Download SocialBro ( – Free

If you have many contacts in organized Twitter know it can be an ordeal. That is why it is highly recommended to use SocialBro, a tool to manage all besides your own profile effectively.

The best way to manage your Twitter community

SocialBro is a professional profile utility that lets you create and manage to detail your own community on Twitter. You get her all kinds of information based on different criteria, you'll organize your followers, You have all developments arranged in its central panel and you will the most common actions to your absolute scope.


  • geographically positioned your followers or people you follow with Google Maps.
  • Organizes and distributes contacts lists with tags and get detailed information about them.
  • Download the contents of your community in a local database.
  • Detects bots, spammers and other users who do not wish to.
  • Use filters to search for contacts, interacts with them and welcome them to your profile.
  • Get all statistics for your profile and your community.

Twitter professionally managed.

Feel free to download SocialBro and takes more out of Twitter administering more efficiently.

Manage your own community on Twitter


Manage your own community on Twitter

DreDown Online – Free

Today there are dozens of services we can count on to download videos from the Internet. We have applications for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone and on the web without installing anything, and which we are concerned here today. Is about DreDown that as uniqueness goes beyond the place where most stay.

How to download videos from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks

It is common to find programs that can download content in different formats YouTube and little else (perhaps Vimeo, Dailymotion ...). It is normal because we are talking about the web portal with more videos on their servers and also one of the sites with the largest world user traffic.

Virtue found in this video downloader online is that it offers us the possibility of get the videos that are uploaded to social networks, aspect that is usually more restricted. And we must bear in mind that some of them hundreds of millions of users represent a significant audiovisual repository.

This app is specifically compatible with these services:

  • Youtube.
  • Instagram.
  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • Came.
  • Vimeo.
  • Dailymotion.
  • Keek.
  • Vevo.
  • Vk.
  • tumblr.
  • Flickr.
  • RuTube.
  • Howcast.
  • MetaCafe.

How to download video from Vine or any other portal?

With this webapp this is a simple task. Follow these steps:

  1. Step 1Selects the video source in the left column.
  2. Step 2: Paste the URL into the search box.
  3. Step 3: Press the download button down and wait for your device.

He format you get the images is MP4 and in the future the download will be implemented also in MP3. The good thing is that you can not install or Android APKs or any other installation package in PC or any other platform ... and as it is compatible with all web, including tablets and smartphones.

Download Cartoons (2 Android – Free

With the application of Cartoon Android you can create your own animations in the simplest way possible. No need to draw one frame at creating but only those who are the most important. The application will create the rest and put them together in film form. Disparatas creates stories and then share them.

You'll laugh in the simplest way.

key features

  • Create animations through the skeleton of the characters.
  • Put the characters face with photos of friends.
  • Adds voices.
  • Take advantage of the various models in the integrated editor.
  • Share your creations on YouTube and Facebook.

Having your own animation studio is possible to download Cartoon Android.


Configuring the screensaver Windows 7

Windows 7 offers different possibilities to configure the screen saver, the image you see when the computer remains idle for a period of time. To do this you just have to click the Right-click on the desktop and select Personalize. This leads directly to the appearance and customization settings, where we see the option Screen saver in the lower right corner.

The system does not assign a default screen saver, but if we display the menu see different images that can be used as screensavers and different possibilities we have to customize the look of the screen saver in Windows 7:

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Download MakeHuman (1.0 Alpha 6.0) – Free

MakeHuman It is an application for model human figures in three dimensions suitable for all types of user. It is a tool with which we can create 3D people through simple menus. With MakeHuman we will be able to model characters with great detail, creating her hair, outlining her face or choosing your skin color.

When you run the application appears in its interface a figure in three dimensions that will serve as a basis for creating our character. MakeHuman features menus through which we can go modifying the figure: High stature, profiled face, curly hair, eye shape or size of the nose. Any details can be changed, and the changes we see in real time.

MakeHuman also it allows us to change the figure with mouse movements, very simple: select a body part, we move the mouse and modify that section of the figure. Once we have the human figure as we want, we can export it for use in other 3D modeling programs.

