Download Daemon Tools (Lite 10.6.0) – Free

How many times have you downloaded an .iso file from the Internet or any other disk image to install a new game or application and you had to burn an optical disc such as a CD or DVD to run the installation? Yes, it is a valid solution, but perhaps not the most optimal, especially if you can get a program like daemon Tools that allows you virtualize disk drives without wasting physical disks.

The best alternative to UltraISO and PowerISO.

This way you can assemble and emulate a virtual drive on your PC, either DT or SCSI, you can install your favorite programs or games. But not only that, but, depending on the version installed, you can also create, convert and edit image files, copy and erase discs, emulate IDE devices, create writeable virtual devices, add RAM disks, create bootable USB memory or protect USB drives with a password. As you can see, it is a program with many possibilities.

Main features daemon Tools Lite

Obviously not all features mentioned above are available in the Lite version, but the most basic you can get us out of a tight spot at any time. Namely:

  • Mount disk images on virtual drives.
  • Monta files VHD and TrueCrypt.
  • Able to work with up to 4 virtual drives (DT or SCSI).
  • support virtualize various types of images: MDX, ISO, B5T, B6T, CDI, BIN / CUE, APE / CUE, FLAC / CUE, NRG, etc.
  • Imaging physical disk as a CD, DVD or Blu-ray MDS, MDF or MDX format.
  • possibility of organize your catalog of pictures.
  • Password protection images created.

What is the best Daemon Tools? And what is free?

First of all, you should know that there are several versions of this software and each adapted to different circumstances, so depending on exactly what you need, one way or another will be better for you. Yes you know the only one of them is completely free is the Lite version and offering the most basic functions mount disk images. Others are extra and cost between 30 and 50 euros.

  • Pro: This is a more advanced software with professional features that adds support for up to 32 virtual devices DT and SCSI and 4 IDE devices.
  • Personal Lite: It is the ad-free version of the Lite edition and also brings additional features such as lifetime updates and support for up to 256 devices DT and 32 SCSI devices.
  • Ultra: The most complete software family, all in one with support for up to 256 DT devices, SCSI devices 32 and 4 IDE devices. It also allows running multiple attendees simultaneously.
  • Net: The solution for those users who need to work with virtual drives on different computers can store and share images through a home or business network.

Now that you know, download this virtualization software to your Windows computer and begins to mount virtual drives for your programs. Let the optical discs are no longer wear!

What's new in the latest version

  • Ability to mount RAR and 7z files.
  • Bugfixing.

Learn to mount images ISO


Learn to mount images ISO

Download Presto (2017) – Free

The program budgets Presto It allows create budgets for building projects and civil works, a management tool and cost control to maintain good condoned your investment.

It covers all phases of construction, and for all actors involved, and allows you to customize its operation adapting to any legal framework or legal.

Presto features

  • collaborative work in local network or via the Internet.
  • It generates printed reports or as PDF, RTF and ASCII files.
  • Enter your data in Excel and Word.
  • BC3 exported, XML, Access, Excel, Word, Project and Primavera.
  • Full integration with Revit software: generate budgets for your projects.

Presto It offers a modular structure operation in which each panel is dedicated to a specific task. Creating budgets is just one more edge among its functions also can make economic planning on ratio of income and expenses, obtain certifications and even necessary project create catalogs for your potential customers.

Discharge Presto Spanish budgets and have one of the best construction budgets programs Available now for industry professionals.

How to hack Wifi Android: get the keys

Using wifi outdoor: find your network

Learn to decipher key wifi from your Android device simply and safely. To do this, let's talk about some very easy to use Android application with which we can hack wifi connections with different levels of security as Passwords WEP, WPA, WPA2 or WPA2-PSK. Prepare your Android device and get ready to try this selection of free applications that function as tools to hack wifi key connections around you. They are not programs to steal wifi, these legal applications serve for responsible use, such as checking the security of our network and how they are protected against the intrusion of external users and hacker attacks.

Deciphering wifi key with Android, easier than you think

Love is like the Wi-Fi: it's in the air but not everyone has the key

Get the wifi key is simple, and do so through an Android device, thanks to specific applications found in Google Play, completely legal and very easy to use. In a few steps you can check the security of the keys around you and if your connection needs a little more attention. Also, if you have lost your password, you can recover without having to depend on anyone.

Hack WEP, WPA, WPA2 and WPA2-PSK passwords

WiFi: WiFi connections there looking for where you areWiFi: WiFi connections there looking where you are / Nicolas Nova edited licensed CC BY 2.0

With these programs we can hack into wireless networks with passwords for different levels of security such as WEP, WPA, WPA2 and WPA2-PSK. Do you know the differences between them? The more WEP is vulnerable (Wired Equivalent Privacy), a encryption keys level 2 and 64 or 128 bits (10 or 26 hexadecimal characters). Safer is the WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) protocol with 128-bit key that allows letters, numbers and special characters and using TKIP, which changes the encryption key for each packet that is transmitted. When choosing our network password for our home, it is important to know how we are less vulnerable. Today the most common, and almost synonymous with invulnerability is use a password WPA2 (Or variant), even as the WEP option is still available in some routers, some use it without knowing they could have greater security effortless.

