Clona and falsifies web pages Clone Zone


If you could write anywhere you wanted, what would you write? Now you can resolve the doubt, more or less, Clone Zone. It is a web application that allows Clone web pages and modify its contents completely, including images that you can upload from your PC.

The complexity of the process of creating web clones will depend on how elaborate you want to make the replica, based on three steps:

  • Select a web to clone (articles, blog posts, pages ...).
  • Edit where you can write your own text and upload new images.
  • Cloned share the page with anyone using a single URL.

How to clone a website with Clone Zone?

Enter the URL

At the top of the tool you have a box where you enter the URL of the web to be cloned. Ideally it a blog or news sites. A page with lots of multimedia content might not work too well.

Modifies headlines and text

Now it has opened to you the web that will be changed. Pinches see that as any section highlights it and then you can start writing. You can copy and paste freely.

replaces images

You can also replace images easily. You just need to click on any of them and upload them from your computer or, if you prefer, use the Google search engine that integrates images Clone Zone.

Save and share

Finally just you have to choose a URL, edit its title and description and select an image to share.

We have chiquitizado Malavida

To test how this works Clone Zone We have used a invaluable tool: Chiquito Ipsum. This generates web content writing as would a Lorem Ipsum any style but much more because it's like if I did Chiquito de la Calzada.

Malavida cloneMalavida clone

The result can be seen here too. Not that this change will happen to the annals of web design, but go, everything is put ... Yes, to save websites and generate links will have to register as a user (free).

Fever: who wants to go to the movies for free?

Fever: who wants to go to the movies for free? - figure 4

If you live in Valencia, Madrid or New York and still do not know Fever, surely you pay for going to the movies. If you have a Smartphone, You cinephile and want to save, then you'll want to keep reading. A few months ago I got this app on my phone because I was told that I would go to the movies for 1 €. Since then, I have seen six films for less than 2 €. What how I did it? Follow these ten steps (based on my six experiences) and end up paying no price doliéndote caviar popcorn.

    Fever: who wants to go to the movies for free? - image 8

  1. Before going to the mess, I'll explain briefly What is it Fever. It is a mobile application (available for iOs Y Android) That lets you find and attend events in your city: from going to the movies for a snack at a coffee shop or practicing Zumba. I've only used to go to the movies. When you check in Fever (through Facebook or email), you have to choose three interests (among many). Select "cinema" and complete your profile. In "discount coupons" you'll see a turquoise circle with a sad zero and a case code numbers below. If you have reached Fever It is (almost certainly) because a friend has recommended it you. If you do not know the code for anyone because you've reached the app Thanks to this article, then uses the JAVIERA186 code, which is mine. When inserted, your zero is converted to 5 €. That easy. Now, when you navigate between the different events that appear based on your interests, you look to buy a movie ticket you have to go to the announcement of a particular film. You will several times a day, and you can only view plans for "today", "tomorrow" and "after".
  2. Fever: who wants to go to the movies for free? - image 7

  3. "But I want to see The Hobbit and I get no ", you are thinking. Nothing happens, do not panic. Choose any movie, Whichever. Yes: it must be within the established timetable (today, tomorrow or later, you can not buy a ticket to go to the movies within fifteen days). In announcing any film you will see the title of it and below schedule, cinemas where the project (see item 5) and the price paid (6.1 €).
  4. "But you want to see The Hobbit at 19:00, not 22:50, "you think now. No problem. The announcement tells you a reference time, but you can choose the schedule that interests you when you go to redeem the entry into the lockers.
  5. You've chosen "Night at the Museum" at 22:50, for example (but then you'll see "The Hobbit" at 19:00 in VOSE), purchasing the entrance (just ask you card number and expiration date) and send you an email with a code. The email you entered is entering Fever or that is associated with your account Facebook. And your first ticket purchased Fever You just cost 1.1 €. Do you think expensive for the fuss? @ Tranquil, you can go free. Just to convince people that they should lower their app and enter your code. When they do, they will give 1 € per person to enter your code to 5 € more if they buy a plan. If, for example convince one person (your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your father, your mother, your grandfather or whoever), just one, and you will have 5 € initial you got to put my code (or who I advised him), 1 € to convince that person (that will put your code) and another 5 € if you buy something (thanks to you). Therefore, you already have 11 € in your account. Now when you buy a ticket, even if you put your card data, they will not take away anything, not a penny, and you still have 4.9 € for future purchases.
  6. Fever: who wants to go to the movies for free? - image 2