Create your own three-dimensional figures easily and for free with MakeHuman.

Download VNC (6.1.1) – Free

VNC (Virtual Network Computing) Is a system through which we can remotely control any computer, so that the two computers to the same network, or Internet being connected, possible to use any PC, no matter how far you are, with our keyboard and mouse.

The program to remotely control any computer

It's only necessary install a server application (Server) on your computer to be controlled, and one client application (Viewer) on the computer from which we will control the remote PC, enter the corresponding IP and enter the password to protect the connection.

With the free version of this program we can be able to control virtually any operating system market (Windows NT 4, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX...), Being limited to the paid versions current Windows systems (Vista, Server 2008 and Windows 7) and Mac OS X.

Connect to your home PC from anywhere in the world with your laptop or other computer, without the need for complicated configurations thanks to VNC.

Synchronizes audio and image movies and videos

When watching a video or movie we downloaded from Internet run certain risks. If there is an annoying flaw in this kind of file is that, once downloaded, check that synchronization between image and sound is faulty.


For synchronization between audio and video is perfect need to start at the exact same time within the timeline. Any small change can ruin the correct view of the file and end up making us lose my temper, as few as annoying situations can occur when you play a file.

If you only from reproducing the file on your computer you have the option to synchronize both tracks from the same software with ease, something with VLC or MPlayer possible. But If you intend to burn a DVD or the like need to do prior form, for example with a program like VirtualDub, since not all external players have options to correct it.


First you must open the corresponding file from VirtualDub. press "File" and subsequently "Open Video File" in the tools menu and find your movie or video on your hard drive. The software may require you the installation of new codecs to work with the file.


Paragraphs access "Video" Y "Audio" in the toolbar and be sure that the option "Direct Stream Copy" It is selected in both.


after that select the option "Audio>interleaving" to see this new pop-up window. At the bottom you have the option "Delay audio track by". Write here the necessary milliseconds to synchronize audio with video. To delay the audio you must enter positive values, while if you need to bring forward the start of the audio you must enter negative values.


When you've managed to press "Okay" to close this window settings. go up "File>Save as Avi" To save your movie or video sync correction already done. Now, burn and enjoy your movies and videos.

Source: Ghacks

Cleanfox Online (Spanish) – Free

All human activity has a footprint or environmental impact, including what to us seems insignificant. And when it comes to the Internet, can be more innocent than signing up for a newsletter? You know, those emails that arrive in our mailbox Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo with advertising and updates from different sites and services online that then not even open.

Well, sending this correspondence, mostly useless because as we say we do not read, has a consequence in the form of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. This is where comes into play Cleanfox, an interesting service that although poses as a tool to help the environment also help us to sort our inbox in the future.

What is it and how it works?

This is a service that serves to clean our mail account while giving us down different mailing services to which we have subscribed. Y Its operation is as simple as connecting through our mail provider: Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo and others, such as Orange and others.

After granting the different permits, Cleanfox analyze our mailbox and we will provide the mailing list and eliminate services that erase our subscription. Manually we choose ourselves what we want to remove and then we proceed to clean. At the same time It will show the future amount of CO2 emissions which have avoided.

Your mail tray and cleaner environment as well.

This tool no reviews for all tastes, especially around security and privacy of the user who uses it. However its developers claim that Data are secured by connections protected by the security protocol SSL encryption. And now there is no app for Android or iPhone, but an extension that can be downloaded and installed on Google Chrome.

The philosophy behind the development of this Web application can be linked to other initiatives such as Ecosia search engine or smartphone Fairphone, which aim to raise awareness among users of the importance of the use of clean technology and with the least possible impact on Earth.

Download Ship Simulator (Extremes 1.2.0) for PC – Free

In the world of simulators it is not difficult to find titles where possible fly a plane or drive a car a circuit, but what is strange is to find a title in which we should control a boat.

Ship Simulator is, as the name suggests, a Boat simulator in which we have to fulfill all kinds of missions, from performing a sea rescue or take a group of passengers to their destination, even persecution offshore or load a liner. All this, on board all types of marine vehicles, outboards, passenger ships or giant freighters.

