Download ChromePlus ( – Free

Google Chrome is undoubtedly one of The most ambitious projects by Google, as well as one of the ones That is generating the best results, Because it's a quick and stable browser, With practical functions.

ChromePlus is a That is totally browser based on Google Chrome, With the major difference but adding Certain features of the browser That developed by Google Lacks, like the IE-Tab (An add-on to view the web pages as if We were browsing With Internet Explorer), to mouse gesture system With Which We Can Control the browser, and new functions for the context menu.

Another improvement included is the improved tab management, That we'll be able to close with a double-click, or drag freely into or out of another window.

If you like the speed and stability of Google Chrome, but you miss some of the features That We Have Previously Mentioned when it comes to browsing the Internet, download ChromePlus right now.

Graph TV Online – Free

For any seriéfilo it is attractive to know the interest aroused their favorite television series. graph TV It is a tool that collects this data and makes popularity Using the feedback of users Internet Movie Database (IMDb).

Find out at a glance what are the best episodes and seasons.

In graph TV can check what has been the trend of a particular season or the entire series. If this has been a regular, Both as for well and for worse, the lines representing the trend tend to horizontality. Instead, the more irregular it will tend to verticality due to the disparity in scores between chapters. all this information will be represented by a graph whose axes represent the number of chapters and scored.


  • Graphical representation Popularity trends chapters of a series.
  • Ability to show the competa trend for a series or seasons.
  • self-scalable representation or on a scale of 0 to 10.
  • Option to print the graph or download JPG, PNG, PDF and SVG.
  • Shortcuts to the lists of chapters Wikipedia and IMDb.

Check the quality evolution of a series of visually by graph TV.

Apps to train the brain and memory. Really Work?

Brain Games, applications to train the mind

The legitimacy of the applications and games train the brain and memory staggers (again) after fine of two million imposed by the Federal Trade Commission US Lumos Labs by misleading advertising Lumosity your application. This authority has concluded that "the application takes advantage of the fears of users to related cognitive decline with age, and suggests that their games could avoid memory loss, dementia or even Alzheimer's", As detailed in its official statement, so now you have to face this huge fine.

Lumosity, the scam that fed our ego

Games known as "Brain games" or "brain training"(In Spain under slogans such as mental challenge, mental training and brain exercise), have not been scientifically proven benefits of their good intentions and the American FTC has decided to pay more attention, so that companies with products of this type are We have to take better care of their claims. Basically they will have to stop lying with impunity.

Lumosity, designed by neuroscientistsLumosity, designed by neuroscientists

Surely we all remember the boom of Nintendo's Brain Traning Dr. Kawashima (Nintendo DS), measuring the age of our brain and challenged us every day to overcome our brands. Nevertheless, improve a game It does not have to have a real impact on improving our intellect (or better in school and avoid cognitive decline associated with age, according to Lumosity), and this is what advertising of these applications can not recognize, and hide in inconclusive scientific research empty and appointments.

Lumosity is a leader in the science of brain training

Another thing is that these apps are fun virtual homeopathy, and that pique our competitive and overcoming mood (commonly known as "chopped"). They are. The important thing is that when we use a product, the developer try not to lie to get us, is that lots of these games abundance what they are to amuse to many people. Promises of a younger brain apart, these are some of the best applications for Android phones and iPhone presented as mental challenges to add to our daily routines, which could be in the crosshairs of the FTC soon if we do not change some their proclamations.


We started this list with the very Lumosity (in Spanish), the application indicated by the FTC. It consists of 40 mini memory and logic to train specific areas such as response speed, memory or attention. In addition, according to a first test session, the application will design a customized program for day to day that we see our progress in different sections. On their website we read it "leader in the science of brain training".

Other alternatives for brain training cheat the brain

Fit Brains Trainer

Fit Brains Trainer, with over 150 different exercisesFit Brains Trainer, with over 150 different exercises

Another app for Android and iPhone that sells "scientific Endorsements" and a "performance improvement program Brain" is Fit Brain Trainer (in Spanish), an application taken as a game, we will enjoy 150 different activities that challenge our reflexes, our mental agility and our concentration. Among its mini are the couples do, memorize series or match objects with their silhouettes.

