windows 10 – Free

After the little failure of Windows 8, Microsoft returns to the fray with a new operating system promises to be the best they've ever released. We talk about Windows 10, a strategy designed platform run on all types of devices, from PCs to game consoles, smartphones and tablets through.

It seems that in Redmond have learned from their past mistakes, bringing together in the same system the best of Windows 7 and Windows 8. little salvageable Thus, with a much more modern interface, brings back the Start Menu, and maintains the now classic Tiles and compatibility with touch screens. The most important new features introduces us to Cortana to the desktop and presents an alternative web browser such as Microsft Edge.

key features

  • New Start Menu returning after the fiasco of Windows 8.
  • Personal assistant Cortana built-in desk to search and schedule reminders.
  • View tasks accessible by keyboard shortcut Alt + Tab application to easily switch between all currently running.
  • Tasks renovated bar that subtly emphasizes those instances running applications.
  • New Center Activities notifications of all your apps.
  • the Windows File Explorer is renewed with quick access to all locations and folders that frequently visits.
  • Microsoft Edge as web browser default coexists with Internet Explorer 11.
  • Multiple virtual desktops accessible via the keyboard shortcut Windows + Control + Left or Right Arrow.
  • Direct access to the Windows Store and universal apps for PC, mobile and Xbox.
  • Function continuum that lets you switch between tablet mode for touch screens and traditional mode optimized for mouse and keyboard.
  • DirectX 12 for improved rendering 2D and 3D vector graphics.

Windows 7 vs Windows 10. Which is better?

We will not enter the debate about which operating system is best. Each has its good things and bad things, but the truth is that Windows 7 is already getting old, so it is always advisable to leave behind the older version and upgrade to the new edition of Windows. Why? Well basically support issues and security updates in the not too distant future will cease to exist for Windows 7. In addition, it is the only way to enjoy the new features we've told you before, as the personal assistant Cortana on the desktop or the new Microsoft browser Edge.

Where update Windows 10 Anniversary Update?

By now you're late to update your operating system Windows 10. You had until last July 29, 2016 to do it for free. For it had simply click on the annoying pop-up jumping every few from the system tray offering Get Windows 10. Previously you had to ensure that your Windows 7 or 8.1 was fully updated and prepared for the process that could take as long between 30 and 90 minutes depending on the computer.

Now that the deadline has passed, you must resort to download ISO This operating system that can find both in the official website of Microsoft as on this page, and you have to burn to a DVD (weighing more than 4 gigabytes) or USB to proceed with installation. Yes, it is no longer free so you have to pay yourself a key valid and legal product.

What's new in the latest version

  • Fixed an issue with uninstalling apps.
  • Security enhancements.

The return of the Start menu


The return of the Start menu

Download WhatsApp Plus (6.30) Android – APK Free

If there is no fault in the mobile application of any person (at least in Spain), either an Android or iPhone, it's certainly WhatsApp. The app instant messaging and chat while conquered millions of users who stopped sending SMS messages and passed to this service that relies on traffic through data networks.

Well, with more than 1.000 million active users worldwide and acquired by Facebook, it has become one of the most downloaded apps on the planet. It is not surprising therefore that dozens are applications that are developed to try to get some kind of game.

Among the best known is WhatsApp Plus, a mod that you can download to customize the application with options that extend beyond offering this default.

And now that you know what is WhatsApp Plus ... What is?

Well, as we say, it serves to customize the app messaging and chat. It is aimed especially those are not entirely satisfied with it, and use it because everybody uses it, although he knows that there are alternatives like Telegram maybe convince him more.

Who more or less have ever thought that there are (many) for improvement so this APK is intended to correct. Here is a list of features capable of applying to the development of original software:

  • Adapta interface colors or font size to your liking.
  • Send audio files and video large.
  • Download or send photos with their original quality.
  • Quick sharing functions.
  • Copy & Paste Partial: Select a portion of text you want to copy and paste and send to your contacts.
  • Hide profile picture.
  • Consult switching times and status in the chat screen.
  • Install different themes.