As in other simulators, controls can be somewhat complicated at first, plus we will have to adapt driving depending on the type of vehicle we are controlling.

The graphical environment, despite not being bad, does not reach the level of other simulators, which can roll back to any gamer.

Discover a different way to enjoy a simulation game, thanks to Ship Simulator.

Download crazy roller coaster simulator (2.7) Android – Free

Google Cardboard is the economic alternative proposed by Google to virtual reality systems more expensive. These cardboard glasses combined with a smartphone Android allows users to enjoy applications and games that base their development in VR, as is the case Crazy roller coaster simulator.

A frantic virtual reality tour in one of the most famous attractions.

We will enjoy a exhilarating ride in a simulation of these attractions: Slides, slopes, sharp curves ... the sense of speed combined with the views that will offer the trip will enjoy them fully. In fact, from your position you will enjoy a 360 degree view that gives you freedom of movement.

Features roller coaster simulator game

  • 3D environment based on virtual reality.
  • Gyrometer spherical 360 degree rotation.
  • Compatible with virtual reality glasses such as Google Cardboard and 4DUD.
  • Realistic sound effects.
  • Untimed game.

Of course, if you have virtual reality goggles do not worry: you can also play without them.


Why go red eye in flash photos?

Red eye has an explanation really curious

The flash is that little bombillita we have in the vast majority of cameras, including those of our smartphones. As you all know, the main purpose of this light source is allowing us to take pictures when the lighting conditions are not good too, but it is not gold that glitters. Although we can take pictures anywhere is blacked though, we often find that our subjects' eyes appear red, and the explanation for this is as curious as interesting, because it must, quite simply, that we caught our unsuspecting eyes. Fortunately, understanding the reason is really simple and, of course, can be avoided with certain tricks.

The first: how the eye works?

Although we could spend hours talking about how the eye works, what really interests us is to know the basic parts. Roughly, the eye consists of many ribs, one pupil -the black hole, the iris -the color circle surrounding the pupila- and retina -which it is the "collects light sensor"-.

The iris is a curtain which enlarges or shrinks depending on the amount of light to which we are exposed -yes, like the diaphragm of a camera. When there is lots of light, the iris is enlarged, and the pupil becomes a tiny black hole by entering low light. When we are in the dark, the iris opens, and the pupil becomes too large, so that a greater amount of light to pass onto the retina.

Low light, the iris and the pupil shrinks becomes very largeLow light, the iris and the pupil shrinks becomes very large / Raziel

Once the light reaches the retina, this "makes" into nerve impulses and sends it to the brain, which converts these impulses into this very simplificado--all images. Obviously, the retina is ready to capture a certain amount of light, and if that amount is exceeded, the light "remaining" must be filtered to produce no damage. Here the red-eye effect.

Red eyes are caused by blood

Within the retina of our eyes there is a layer called semitranspartente pigment epithelium. This layer is responsible for filtering the light that the retina can not process. Inside there are specialized cells in filtering the light "moving light" surplus to an area filled with blood vessels which are full indeed of blood.

These blood vessels are illuminated when the light comes, peeling red color of blood that's inside. The light emitted by the flash is very powerful and momentary, so the iris does not have time to close, the pupil is completely open and the retina receives an immense amount of light that is filtered. In doing so, blood vessels much light and the camera captures the moment to take the picture, and when the effect occurs "Red eyes".

And how can you fix?

Obviously, this is a completely biological effect, so it is almost impossible to avoid it-and we would have to change the functioning of the eye. But that does not mean we can not reduce it. For this, new flashes incorporate a system that, instead of throwing a single flash of light, They emit bursts. That makes the iris become accustomed to the light and closed, which greatly reduces the red-eye effect.

The ancient flashes like the Canon EOS 1100D only emit a flash of lightThe ancient flashes like the Canon EOS 1100D only emit a flash of light

We can see a lot in mobile phones, which tend to throw three flashes: one for focus, and two very quick serving to illuminate the scene. Flashes professionals who are able to do that are usually quite expensive, but they are increasingly popular.