Download free for Android Fit Brains
Fit BrainsAndroid
to download

Download free for iPhone Fit Brains
Fit Brains5.0.2iPhone
to download

Unlock Your Brain

Unlock Your Brain challenges us to change our phone unlock screen by a series of mathematical operations, that once resolved, they unlocked. The application also features a training mode to improve statistics improvements in logical thinking and math boasting the app.

Unlock Your Brain free download for Android

Unlock Your Brain1.46




to download

NeuroNation- brain exercise

NeuroNation - activities memory, concentration and intelligenceNeuroNation - activities memory, concentration and intelligence

NeuroNation is "designed" to improve memory, concentration and intelligence, and its interface are not lacking in references to "ongoing investigations" of a "scientifically proven effectiveness" (Which seems to contradict, or have been carried out and proven, or is being investigated to try to prove it). Anyway, we can have fun with the challenges unite couples, calculate coins, find the missing object or classic shadow play, which will return us yield values ​​in concentration, memory and deduction.

NeuroNation free download for Android
to download

Download free for iPhone NeuroNation
to download

Brain Wars

Brain Wars demonstrates that these challenges multiply your fun team. It is a similar application to the rest only adds the multiplayer element. With more than 10 types of games, we can challenge our friends in mini-games math or matchmaking.

Download Brain Wars free for Android

Brain Wars1.0.56




to download

Elevate - Brain Training

Elevate - Work on your writing skills, reading and mathElevate - Work on your writing skills, reading and math

Elevate is more complex, and offers More specific minigames that will test our knowledge of language, our agility at the time of face reading or our ability to conciseness. Yes, it is that all these challenges are in English. We also found mathematics exercises that we will have fewer problems with language. Both iPhone and Android.

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Download Olympus Master (2.30) – Free

Olympus Master program is an ideal place to be used together with a photo camera, it offers the user Because the Possibility to manage all the captured images, edit the file and convert photoss Between different formats, Among many other options.

The program Integrates everything that's Necessary to organize the photos in albums or folders (by date, events, theme ...) Automatically create panoramic views from a collection of files, Develop RAW files, edit images (from modifying Their size to Applying artistic filters) and send them by email, in a single interface, That is very appealing, practical and customizable by Means of skins.

Also it has a tool you can With Which Automatically fix an image, That is really something practical for Those users are not familiar That very With This application.

The program includes a series of tutorials, thanks to Which we can learn how to use each of the functions That it includes.

If you want to get hold of an application That has all the tools Necessary to organize, manage and Improve Your photos, download Olympus Master.

Download SWAT 4 for PC – Free

Surely in more than one movie, seeing the SWAT team you thought: I could do better. Many grenades and a couple of shots and the movie and have the finished scene. But you think there's a better way. Well, now you're gonna get to show it.

You are commanded by a SWAT team (Special Weapons and Tactics), Is you say, are in charge of the hostages, the money in the casino or the US president out unscathed from the situation in which they find themselves. Not a single scratch for you, or for people who have to rescue or defend, because this is a realistic game, and in SWAT 4, as in real life, a bullet kills.

The SWAT team is one of the specialized groups Special resolve conflicts, such as robbery with hostages in which the dialogue has failed or even making buildings where there are holed up terrorists. Your mission will lose the least possible lives with huge quantity of arms They supply. Not an easy task when you consider that SWAT 4 It is the game realistic action more accurate than there. In its creation they have even participated real SWAT agents, which has got an atmosphere and depth hardly surmountable.

This demo lets you play one level of the single player campaign, but It includes a quick editor to create our own games.

Download Onverse (Beta) for PC – Free

Second Life He marked a before and after in what games "social" It refers, as permitted create a "virtual self" with which to lead a parallel life to our network and can customize our character, participate in any event, build our house or even buy all sorts of goods.

onverse lands in the world of PC games with the same intention, become an alternative way of relating, allowing create an avatar and become everything you want in a virtual world.

We can communicate with any character with which we are using a simple chat. It is also possible to participate in all kinds of events or games with any other user onverse. We will also have the opportunity to buying a home to which we can have any of our contacts.

Delve into a world of shopping, leisure, dance halls and a lot of people I socialize, thanks to onverse.

Download Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (1.3.1) Android – Free

The fertile universe of Final Fantasy has given him different titles that have made this saga in one of the most reputable among RPG games. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a new release for smartphones and tablets a novel game system from previous versions.