Now, what is the problem with this kind of apps? Well, WhatsApp is very jealous of his property, so service bans anyone who detects that you are using one of these applications. That's why the app has undergone several times a reborn like JiMODs, which claims antiban properties. Holo is also another developer who uses the pull that has this name.

In any case, before the disparity in supply and lack of clarity of who is behind, it is difficult to know what the WhatsApp Plus most updated. Some say the 3.17, 5.60 other than ... well, here we offer one of these versions for downloading on your smartphone (incidentally, there is also an iPhone app).

Download Windows 7 (Professional) – Free

Windows is certainly the most used operating system in the world personal computers, well above MacOS and Linux, much as each year some enlightened insist that this will be to Linux on the desktop. In fact according to usage statistics, in March 2017 still it is used by more than 80% of global PC users, a percentage that exceeds clearance.

Y Windows 7, OS version of Microsoft initially launched in October 2009 to replace Windows Vista, has been one of those developed by the guys from Redmond most popular operating systems and more adoption, well above the current Windows 10, offering improvements in security, performance and appearance. In fact in March 2017 it is still used for almost 50% of users.

Easier to use and with endless new possibilities.

With this Windows, Microsoft managed to return to winning ways after the failure of Vista, and seeing what came later with Windows 8 and 8.1, may not be unreasonable to say that it is his best product to date. No one was surprised the reluctance of many users to upgrade to W10, although this is would offer for free.

Main features Windows 7 Professional

This operating system was received as a great evolution over previous systems, especially for its improved performance, enhanced security and a much more intuitive interface. These are general characteristics:

  • operating system consumes few resources, ideal for less powerful computers.
  • Renewed visual appearance the functions Aero Peek (Preview applications), Aero Shake (To manage windows by shaking) and Aero Snap (To facilitate resizing windows).
  • important security improvements the renewal of firewall Windows, a complete security suite and a utility for creating backups.
  • New multi-touch interface Windows to control gestures on touch screens.
  • Customizing Your System with the ability to customize window colors, sounds and screen saver.
  • Ribbon interface built native Windows programs like Calculator, Paint or WordPad.
  • Deleting Windows Sidebar gadgets can be placed anywhere on the screen.
  • New releases Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player, compatible with all major multimedia formats (H.264, DivX, MJPEG, DV, AAC, LPCM, MOV, 3GP, WTV, MP4, etc.).
  • New Windows Live Essentials with different communication applications such as Live Mail, Live Messenger, Silverlight, LiveSync or Live Movie Maker.
  • possibility of anchor favorite programs the taskbar by simply dragging and dropping.
  • Renewal of native calculator with statistical functions and programming.

If you're still stuck in the past with your Windows XP or Vista, or Windows 10 will not simply just convinced of all, the best thing to do is download Windows 7 to your PC, an ideal operating system for personal computers that are about to combine leisure and work. Of course, keep in mind that when Microsoft will stop by withdraw support so and corresponding improvements in security will not be implemented and can not be updated.

Anyway do not expect to download this software ISO since, although superseded by later, still have to pay the purchase price.

Edits and updates

You know that a year later was published launch its first major update, the Service Pack 1 (SP1) that fixes some bugs and security issues found in the code.

It also has different versions to suit the needs of each type of user:

  • StarterThe most basic and less functionality.
  • Home Basic: More connectivity features and customization if only OEM versions available in developing countries and emerging markets.
  • Home Premium: Windows Media Center is included, full Aero theme and support for different codecs multimedia file formats.
  • Professional: It includes Data Protection, Advanced backup, managed network with support for domains localized network printing and file encryption.
  • Ultimate: More security and data protection devices internal and external storage, package and multilanguage support for virtualized images of hard drives.
  • Enterprise: Additional features for IT assistance organizations. Subscription option for desktop optimization package MDOP.
  • N editions: Available for upgrades and new purchases of Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate but not including multimedia software.