Obviously, the vast majority of photo editing programs usually come equipped with a red-eye corrector, which is usually as simple as two clicks: one on the tool and another in the eyes -Lightroom, Adobe, it works thus.

However, if you do not have editing programs, no flash art or photography you know, there is a remedy suitable for all audiences. Before getting the photo with flash, stares at a light source: A lamp, a mobile flashlight, car lights ... for a few seconds, and then picture yourself. This will cause the iris is closed to filter the light that reaches the retina and therefore will be closed when the flash light lance, which and even reduce red eye evitará-.

Download PimpMyUSB ( – Free

PimpMyUSB is a utility that power give a much more personal with the icon shown that our memory USB, folders stored in it and the bottom of each of the directories. Program options are very simple, but with a few clicks, we radically change the appearance of a flash drive, a memory card or an MP3 player.

Once you open the application have to select the unit to "tune" the file from which to import the icons for files and folders drive (DLL or ICO), the fund for each directory and text color.

The program gives us the opportunity to hide the folder in which the files are stored we use for customizing, so as not to hinder us when looking for any file that we have stored in our unit.

If you want give an original touch to any of your external storage devices in minutes, you should use PimpMyUSB.

Download Dofus for PC – Free

The MMOs online (MMORPG) are gaining popularity with the passage of time and one of the most successful, has been Dofus. This title introduces users in a medieval fantasy world where, having designed our character, you should seek adventure, confronting all kinds of enemies.

Have fun in a MMORPG in a medieval fantasy world

The game features a graphic paragraph very carefully (With very attractive scenery and characters), a curious turn-based combat system (unusual in such games) and many characters to interact, from merchants or blacksmiths, to doctors or sorcerers, which will help us overcome each of the challenges we will be raised.

Being a virtual world that we can walk freely, we will be the ones who decide which quests to accept or not, thus outlining the skills and history of our character.

Discover one of the free games online role more successfully downloading and installing Dofus on your PC.

Download Plants vs. Zombies (Game of the Year Edition) for PC – Free

One such strategy games Tower Defense which has caused more sensation has been Plants vs. zombies. On the one hand by the always entertaining style of play, where we have to manage time and resources to stop the waves of enemies who want to destroy us. On the other, by the furor that causes everything that has to do with zombies, undead, no dead people or whatever you call.

IOS version for iPhone and iPad or APK for Android smartphones or tablets, has managed to be a very popular game. How could it be otherwise, the PC version has not been left behind and bring your garden warfare the Windows desktop to We cultivate our garden with plants that stop the waves of zombies we want to absorb us brains.

Botany was never so important to keep you alive.

How to play Plants vs. Zombies?

The gameplay is very simple. You just have to strategically distribute your plants, trees and flowers on the garden area so that these begin to carry out their defensive work against waves of zombies who want to reach your door. Yes, you should bear in mind that you will have to put each of them in different ways that follow these, otherwise they lose their effectiveness.

But it's not as simple as putting plants and you're ... you're gonna have to take into account the time because of this it depends on your ability to accumulate sun units you help plant vegetables; each requires a certain amount of light so accumulate sun will be one of your priorities.

key features

The game features a number of features and functions that make your fun does not fail:

  • They are 49 different types of plants you'll find at your disposal as you progress and superes levels. Each has a function and a different capacity destruction.
  • 26 types of zombies: From the simplest advancing as you see young people leave the club at 8 am, even the most sophisticated that will really test your skills as a gardener against the holocaust of the undead.
  • 4 different game modes: Adventure levels to overcome one after another, minigames, puzzles and survival, where you will face a continuous wave enemies and endless mode.

Note that the game, like all tower-defense, It is progressive difficulty. That is, starting with simple levels and knowing you practice each of the defensive units at your fingertips. However, sooner than you expect, you will begin to demand more and more with hordes of enemies can become particularly burdensome if you do not manage your resources well and defenses.

Combat an invasion of zombies with plants in your garden


Combat an invasion of zombies with plants in your garden