An RPG based on Final Fantasy

You can experience fighting in which the strategy is particularly important and which tell the legendary heroes of the saga. An adventure in which not without danger explore exotic locations.

Download the APK and enjoy Final Fantasy from another point of view.

  • Game with a long history.
  • strategic battles that combine magical abilities and tactical moves.
  • Vast world to explore.
  • Story worked script.


Download JPEG to PDF (3.7) – Free

JPEG to PDF It is a useful application with which we can Convert JPEG images to PDF very quickly and easily. If you need your images are PDF files so they can not be easily modified, this tool is perfect. Images can be manipulated through any image editor. With JPEG to PDF You get that they can not be modified and are in a format that keeps all the quality of the image, such as PDF.

One of the advantages of JPEG to PDF is that It requires no installation and is very simple to use. First we need to add the images you want to convert. JPEG to PDF It supports various image formats: JPEG, JP2, J2K, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF, EMF and WMF. Then we can choose the page size and margins will be between the image and the end of the document. We can also set whether the image will be placed centered or in the upper left corner. And we just have to click on Save PDF and JPEG to PDF will convert the images.

JPEG to PDF also create a single PDF file with all images, or a PDF for each image.

If you need to send lots of pictures by email, a good option is to send them all into a single PDF. To do this, free download JPEG to PDF.

Download Ferrari Virtual Race for PC – Free

Any lover of motorsports would be happy to get into a Ferrari. And now this dream may be fulfilled by half Ferrari Virtual Race, a racing game created by the own brand of Maranello that puts you at the controls of many of the flagship car of the team.

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, 612 Scaglietti, 430 Scuderia ... Blessed problem will have to select the racing car you want to drive. In Ferrari Virtual Race you offer a wide variety of sports cars created by Ferrari. This official game of the team will show you how to drive a Ferrari and how they behave on the road. Everything from the PC without driving license and very important, without spending cost prohibitive prices these cars.


  • Fulfills a dream: driving a Ferrari.
  • Racing game developed by the popular car brand.
  • Win races, earn points and unlock new cars and tracks.

A car well worth some graphics like these

This is Ferrari. Thus graphics should be just as shocking that any model brand. The sense of speed should be perfect and recreation competitions delightful. And so it is.

Although Ferrari Virtual Race It is not a commercial game, its creators have made every effort to honor the brand, so you enjoy a sublime graphics that recreate every detail of the circuits and cars. Neither the sound of a Ferrari is the same as your old utility: if you have a good sound system, enjoy the symphony of engine revs.

Discharge Ferrari Virtual Race free, the Ferrari racing simulator. Leads the best racing cars of the Italian brand at full speed and test your skill.

Car Racing Ferrari


Car Racing Ferrari

Download Far Cry for PC – Free

Far Cry It is a game of first-person war with stunning graphics that develops in an idyllic paradise in the South Pacific. The strategy and tactics you use will be key to fulfilling the tasks assigned successfully.

Hostages on board

Jack Carver, a businessman dedicated to yacht charter with a dark past, is commissioned to carry Valerie Constantine to a mysterious and unexplored island. Everything changes when a group of mercenaries takes control of the boat and crew captures both.

Features Far Cry

  • First person shooter.
  • High quality graphics.
  • phases 20.
  • 5 difficulty different.
  • 16 weapons and 7 vehicles.
  • enemies with Advanced artificial intelligence.
  • It includes a level editor.
  • offers multiplayer with several game modes.

If you're into tactical action games Far Cry you will not be disappointed. Thanks to an intense history and some stunning graphics you'll spend hours glued to the computer screen trying to escape your captivity and solve the mysteries surrounding the plot. Discharge Far Cry PC!

Download Gboard – Keyboard Google Android – Free

The keyboard of your mobile is where you communicate with your colleagues and the starting point from which every interaction, whether social or not start. It is important that you handle yourself well with him and is comfortable, or the way you express yourself is ... well, poor.

Google, as always, is put in place of its users and solve their problems and needs even before they arise. Gboard - Google Keyboard is no exception, offering a lot of resources so we can do all these important baloney from our terminal with all facilities.

Gboard includes everything that you like Google Keyboard: speed and reliability, swiping writing, speech dictation, and integrated Google search.

But what is Gboard?