Minimum requirements

What hardware configuration you are required to run Windows 7 on a PC? Do not warm over the head, these are the technical specifications that have to be included in the operating system to run properly:

  • 1 GHz CPU.
  • RAM 1 GB 2 GB although the recommended amount.
  • Screen with minimum resolution of 800x600 with optional multi-touch function.
  • DirectX9 compatible graphics card and WDDM 1.0 or higher driver. Windows Aero requires 128 MB of VRAM.
  • 16 GB of hard disk space even 20 GB recommended.

These minimum requirements would be suitable for a 32-bit, being recommended which should be available for 64-bit version.

How to Install Windows 7


How to Install Windows 7

Download Spotydl (0.9.37) – Free

Spotify has revolutionized the way of listening to music. If the physical format was already in danger of extinction with the spread of MP3, this platform online music streaming (not the only one: Deezer, Pandora, SoundCloud ...) has been even with this file type, making it possible to carry your music anywhere without downloading anything (although certain is that it includes a listening mode offline).

The emergence of Spotify has largely involved the abandonment of downloading MP3 music and songs.

But despite this there are still those who are not convinced to pay for a flat monthly fee to listen to music and prefers download music to bring in players or upload smartphone. For them is Spotydl, application Spotify music download.

How does it work and download this program?

Through an interface that resembles Spotify this program allows the import of whole playlists and download the songs that comprise it. Simply paste the URI of the playlist to start downloading and then enjoy the music on other devices even though they do not have Internet connection.

Spotify music free.

These are its main features:

  • full import of playlists from Spotify.
  • Progressive download items from the list.
  • Music player integrated into the application.
  • Folder tree to navigate the file system.
  • YouTube video viewer.

But, you are able to turn the music down? It is safe?

Although its developers have sold as a Spotify Downloader 100% it does not fit the concept more than anything because the Swedish company has already been charged with protecting their business model (it would be pointless to put facilities that anyone will rip your catalog) and do as it is quite complicated. Therefore, what is this software is search and locate that integrate songs ready to download from websites or even from video portals like YouTube.

However it is one of the fastest systems. There are others, but much slower to build, for example, audio recording PC. That is, we would have to play a full list to copy program and dispose of it in MP3.

And not, You do not need to be a Premium user; anyone with a free registration, of listening to music with ads, you can use the program.

Download Minecraft (1.12.1) for PC – Free

One of the most successful games of recent years is both one of the most peculiar. We talk about Minecraft, the sandbox that mixes different genres into one and has unleashed the fury of hundreds of thousands of gamers worldwide to build their own worlds.

Crafting as a form of play

This game He has made the leap to other platforms besides Windows as Android, iOS, Mac or Linux, has a graphic section in which pixels the size of a chickpea are the protagonists. These and blocks LEGO way we serve to shape the reality that we set ourselves.

A game of creativity without barriers.

One of the great attractions of the game is that the user can create a world to taste; for that will be made of the different building blocks and materials that can crafting: cities, castles, fortresses, impossible buildings ... anything that comes to your mind can build your own world.

key features

The game offers a series of features that can be varied during the same:

  • Develop your own virtual world using building blocks and limited only by physical laws.
  • Outlives creatures of the night with your own armor and sword.
  • Independent game that combines different genres: action, adventure, platforms and construction.
  • full editor "Sandbox": Create your own scenario similar to the pieces of LEGO blocks.
  • Create buildings, mountains, forests, etc.
  • It includes a multiplayer mode.
  • Five game modes depending on your difficulty: creative, survival, extreme, spectator and adventure.

Choose how you want to play

You will find different levels of difficulty. These make the game develops differently depending on the case, demanding to carry out some actions or others. That is, you can play in an environment of action or just one quiet and peaceful where your only purpose is to explore and build.