Android applications to decrypt keys wifi

Try these apps from Google Play for wifi keys and measure the security of your own network. You are protected?

Router Keygen, decrypts vulnerable keys

Router Keygen is a powerful tool vulnerable to hack wifi key that will allow us to reveal if our connection can be attacked or third-party connections. To prove it, the first thing you have to do is download and install it, then open it from your Android device.

Router Keygen: scans nearby networks and access passwords wifiRouter Keygen: scans nearby networks and access passwords wifi

Scan nearby networks. The first task of the application is to make a sweep of WiFi networks nearby and divide them between supported and unsupported. Connections in the red section are not vulnerable Router Keygen so you can not make your passwords, however, other sections include networks whose passwords will show us if you click on it. If you show up here, your connection needs a better password, your computer or your router firewall that delimités which devices can access the network.

Connecting to a WiFi vulnerable. Once you have chosen a WiFi "supported" we can connect directly or copy the password to make the process manually, heading to paragraph "settings> Wifi" Android menu.

Download free Android Router Keygen

router Keygen4.0.0




to download

Other applications to hack networks

Router Keygen addition there are other applications for Android that will help us hack wifi key. You can try all these to find one you like, plus some include a random password generator that will provide us with a secure password both WEP and WPA.

  • Wifi Password: scans the nearby wireless networks vulnerable and decrypts secret keys. Below each network we can read "VULNERABLE" or "NOT VULNERABLE".
  • WiFi passwords: Wiping available WiFi networks and hacking vulnerable key connections. Red networks are not available, we can see passwords networks yellow.
  • Wifi reveals: besides getting passwords for wireless networks in our environment (with green background), the app generates secure passwords wifi reveals and provides the stored keys.
  • Get wifi: scan networks, generates keys 13 or 20 characters (WEP, unsafe, or WPA, safer), plus get saved and encrypted keys to backup them for future reference.

Download Splive Player (5.1.3) Android – APK Free

Improved mobile data networks with 4G and 5G or the possibility of having a high capacity WiFi make increasingly common watch TV, movies or series online and on a smartphone or tablet. And that serves exactly Splive Player, an app to avoid downloading anything thanks to streaming.

TV, radio, podcasts ... all for free and online

From your mobile Android this application allows tune in to different TV channels and radio in Spain as well as access to podcasts. To do this you need only download the APK for this app, you will not find in stores like Google Play so it is best to do it from our direct link. These are its main features:

  • Plays online television channels free access and payment.
  • Create, share and load JSON lists of other users.
  • Send your videos for playback through Chromecast.
  • TV Guide programming on national television.
  • Customize your design and adapt it to your tastes.
  • Share lists via QR codes.
  • Parental control.
  • List of radio stations can play online.
  • Podcasts available for download.

How does it work and how to add TV channels Splive?

This app could not be simpler: just install and run. That's when you can explore the content it offers, which are divided between radio, television and podcasts.

Access generalist radio stations and television channels for free and pay in Spain.

If you go to the radio section you can browse the different stations and just click on them to start listening to the broadcast. Among them you will find:

  • Cadena SER.
  • National Radio of Spain (RNE, Radio 3, Radio 5 and Radio 4).
  • The main 40.
  • Dial string.
  • Cadena 100.
  • Radio Marca.
  • Onda Cero.
  • Cope.

For television you can see the guide, which includes the main channels of Spain. There you see your schedule and timetables although you can download your own channel lists. For that you have to go to My TV lists and click the button to add more channels. Through a URL or QR code you can download those made by others. Then you can go to My Lists and accessed from them.

As for the stations with the default counts are some like:

  • The 1.
  • The 2.
  • Four.
  • Telecinco.
  • Antenna 3.
  • The sixth.
  • Clan TVE.
  • 24 hours.

also offers access to a gallery of podcasts where you can listen to some radio programs as Cadena SER Cadena COPE or shared with users.

Download Samsung AllShare ( – Free

Today, there are many ways to share media files on your computer with other household devices, such as smartphones, tablets, TVs, digital cameras, etc. The most immediate would think any of these devices connect directly to the PC, and bring Windows 7 to 10, using the appropriate cable, but a much more comfortable solution is install a DLNA server on your computer allowing us to interact with all other compatible devices that are in our network. And thanks to Samsung AllShare We can get easy and simple way.

The easiest way to play music and video on other screens.

But first, what is DLNA? Therefore they stand for Digital Living Network Alliance, a standard that allows interconnect several devices on a network to share content therebetween. It supports a large number of electronics manufacturers, including Acer, Motorola, Philips, Toshiba, Sony, Nokia and, of course, Samsung, responsible for the development of this AllShare to bring us up to.

What I can do with AllShare installed on my PC?

  • Share videos, images and music between connected via wireless or wired devices.
  • Find and play content stored on other devices on the same network.
  • Download to PC content stored on other devices.