Gboard combines utilities keyboard with a mobile device used features of Google. Besides allowing us to modify according to our personal tastes and adding funds have all these possibilities:

  • Writing through the swipe.
  • Voice Dictation.
  • Find and share directly any content you can find on Google.
  • Check the weather.
  • Google Instant translator.
  • Multilingual writing in more than 120 languages.
  • Find and select emoticons very quickly.
  • Looking GIFs and share them directly.
  • Copy and paste very easily.
  • Place your keyboard where you are most comfortable.
  • Reduce the size of the keyboard to type with one hand.
  • Leave the numeric keys always visible.

Sounds good? If you do not have this app on your mobile, go to Play Store to install the APK. And you can forget about creating a custom dictionary, because the algorithm Google will "learning" as you use it and it will adapt to your language and your regular expressions. You can even synchronize multiple devices in your custom dictionary.

Removing Gboard

If you've tried and does not convince you, the easiest way is to uninstall it. But if you want to keep bedroom in case, you just have to play in the button in the lower right corner: There you have keyboards available and can always return to the default keyboard that came on your device will be deployed.

The world's fastest keyboard.

¿Gboard vs Swiftkey?

Both options are very similar, but Google takes Gboard behind. This means that if you really going to take advantage of Google tools (direct search, translator, share content search, etc.), your personal choice should be clear.


Download GoldWave (5.67) – Free

only installing GoldWave you can start to realize how powerful it can be. This simple program is able to play a sound file in every way you can think, back, fast, slow... In addition, it is possible to take advantage recording any sound from different sources then remixing, ie, almost anything you can do with audio files can be done with this software.

Once installed GoldWave It allows edit songs, cut parts, remixing or include any of the 12 effects available to the program. In addition, being a software that can record from any source possible spend vinyl to digital format.

Of course, as in any similar software, display spectrum songs much of the role it takes in the interface, since this way is much easier to detect any problems, isolate a tone or see if an effect has caused the changes needed.

Among the formats supported GoldWave to edit or convert files, find AFC, AU, AIFF, MP3, VOC, WAV and SND, as well as ability to rip CD's.

Last moments of dozens of wrecked planes in an online archive

The fuselage of a plane crash

Unfortunately, every year jumps to the front page of the news some kind of plane crash, either as lesser magnitude occurred in Sevilla barely three weeks ago or incidents that make rivers of ink, as the event Germanwings plane in the Alps.

After these unfortunate accidents, and certification of the tragedy, always an imperative arises: retrieve the black boxes to clarify the causes of the accident. These boxes, which Black has recently recorded the activity of the flight instruments and conversations taking place in the cockpit between the pilots, therefore, the last minutes or seconds of recordings and recorded data, which are essential for understanding how the accident occurred.

The black boxes of the aircraft are not black, but orangeThe black boxes of the aircraft are not black, but orange / Lwp Kommunikáció edited CC 2.0 license

Well, a website called tailstrike, English name that receives the impact of the plane's tail against the track at the time of takeoff or landing, is responsible for collecting on a database transcripts from black boxes some of the largest air tragedies of the past 50 years.

Transcripts of 157 incidents occurring between 1962 and 2013

Before you set yourself to look, we can say that yet It does not include the transcribed texts of the most recent air accidents. Still we have to wait a few years to know exactly the contents of the black box Germanwings Flight 9525 between Barcelona and Dusseldorf, for example, despite a host of false rumors and leaks.

Cockpit recordings, containing highly sensitive information, follow a very strict regulations regarding disclosure times, and rarely made public until after a while more than reasonable, unlike other data. It is therefore no wonder not find transcripts of the most recent accidents.

The Airbus A320 fated Germanwings in March 2015The Airbus A320 fated Germanwings in March 2015 / Sebasiten Mortier edited CC 2.0 license

See also: 3,000 meters fall can not with a GoPro

Of course, every year the boys from tailstrike added to your database the transcripts of the claims that are made public. Thus, the web and incorporates 157 full transcripts of air accidents produced since 1962, with the 771 Alitalia incident linking Sydney to Rome until 2013.

In addition to the transcripts, available for online reading and download in PDF, perhaps the most morbid part of the web, tailstrike offers the curious full story of how occurred each of the accidents described, putting the reader in context to understand what happened.

Six examples of transcripts found in tailstrike

Among the 157 transcripts found on the web are members of some of the most notorious air accident in history.