  7. The first time I went to the movies with Fever I not convinced anyone and I paid the ten euro. It is important to say that you can only watch movies in Yelmo cinemas. No more cinemas to collaborate with Fever. Once you have purchased your ticket, you turn to the Yelmo cinemas, you go up the escalator and once up, there is a dreadful queue are 18:50, "The Hobbit" begins in ten minutes and I still do not have the entry!
  8. When it's finally your turn, you open your email and will dictate the ten-digit code the woman with glasses box office. Wait, before confessing the code, what is better to say? I recommend you start with: "Hello, I have a code Fever". Then you will say, "What movie?". Although you bought "Night at the Museum" (something that should never confess), you say: "The Hobbit at 19:00, please" and will dictate the code. You probably say that is one place in line 3. Damn. You'll Gandalf eat potatoes, not popcorn. You know for next time: if you buy a ticket with Fever, you will touch go to redeem your ticket at the box office the sooner the better.
  9. Fever: who wants to go to the movies for free? - image 6

  10. When I swapped first entry, I could do it, in turn, for these films I saw on different days. For example, I went on a Saturday to redeem an entry that already had "bought" for Sunday and did not put me any hits. I was alone again and said two codes (mine and a friend who could not come to redeem its entry), and there was no problem. Not now. Now just give you one entry per person to physically go to the ticket office to dictate their code and, if they like you and teach them the email confirmation of the person who is not, perhaps you give your input. It often happens that your friend is parked and you, to gain time, you're redeeming your input. You know: you forward your email, just in case. And now you can only go the same day, and the box office open at 17:00. You can not redeem tickets for a different day than today. Or if? It depends on what majo and maja to be the rate at the box office. That's my reflection after six films exchanged with Fever in Yelmo. Go two hours before the start of "The Hobbit" and you find around (or ten) by Decathlon.
  11. Regarding the end of paragraph 6: even though you're redeeming the entrance and the film has already started ... tranquil @! The movie has not started yet! Always put ads ad nauseam and movies start with a delay of a quarter of an hour, minimum. The Yelmo are not a chain of Swiss cinemas. Take it easy.
  12. You've gone once the film has left you free and your girlfriend has cost 1.1 € (because she put your code, and you first bought later). If you feel bad, you can pay half (55 cents) or ask her popcorn. At the end you'll be expensive ... Next time, you still have 4.9 € (11 € that started at the expense of your naive girlfriend) and entry will cost € 1.2 (because, let us not forget, all movie tickets Fever always worth 6,1 €). But you can convince friends, or uncles, or grandparents, or cousins, and get free eurillos. Of the six times I've gone I, the first is the only time I paid € 1.1; fifth, 40 cents. The second, third, fourth and sixth time: free. One who has friends!
  13. Fever: who wants to go to the movies for free? - picture 3

  14. You have run out of friends and turquoise circle is zero ranker. I confess a trick: you can create an email account, immediately afterwards make an account of Facebook new (With that email), log in Fever and reentering the newly created account Facebook. Put the code of your girlfriend (or mine) and ... you've got (again) your top 5 €! Why pay 7 € or more when you can go for free or for just over 1 €? Do not try to enter Fever with another email account, because it does not work; Fever Just click if you enter a Facebook different.

If you still want to go to the "free" movies, you are passionate about gymkhanas Y Fever continues to maintain working relationships with Yelmo cinemas, I suggest you try it fully. I say it's worth. If you get to step 8 (you've only gone once and you have forgotten some Fever) And spend a few weeks, the app will send you a notice telling you: "Do not you feel like going to the movies? Hurry up, otherwise your credit will expire. " Do not make them much attention to me I have never expired.

CyanogenMod vs. Cyanogen OS, what is the difference?

CyanogenMod vs. Cyanogen OS, what is the difference?

If you are Android fans safe world that, sometime in your life, you will have heard the word CyanogenMod. This little word refers to one of the most famous third-ROMs Android, intended to replace the operating system to smartphones come standard to give them a second life or improve performance. Moreover, and so far few years ago, we Cyanogen OS, which he came with OnePlus One and now we see more and more. However, they are not at all the same, despite being developed by the same "business". What differences are there? Why are there two systems and not just one?