You see, this is an application that we can create a kind of multimedia network in which our TV, PC and mobile devices make network drives and can share any type of file including audiovisual, and also make a kind of cast to share playing media files on another screen.

How to use and configure Samsung AllShare?

Obviously, the first thing you have to do is download AllShare your PC. Unfortunately, the Korean company has been gradually replaced this technology with a more modern, so it is no longer available for download from the Samsung website. Lucky for you, you can still make the installer through our green download button.

Once downloaded, proceed to install the program. In just a few minutes you can have the program ready for use, but before you start sharing audiovisual content between your different devices, we recommend that you take a few minutes to configure the software correctly and improve your user experience.

  1. Step 1Go to Tools > Configuration > Sharing you'll find at the top of the interface.
  2. Step 2: Check the box that lets you share with other devices
  3. Step 3: Select a server name and adds the folder or folders you want to share.
  4. step 4: Make click Access tab and check the box to allow privileged access to connected devices.
  5. step 5: Turn on the device you want to share content, usually a TV, with support AllShare.
  6. step 6: Select the content to play from the window content management and choose the device on which such content from reproducing.
  7. step 7: From the playlist, click on the Play button and watch the content starts playing the selected device.

Samsung AllShare: user


Samsung AllShare: user

Download Pelismagnet ( Beta) – Free

If a program is that of watch movies and series online free which it has made a name and reputation is a lot of Popcorn Time. This allows you to view its contents in their original version with subtitles, however there Seventh Art fans who prefer to watch dubbed films.

Popcorn Time with movies in Spanish

Developed on the basis of Popcorn Time, Pelismagnet allows the user enjoy their catalog of films dubbed into Castilian. No need anyone to ask how to put subtitles to enjoy the movies in the language of Cervantes.

Movies in Spanish online and free without having to download anything on your PC.


  • Specializing in films dubbed into Castilian.
  • Filter the search for movies by genre or search trends.
  • Films based on the popularity of torrent file.
  • Possibility to use an external player instead of integrated into the program.
  • Downloading movies through P2P networks.
  • VPN connection.
  • Mark films for the Favorites section.

Download GTA 5 – Grand Theft Auto PC – Free

Talk of Grand Theft Auto is doing on one of the franchises most spectacular and successful games of recent decades and has triumphed on all platforms: Windows, iPhone, Android, PS3, PS4, Xbox ... The open world in which the action, freedom of movement, their characters and their plots have been developed for each of deliveries of the saga real bombs.

GTA V: back to Los Santos

Recreation of Los Angeles GTA: San Andreas is again protagonist in GTA 5 - Grand Theft Auto, a game in which his three protagonists (a street hustler, a bank robber and a psychopath) are mixed with lowest crime with corrupt officials in the US government and the entertainment industry. From here you know what touches: violence, underworld and a huge world to explore in complete quests.

key features

  • 4K quality graphics.
  • Map biggest ever game.
  • Online multiplayer GTA.
  • Record and edit your video games by creating short films with Rockstar Editor.
  • Improvements in driving and the system of fighting and shooting over previous versions.
  • Game characters and voices dubbed by professional actors.

A game system more fluid

One of the novelties of this new San Andreas is that the gaming system has become more fluid. It is closer to the playability of the shooters so the experience is more fluid and fast; more action and less adventure.

265 million it cost the development of Grand Theft Auto 5 have placed it at the time as second most expensive game in history.

Do not hesitate and play to discover how the great enigmas where planes go in the game, who buy property or how many characters played ...

GTA Online: multiplayer now with bikers (bikers)

This is the multiplayer Grand Theft Auto 5 that although an independent delivery in principle was later included in the patch of the original title was considered. With the we can play against other users solo or in teams in different game modes: Deathmatch, team deathmatch, missions, last team standing, capture, careers ... and even on a motorcycle gangs starring in which the characters belong to this environment scenario.

And if you have problems to overcome some stage you can always turn to countless tricks, tips, guides, keys and codes you can find on the Internet: its community of players is very large and active. Of course, we hope this makes precisely as in previous versions of the saga: to prepare mods to expand the possibilities of the game.

You know that GTA 5 for PC is the departure time of a classic. So do not hesitate a moment longer and grab the game's most spectacular action and macarra in recent years.

Download Splive TV (2.6) Android – APK Free

If ever you wondered how to watch TV on mobile or tablet do not do more because here you have the solution. Is about Splive TV, an app to view channels of DTT broadcasting in Spain open but offers the possibility to also tune into those of other countries.

This application works by the method of lists. That is, itself has a list of channels that you can explore and play on your mobile device. But while you can Search lists made by other users, which can be set to different themes (Lists of movie channels, sports, cartoons, etc.), and allow you to customize your content. These come in XML format.

key features

Splive functions are very basic, whcih case of an app to watch TV online. These are the main ones:

  • Tune TV channels DTT via an Internet connection.
  • Check the schedule: find out what is broadcast and when and access your synopsis.
  • Access channels in a manner organized by themes.
  • Download lists with channels that packages grouped by theme: sports, movies, series, children's, documentary, Mediaset channels, international channels, regional channels, adult ... updated until 2017.
  • Create your own channel lists and share them with the rest of the user community.