Tenerife disaster (1977)

Pan Am plane was one of those involved in the disasterPan Am plane was one of those involved in the disaster / Eduard Marmet edited licensed CC 3.0

In March 1977 came the worst aviation accident in history to date. Two Boeing 747s collided on runway of Tenerife Los Rodeos airport, leaving a balance of 583 deaths, representing the highest figure so far. You can read the transcript of the black boxes here.

Japan Airlines 123 (1985)

Japan Airlines aircraft involved in the incidentJapan Airlines aircraft involved in the incident / Harmac60 edited licensed CC 3.0

The second most serious air disaster in history occurred in August 1985 on a domestic flight between the Japanese cities of Tokyo and Osaka. The cabin decompression suffered nothing more off and ended up crashing into the mountainous area with Takamangahara a total of 505 fatalities. The transcript here.

TWA 800 (1996)

TWA plane that ended siniestrándoseTWA plane that ended siniestrándose / Eduard edited Mamet licensed CC 3.0

As the number of victims, the TWA 800 flight between New York and Rome is not among the most important air tragedies, but it had great media coverage. In July 1996, the plane carrying 230 people He exploded over the Atlantic Ocean, the remains of it falling into the water. You can read the transcript here.

Air France Concorde (2000)

In July 2000 there was one of the most famous and surreal air crashes in history. An Air France Concorde had left Paris towards New York crashed into a hotel in a suburb of the French capital, dying all passengers and crew. You can find the transcript first and only air crash this plane model Supersonic here.

Air France 447 (2009)

The ill-fated Airbus 330 in 2009The ill-fated Airbus 330 in 2009 / Pawel Kierzkowski edited CC 3.0 license

Just Today marks 6 years of the plane crash of Air France 447. On June 1, 2009, an Airbus 330 operating between Rio de Janeiro and Paris carrying 216 passengers and 12 crew crashed into the Atlantic because of the freezing of one of the sensor systems of the ship. The conversation took place in the cockpit can be found here.

Polish Air Force (2010)

Tupolev wreckage of the Polish Air ForceTupolev wreckage of the Polish Air Force / Bartosz Staszewski edited CC 2.5 license

One of the most media plane crashes in recent times (of already recorded in the database tailstrike) is held in April 2010. The Tupolev Tu-154 Polish Air Force crashed in Russia due a very low visibility conditions, while carrying senior Polish political office, including the President of the nation, Lech Kaczynski, and his wife, among the 96 fatalities. The transcript of the black box here.

jwplayerLoad function () {
} Alexander Novarro edited CC 3.0 license

Privalia Online (Spanish) – Free

When you're buying is usually try to catch the best deals. Can you imagine then be able to enjoy the best prices without having to leave your home? Well Sign in Privalia and it is part of a private online shopping club.

Private shopping club and exclusive

Privalia It offers its members, whose membership is free, deals on top brands with discounts up to 70%. Its catalog is formed mainly by fashion products for woman, man and child, though you can also find a wide selection of items of all kinds such as household items, sports or technology. With Delivery of your order delivery and simple refund system if you were not satisfied with your purchase, Privalia has become one of the leading online shopping.

In Privalia you'll find top brands at the best prices.


  • online private shopping club.
  • Exclusive offers up to 70% off in leading brands.
  • Security Guarantee buying.
  • Simple refund system.
  • Alert system Partner.
  • Bonuses for inviting friends.

Sign in Privalia and buy top brands at the best prices.

Download Nmap (7.31) – Free

When perform a network audit and analyze which ports are used each team one of the best tools that can be used is Nmap, one program that is used from the Command Line, but which it is distributed with its own frontend or GUI (Graphic User Interface): Zenmap.

Easily discover the weaknesses of your network

The main idea behind Nmap and Zenmap is to detect the status of all ports of a network, so that after entering the IP from any computer in the network the user can find out which ports are open and which are closed.

At the same time, Nmap as well tracks the services are active It analyzed on the computer, so it can be ascertained what is being used. Similarly, Nmap can provide the user with data about the operating system which it is installed on the target computer and which version you have (a technique known as Fingerprinting because it is like taking a fingerprint of the computer).

Become an expert in security audit.

As a curiosity it is noteworthy that Nmap It has been used to a greater or lesser extent in a few Hollywood movies, creating an appearance in Matrix Reloaded a stir on the net.

Therefore, if you want find out what your weaknesses has computer network, you only have to to download Nmap free.