  • Survival: You must get resources to ensure that you will stay alive. Get food and take care of your health.
  • Creative: Build and explore. It is not necessary that you are aware of your survival.
  • Extreme: In survival mode you can die a lot of times and continually resurrected. Here no, here you have only one life so guard it well.
  • Viewer: It is a curious way since it allows you to fly and explore worlds but you can not interact with them. You can also visit them from the point of view of other players and creatures.
  • Adventure: Is the game mode for those who are not thinking Minecraft on-line. You face dangers, you must explore and others, but there are a number of conditions imposed on you, such as breaking blocks only the right tool.

Customize the game

Another trump cards featuring the game and pleases users found in personalization. It is possible to characterize your character and play through skins and mods so take the most personal level becomes an incentive.

It was one of the most successful independent games of all time ... and we talked in the past because it was bought Mojang, the company that developed for two billion dollars by Microsoft that he should be under the umbrella of giant Redmond. So you can imagine that if download Minecraft Free was not possible, now it will be less. Yes, you can download the demo

What's new in the latest version

  • Small security enhancements.

Minecraft Mods


Minecraft Mods

Download FastPokeMap (1.1.2) Android – Free

If you take this time playing the Pokémon Go, out to beat you long walks and going home disappointed not to have been Charizard hunt or shift Dragonite, you probably already have seized on some kind of trick, I do not call it cheating, help you catch the 151 creatures available initially in the game, or any of the 80 new creatures launched second generation with new updates.

The most famous now as a mobile app for Android radar.

One of the most common is to use some aids application or type radar map to Pokémon GO that tells you exactly where to hunt these critters with your Pokéball. There are dozens of applications of these features and many of them end up disappearing from official stores shortly after its release for violating the terms of use of Niantic.

FastPokeMap, Is the best radar for Pokémon GO?

And that was also the case FastPokeMap, APK which can only download from alternative shops like ours, or other mirrors also offer downloading the installation files for Android devices. But,which one is the best app Help for this augmented reality game? After testing and writing about PokéFinder, PokéCrew, PokéVision and other applications equally original name undoubtedly the best radar for Pokémon GO remains FastPokeMap, available both as application and webapp for Android browsers. And it is thanks to its excellent features:

  • collaborative map made by the user community Pokémon GO.
  • Offline servers so Niantic avoid possible bans.
  • possibility of Filter by Pokémon If you need one specific to complete your Pokédex.
  • Pokémons organizes on a map and fíltralos according to its last sighting1 hour, 4 hours, 24 hours or 7 days.
  • Navigate to anywhere in the world to find out what creatures you can hunt in remote locations.
  • Creates pokémarcas adding your own gyms, you poképaradas or Pokémons to contribute to the database.

But does it work or not work? What alternatives do I have?

You know the tug of war that have Niantic and developers of such applications. With each new game update distributed by Nintendo will put new obstacles to radar and additional aid, so you may at any given time does not work. The best you can do is be attentive to the Twitter account of its developer constantly reporting on service availability.

If time you need to use FastPokeMap This was found dropped, you can use some of the many available alternatives, such as PokéFind, Pokémapper, PokeAlert, GO Map or other similar applications. Is the best place to find them? You can take a look at our article radar GO Pokémon that work or cuddle Reddit where thousands of users hooked on this game. Yes, still in 2017, and that looked like it was in the doldrums since.

FastPokeMap PC

Can you download and use this map on a Windows computer? For any app Android, you can always resorting to emulate their performance with some style program BlueStacks or Memu. Anyway, if you're looking for how to use this program on your PC you're probably already emulating GO Pokémon and therefore already have the software necessary for that purpose: emulator, Lucky Patcher and FlyGPS.

But the truth is that providing a webapp accessible from your browser, either Chrome, Firefox or Edge, almost say it seems emulate unnecessary operation that is much more fluid in its version as an online application, so the perfect combination would be in BlueStacks and Pokémon GO FastPokeMap Chrome to hunt all those creatures that are missing.