Watch free TV on Android is not a chimera.

Anyway is not the only service you'll find, as others like Splive Player or Wiseplay offer identical systems tuning online TV channels through lists and also with more supply, more stability and a larger community of users.

If you download the APK you can use it to have Splive PC, since only you would need an emulator for Android and the Internet to watch TV to big screen. Online (Spanish) – Free

If you like to watch TV series in original version and want to practice English, you have the perfect choice: Through this website you can watch online the best series the time Original version with English subtitles. A convenient way to enjoy the series from your computer without having to download files and looking subtitles.

All series in original version.

Subtitled series online It offers an interesting service for all who see series in original version. You no longer have to download the series and look for subtitles. Simply access, find the series you're following, and you play it with English subtitles. Other features They are:

  • It allows search by country or genre series.
  • You can connect with your social networks and share the series you're following.
  • It allows enable or disable subtitles.
  • It has subtitles in English and Russian, and can change them only if you create an account.

Now all your series in original version with subtitles from your browser thanks to

Download Microsoft Word (2016) – Free

Microsoft Office office suite It has reached standard status because it is the most used and extended worldwide. Among the tools that make up the package are the famous Excel, PowerPoint and, of course, the word processor Word.

The perfect solution to create, edit and enhance documents

This is the reference program to draft since it has a extensive selection of functions and features that allow you to work smoothly with all that that entails preparing a written document. Microsoft Word is, in short, the Alpha and Omega of word processors. Compatibility with the most popular formats and its simplicity and flexibility in creating and editing tasks it the leading application.

Any application that deals with open documents DOC format of the program itself.

  • Draws up documents from scratch.
  • read mode to avoid distractions.
  • Apply different formats.
  • Add different elements such as images, tables or graphics.
  • Corrects spelling and grammar automatically.
  • Compatible with ODF (OpenDocument Format) files used by free office suites.
  • Perform internal searches or contextual content on the Internet.
  • It works collaboratively in real time.
  • Get recommendations on the work you are carrying out.
  • Enter mathematical equations in pen mode.
  • Sync your work to OneDrive.
  • Support for editing PDF.

Word 2016 power group work and online

What you've read above are some general characteristics that we expect from this program. However if it remains the favorite of millions of users is because Microsoft He has worked to adapt its characteristics to how we work today, both professional and academic environment and domestic.

This tool a professional, domestic and academic environments.

We are continuously connected to the Internet so it is obvious that this facet is enhanced in any program and this would not be less. That's why it has been included synchronizing files with OneDrive so that you can grant permissions to read and edit other users; so that If you work collaboratively always you have access to the latest version of a document. And all with a space to add comments and responses, so that all team members can learn what design changes, content or format are.

Nevertheless version history allows you to retrieve previous documents any changes, so if an error has occurred you can always retrieve a previous version.

You can download a free trial version, but it must be recorded in Office 365 and entering payment data ... anyway you may reach interested thus software update subscription since you always have online updates on lists product to download.

Reducing the size of your Word 2013 documents


Reducing the size of your Word 2013 documents

Fallout 4 Cheats for PC: immortality, infinite weapons and money

Fallout 4 garage home screen

Looking tricks Fallout 4? You have come to the right place. If you want to know how to get infinite plates, have a small (large) help combat or just open all the doors closed in the game, as is customary in Bethesda, their new game hides a series of console commands that allow us to do this and more.

This list continues to grow with the tricks you find in the game, so if you do not want to miss any add us to your favorites and check the list from time to time to discover new ways of cheating.

Using these tricks can ruin the original experience of Fallout 4 (if using console commands, it is preferable to save before, just in case) but for those who have to tough nut to crack or have already roamed the Yermo over I want to confess to, nobody is bitter sweet.

Console Commands Fallout 4

Use these tricks through the game console. Open the console and type the command to activate the cheat.

Opening the Command Console

To open the command console Fallout 4 we have to press the [n] key, and we will press again to close it. In the picture you can see below, where we have written "Enter code here", That place is where you type commands.

Open command console Fallout 4Open command console Fallout 4

Once we have this clear, here you must enter codes to reach these small traps:

Infinite life and money

  • How to get infinite life, infinite ammo, unlimited weight and inexhaustible VATS (activate God Mode): TGM
  • How to be invincible (demigod mode, as God but only infinite life): tdm
  • How to be immortal: tim
  • Fill lost health: player.resetheatlh
  • Chapas endless (infinite money): player.additem 000000F XXX (You have to change the X by the number of sheets you want to add to our account)
  • endless hairpins: player.additem 000000A XXX (Such as plates, change X by the number of pins that need)
  • Get anything you want: player.additem [ID] [XXX] (Put the ID of the object you want and change the X by the number of them you want: weapons, materials, equipment ... For these IDs can stroll through the room -you developers find how below-)
  • Show ID load inventory: player.showinventory (Useful for duplicate)
  • Unlock doors and terminals: unlock

Changes in the character

  • Raise the level of your character: player.setlevel XX (Switch X for the desired level, this parameter could only jump, can not lower the level)
  • Increase one level: player.advlevel
  • Load more weight: player.modav carryweitght YYY (YYY changes for the new maximum weight you can load)
  • Change the sex of your character: sexchange (If you want to spend your denizen of male to female or female to male)
  • Increase the size of the character: setScale [1-10] (Choose a number from 1 to 10 to see what happens to his character)
  • Activate all brands and locations on the map: TMM 1
  • Walk through walls and doors with your character: tcl
  • high jump: setgs fJumpHeightMin [X] (Changing X by a figure, the larger more jump, but be careful because the fall can injure or kill your character)
  • Outrun: player.setav speedmult [X] (If you change the X for a figure, the higher it is, the faster you run your character, and less will cost you bump the Yermo from side to side)

Game settings

  • Activate a free camera you have better perspective: tfc
  • Accelerate or delay the passage of time: September timescale [X] (16 is the measure established in Fallout 4, ie, every minute play, pass 16 in play time)
  • AI off completely (all still): tai
  • Disable game interface: tm
  • Finish the game (beware spoilers): caqs
  • Complete the mission: completequest (ID mission)
  • Show the phases of the mission: SQT
  • Complete all phases of the mission: completeallobjetctives (ID mission)

Aids in combat

  • Disable AI in combat: TCAI
  • Back idiot AI and can not detect us: tdetect
  • Kill all nearby enemies: killall (Your companions, as Meatball, Piper or Cait, can not die, but will need a stimulant if you want to return to action immediately)
  • Kill an enemy: Kill [ID] (In "ID" enemy code)
  • Resurrecting an enemy: resurrect [ID]
  • Move a NPC to our side: player.placeatme XXX (XXX writes in the name of the character)
  • teleportation - coc XXX (Replacing the XXX place you want to move)

Entering the hall developers

In this hidden room, our character meets all weapons, power armor, items or upgrades available in the game. In it, players can try out all these things and get your ID for use in the game. all holocintas dispersed by the Commonwealth so you can hear are also available.

  • Entering the hall developers: coc qasmoke
  • Exit the room Developers: COE January 1

glitches, secrets: ingame tricks

If you prefer another kind of tricks exploit more ingame, such as glitches or secret, we encourage you to try these:

endless sheets

In order to have untouched sheets endless game console, we can take advantage of a glitch that has the title of Bethesda.

The trick is easy to carry out but It does not work with all vendors Fallout 4, although with the majority. It is also easy to check so that nothing happens if you give a seller who does not have this error. Go for the next one! Consists in:

  • Nearer to a seller, activate the option to negotiate with him and buy all the ammunition of the same type.
  • Sell ​​a unit of ammunition that we have purchased.
  • Sell ​​the rest of the ammunition we had bought.

In this simple way, and always without doing any other operation, we are left with a unit "ghost" Ammunition in our inventory, we can sell infinitely, or rather, until we stop caulless seller. If we sell ammunition beyond the seller plates, we can make him pay the debt with any object you have in your inventory, so this trick we can get everything we need from each vendor.

It is recommended to choose a munition which has more than 10 units and we do not have in our inventory (give it to your partner before starting negotiations). This video is clear:

Meatball sends to the Cryolator

Do you remember that molona weapon that was behind a glass case at the Refugio 111? This is the Cryolator, a powerful gun you want to have ice. Fresh from our cryostasis had no ability to force with forks, but we have to wait long to get it: you just have to know Meatball.

Back to the shelter with the dog and order him to look for useful things when you're near that ... I do not know how he does it but our faithful companion takes the gun without breaking the box.

secret Power Armor

True, it not takes too long in the game to get a first power armor, as takes to become a mother of the most feared of the Commonwealth dweller. However, we can get a power armor early in the game even without starting any mission and in a few minutes. IGN this video shows us the way to an abandoned power armor in the forest. Is alone, go for it:

Replicate weapons and equipment

To get as many things as we want to replicate in the game, weapons, equipment, objects ... there's a glitch in Fallout 4 that allows us to do. For this we need to Meatball again.

The trick is to drop something and make Meatball pick it up, but the moment in which our colleague leans toward the object, we also collect. If times are correct, we will have two identical objects in the inventory. We can let things go in twos, threes (as many have) and will double the number of objects every time you leave us well the trick. Meatball How clever! (Does not work with ammunition)

S.P.E.C.I.A.L up to the maximum: add skill points

Like weapons, armor, medicines and others are replicated, we can multiply our skill points in Fallout 4. To do this, we have to let go is the magazine we found at Sanctuary when we return to that house was the main character (under the cradle Shaun). This magazine gives us an extra point, and if we reply, we can increase the points of strength, charisma, luck, etc., to fill the S.P.E.C.I.A.L the maximum (10). It is clear in this video:

How to get infinite nuclei fusion

The power armor make a difference in many battles in Fallout 4, however, they have the disadvantage that they work with nuclei fusion, a resource that is scarce in 2287. Luckily, there is a trick to make us with infinite cores if you do not want to resort to console commands (which could damage our departure).

The only requirement for this trick is that we will have to join the Brotherhood of Steel. Once in the Prydwen, we can steal a fusion core of one of the knights who travel on the ship. If you do not get caught, keep the game quickly, and remain pending. The gentleman will exit the power armor and introduce a new kernel on it. Steal again as many times as you want, as long unseen. If the trick with Meatball will not come out, this is an easier way to get all cores you please:

jwplayerLoad function () {


Download uTorrent (3.5.0 44090) – Free

Every time you download less content to your computer: the evolution of technology has made music consumption veer streaming services like Spotify, instead of MP3 downloads, and viewing movies and TV to video on demand, Netflix as the king of mambo, rather than downloading to your PC. But that does not mean that downloads are dead, far from it. First, because not all artists are available on the Swedish music streaming service, and secondly because we can not enjoy all the series and movies that Netflix would like to see Game of Thrones for example.

King of P2P downloads.

So no one should wonder you continue downloading content to our PC, even if we do less and less, and one of the best methods certainly is offered by the BitTorrent protocol for file sharing peer to peer, or P2P. Although this protocol have its official client downloads, by popular acclaim uTorrent It has become a favorite of users of this network to download all kinds of video files, audio, documents, e-books and software to their computers.

¿uTorrent or BitTorrent? What is the difference between them?

Even if we finish counting that muTorrent, which is as it should pronounce, is milk and because you're imagining that gives many turns to the official application to download torrents in Windows, nor is it entirely true. Some argue that this client is lighter and helps downloads are completed before, but the truth is that since 2006 both desktop applications are developed in parallel by the same company, and it costs a lot to believe that favoring one of the two developments bet by one who bears his name. Yes, although there is no obvious differences, the software created by Ludvig Strigeus still has many more followers.

key features

  • Searching torrents from the application or adds those already downloaded from sites like elitetorrent or Newpct.
  • Pause, resume or cancel transfers at any time.
  • Allocates bandwidth to use for each download.
  • progressive downloads that let you play incomplete downloads.
  • Create torrent files to share with other users of peer-to-peer network.
  • Access Statistics as average speed, maximum and minimum and compis and trackers available.
  • Possibility of controlling downloads remotely using a mobile device with uTorrent Remote.
  • Set the download queue to determine the maximum number of active downloads.
  • Modify the connection settings for optimize speed download.

uTorrent Pro for demanding

Everything you've told so far is based on the free version of the program. But if you're tired of having to put up with more or less invasive advertising offers, you can always opt for free Ad-Free version or ads for the modest price of $ 5 a year.

Forget the annoying advertising when downloading.

Also, if you do not have enough to eliminate advertising, you can always subscribe to the Pro edition for $ 20 year to enjoy many advantages: no publicity, instant transmission while downloading torrents, virus protection and access to new features before anyone else.

How to configure the client to download faster?

That is the question that many users are:how to optimize the download speed of torrents? You are browsing the web will find many tutorials that will talk you open this or that port, adjust the bandwidth limiting the upload speed and configure the download queue with this or that number of simultaneous active downloads. The truth is that we must consider a number of details that will help us download faster, but cebarnos with everything that we read out there, because they often offer us contradictory data:

  1. Opens port the program is assigned, or change it to another, to avoid blocking by the router or firewall. If you do not know what to put, choose a random one.
  2. Controls the number of active downloadsLimits the number of transfers so that the bandwidth is not distributed among too many downloads.
  3. Share the torrents you download, if only for a while, and thus avoid penalties on download speed.
  4. The greater the number of users who share a file, more bandwidth will be available so Look at the number of seeds.
  5. Upgrade to the latest version of the program: Always work best an updated one customer obsolete and it is safer.

What's new in the latest version

  • Fixed several bugs that made the application to stop and stop working.

      configure uTorrent


      configure uTorrent

      How to download free Splive Player for PC (Windows)

      Splive Player running on Windows

      Splive Player is one of the best multi-format players for Android, but is not available for Windows or another operating system, neither is for iOS. Since the application can watch live TV no need for a TV signal adapter. Another advantage is that we can watch channels of pay TV for free. However, do not worry about the lack of compatibility with Windows, because this is an issue that can be solved very easily. And it is that if we use an emulator, as we have done many times, we have access to the player full form.

      With Splive Player we can watch pay-TV and open for free.

      We will not have much complication or when using the application or to install, although I notice that you will take longer on a computer than a mobile phone (for the issue of native support). Altogether it will take about ten minutes to configure everything, so it also takes too long.

      Using PC Player Splive

      Say Splive Player is like the add-on that allows us to watch TV on Kodi. If you have ever used, you probably know what's going on. It works through lists created by the community itself. There are servers that collect the signal of different channels, whether paid or free and the program that we bring today is ensure that we can interpret that signal. Unlike Kodi, Splive Player can also play radio frequencies.

      Everything works through lists, both television and radio. And this is one of the great advantages and disadvantage at the same time. Great advantage because there is no need for physical decoder TDT and while it is a disadvantage because the lists often do not work. But do not worry, because chances are that each list has multiple servers, so if one fails we will have another. At first it's a little confusing, yes, but we just got used to it.

      The first: download the APK file

      Even if we make use of an emulator for Windows, we will need the installation file. Of course it is the same that we would use Android if we wished so. You can Windows download both directly and from the emulator itself (Later we show how to install and configure).

      Steps to follow

      1. Step 1We are writing to the page of Splive Player.
      2. Step 2: We click on the Download button, green.
      3. Step 3: We were taken to a web confirmation. Press again the same button.
      4. step 4Mega will open and we will have to download by clicking on Download on the file browser.

      This is very important: if you are in PC there will be no problem, but if you are on a smartphone or failing in the emulator, before entering Mega have to give the web browser settings that you may be using and note that you want to navigate as if you were in a computer, otherwise you will force MEGASync to make you download the file.

      Install the app on an emulator

      In this case we use MEMU, very good emulator for the occasion. Is easy to use, fast and does not come with much flourish, which would prevent its use enough. You can pick any other emulator if you already have one installed, or if you have recommended another but MEMU is the best because of its simplicity.

      The download is very simple and is very similar to that of APK Splive Player, so it's not worth going into detail. Installation and that's another thing, it requires more steps. First of all, when you run the installer first emulator, the computer will ask us Administrator access. You will have to grant it, because otherwise the program will not run.

      Installing PC MemuInstalling PC Memu

      When it is opened, we select the Spanish language as we see in the above image and give it to continue in all steps. Once we reach the end, it will load bar installation and when finished will open automatically MEMU. Let load (the first time may be somewhat slower) and We go straight to install the file that you downloaded before.

      Here we have two options. The first is that we made in the previous step in the emulator. The second is that we have done from Windows, so we will have to pass the file to the hard disk virtual machine with Android we've created. It's simple: in the menu on the right is a button that says APK. Press it and choose the path where the file is. Automatically start installing this if you give permission. If this does not work, we have to repeat the previous step from the own web browser emulator.

      we will have Splive TV properly installed and ready for use. The first thing you have to do is find a list, because otherwise we can only see local media, so we can not see any television or listen to any radio frequency.

      Download The Sims 4 for PC – Free

      If you are someone who gets up every morning wanting to be someone else, another life, another job, another car, other friends, another personality and even another couple besides confirms we need to ask yourself a few things, we offer a game that you can help ease your situation, if only for a couple of hours a day. Obviously, we discussed the Sims franchise and specifically the fourth game of the series, The Sims 4 Create a Sim, where you can return to live a virtual life far removed from reality and in which you'll be a totally different person.

      Live a new life in front of your PC.

      This new edition brings a host of technological advances over previous versions, especially regarding the artificial intelligence of the characters, but its greatest novelty lies in the new system of creating Sims, much more intuitive, but also much more complete, allowing us to shape our character to the last detail, choosing his personality, ethnicity, hairstyle, facial features and clothing. You can create an avatar to your image, or a totally opposite character the way you are.

      Where to buy and play The Sims 4?

      As you know, all deliveries of this saga video game simulation and social life are developed by Electronic Arts (yes, the same publishing a new version of FIFA every year). And like most created and marketed by the American company games, it can purchase and download through its official distribution platform software called Origin.

      Just you have to make an account, if you have not already, providing some personal information to register for the service and get off the demo of this game. If you do not have enough with the demo version you can purchase the full game, either on its Standard Edition or Deluxe Edition (More digital content). The price? The first one will cost just under 60 euros, while the second, an amount somewhat less than 70 euros.

      Only available for PC and Mac.

      And if you were wondering about the platforms and operating systems with the game is only available for Windows PCs and Apple computers with MacOS. Or PlayStation or Xbox or any other console or mobile device, but you will download a companion app Android APK format and iPhone from their respective official stores.

      Main features and developments

      • Create and manage new characters, smarter than ever.
      • Characters with very different personalities and marked new range of emotions.
      • Build the house of your dreams and go out to explore your neighborhood and meet your neighbors.
      • New pets and domestic animals that spend your new virtual life.
      • Advanced artificial to give the characters more unpredictable feelings and reactions intelligence.
      • World sandbox highly customizable in which anything goes.
      • redesign Create a Sim Y Build mode so that the generation of Sims and construction easier and more intuitive than ever: it is like designing with clay.
      • Increasingly vibrant new neighborhoods, with much social life and community places to entertain your avatars.
      • Share your creations with the community The Sims 4 and download the contributions of other players.
      • Unlocks prizes and rewards by completing various missions and events.
      • New free content added with each update: swimming pools, ghosts, new professions, etc.

      The Sims 4 expansions

      One of the features that applaud the fans of this game is that despite already have a few years behind (it was originally released in 2014 for PC, but failed to macOS 2015), Electronic Arts publishes expansion packs quite frequently. With them, not only It expands and enhances the original functions, but also it gives a sense of caring for the fans of this game responding to your requests regarding new professions, new life, new buildings, new skills and new cities.

      The latest expansion of the fourth installment of The Sims was released in late 2016 under the name Urbanites, based on the fictional city of San Myshuno and in which we discover professions never seen so far as political or social media, and new tricks and skills for our characters. The truth is that this is the best expansion launched to date, over Shall we meet? or get to work !.

      Alternatives to Pordede, what do when not working?

      Mr series page. robot

      Since will swell the list of illegal streaming sites closed -first withdrew almost all its links-, users who enjoy the series and movies via these pages were a bit orphaned. Before they had disappeared heavyweights like SeriesYonkis and Series Pepito, later they reemerged under new management and new domains. Returning to the case of when its disappearance was effective Pordede collected the mass of displaced users, keeping much of the cake so far, which from time to time does not work Pordede. Operation similar to, and the ability to manage movies and series earrings she became a favorite of users.

      If we add the large database with which account Pordede, and that includes everything from current films like Eight Catalan surnames or Fifty Shades of Gray along with other classic titles like Star Wars trilogy or films for younger as the other way around, no wonder that today is a phenomenon on the Internet although you can find some timely occasion fallen Pordede. In addition to this, the contents can be played on any device, either a computer, an Android TV Box, an iPad and even through Chromecast.

      Many users have changed the vey theaters for their homesMany users have changed the vey theaters for their homes

      But unlike many payment services they include the stability of their servers in the service they offer, It is not perfect. Pordede is sometimes slow, sometimes we try to enter the site only to realize that it is fall, in which case access to the content we want to see is banned if we do not know what to do. That's why we wanted to develop this article, trying to answer those who get stuck without access to their favorite movies or series because of an outage.

      When Pordede does not work and gives 503 error, what I can do?

      When an error occurs 503 is because the server is overloaded or maintenance. It is not definitive, but temporary fall to be solved over time, although it is certainly an annoying inconvenience.

      When trying to enter a web site either, it usually follows a four step process: Obtaining the IP address of an IP name supplied by the DNS server, opening a connection to said IP address, writing of a data flow through the open and receiving a data stream response as connection is established the communication. If the last step fails, then the user will receive the error screen 503.

      503 error occurs when communication with the web fails we want to visit503 error occurs when communication with the web fails we want to visit

      What can you do as a user? Unfortunately you can not do anything. It is a matter of the server, and either until someone lifted, or until maintenance is completed, the service will remain offline. The only solution you have left is looking for an alternative service.

      Alternatives to Pordede, still watching movies and free online series

      There are a few alternatives to Pordede you can use if you know to look for. Then we will give you a few to give you an opportunity every time the blissful 503 error appears on the screen of your computer. Some of them have very large data bases although almost all can see Simpson, less bad- but if you are looking for are new releases does not matter., ideal for recent content specializes in fresh specializes in fresh content is designed to all those users who want the latest. Its database is not as broad or deep as Pordede, but try to keep users informed of the latest movies and series premiere, which always appear on your home page. It also informs users of upcoming releases the big screen, new seasons and new series.

      Yaske, ideal for fans of anime

      Yaske wants to gain a foothold among anime fans with their offerYaske wants to gain a foothold among anime fans with their offer

      Yaske commitment provide content in the best possible quality. As is the case with, this will find mainly relatively recent films series and website. The information offer is reduced only to new content delivered to the web, and not those who are coming. Note the wide variety of anime that counts, which is sure to please fans of Japanese animation., the spirit of the old SeriesYonkis still alive

      SeriesDanko is a veteran with a good databaseSeriesDanko is a veteran with a good database is uploader work Danko, a veteran of the Spanish scene that has been working to provide content to users in Spain and Latin America since the days when the late forum was still the reference point of the native Internet.

      When you enter your web we perceive an air ancient SeriesYonkis, first of all, which fell and then rose from the ashes in another domain. The database of web content is quite extensive, and we can find recent and quite a few years old content., all ready for direct viewing

      SeriesBlanco offers content of all types for direct viewingSeriesBlanco offers content of all types for direct viewing philosophy can not be simpler: find what you want to see and enjoy it directly. No need to download anything, just enter the content you want and enjoy it from the web. Its database content is somewhat limited, but if you are looking for the latest in series and movies is a good choice., high quality and original version

      PelisPedia has a great deal of new releases in HD and VOSEPelisPedia has a great deal of new releases in HD and VOSE has two interesting features: all its contents are offered in high quality and in original version with subtitles, and one thing has to do with the other. Mainly feeds on releases series and movies, and if possible offer them in HD quality is because overseas releases on high quality filtered much more completely than in the rest of the world, so if you do not you mind reading subtitles is the ideal choice.

      If at some point in the future you come to meet with the happy 503 error when trying to enter Pordede, you have no excuse to run out of your favorite content. If you go to the alternatives that we offer in this article you should not have to worry about that again Pordede is falling.