Before you begin, let's clarify some terminology

To write this article we will use a terminology that not everyone knows. Therefore the first thing to do is to know the terms and then already, we will further the merits that concerns us in this article.

  • ROM: Is a file format generally -comprimido .zip- that basically contains all data on the operating system that will be installed. It can be found in other formats such as .tot.

  • ROM stock: Is the version of Android that is installed by the manufacturer.

  • modified ROM: It is an alternative version of the operating system manufacturer, created by the community and seeks to add features or improve performance.

  • Layer Customization: Each manufacturer gets Android and modifies following lines design, giving it a different look and more functions. This modification is the personalization layer (TouchWiz UX, Sense ...).

  • pure Android: The appearance of Android default. A Nexus phone, for example, has Android pure, with an appearance unmodified by a manufacturer.

  • bloatware: Applications preinstalled by the manufacturer looking to add features or replace Google applications (applications operator or manufacturer). Generally you can not be uninstalled.

  • AOSP: acronym for Android Open Source Project refers to the project led by Google Android that seeks to maintain and develop it. Basically, it is the source code of Android that is not modified by any manufacturer.

  • Root or root: It is equivalent to administrator in Windows, and basically allows the user to modify the system, which is blocked by default by the manufacturer.

  • Recovery modified: It is an alternative recovery menu which allows, among other things, to back up the operating system, format the phone and install ROMs or modified applications.

What is CyanogenMod?

CyanogenMod 13 is based on Android MarshmallowCyanogenMod 13 is based on Android Marshmallow

As we discussed in this article, CyanogenMod is a alternative version of Android based on AOSP which seeks to combat obsolescence phones and tablets with Android ROMs creating pure for the vast majority of smartphones. That way, even if your phone is old, you can still enjoy operating system updates and security patches, giving a new second life and allowing not have to change phone every so little time.

Being an open source version, no bloatware, and also Anyone can catch your source code and make your own version of CyanogenMod. The problem is that having so many different terminals, it is impossible to get a stable version at the same time, so to be launched Daily updates that fix bugs and add functions.

To install CyanogenMod on a phone we are forced to become user root and install a modified recovery which allows us to make modifications to the system. This is one of the biggest handicaps of this famous ROM: for install You have to do some operations that will void the warranty and they are not safe-for the Middle- user.

CyanogenMod launches daily updates to correct error and improve safetyCyanogenMod launches daily updates to correct error and improve safety

The main obstacle in the development of CyanogenMod, especially with high-end phones is that many of the drivers are private, that is, they are not accessible to CyanogenMod or community, which makes high-end terminals lose functions -For example, if you install CyanogenMod on the LG G3, you can not use the infrared sensor, because the drivers are private and LG does not want liberarlos-.

CyanogenMod began collaborating with different companies (bq, OnePlus, Alcatel ..) to lAnzar their phones with their own version of the operating system -as an alternative to Google- but companies do not like or that there are failures in the system or that they can not install their own applications (Bloatware) on their phone (something that goes against the idiosyncrasies of CyanogenMod). There arises Cyanogen OS.

What is Cyanogen OS?

The OnePlus One was the first terminal to have factory-installed Cyanogen OSThe OnePlus One was the first terminal to have factory-installed Cyanogen OS / Maurizio Pesce edited CC 2.0 license

At the request of the companies, CyanogenMod was forced to launch stable versions of its operating system, but closed, not open source. That way, you can not access the source code of these versions and the manufacturer can install applications on the system while in CyanogenMod can be uninstalled in Cyanogen OS no.

On the other hand, when a company uses to install Android on their handsets, Google requires your -Maps, Google+, Drive ... applications - are installed next to the applications that the manufacturer wants to install. Cyanogen OS, tol being independent of Google, does not carry these applications installed, but all that the manufacturer wants. It also has an alliance with Microsoft, and install some proprietary applications, but are options.

Finally, while CyanogenMod is the organization itself that draws the updates in Cyanogen OS, is the manufacturer which updates the terminal, which it gives, in a sense, a life on the phone, something that goes against the original philosophy of CyanogenMod.

Cyanogen OS is the commercial version of CyanogenMod

We can say that Cyanogen OS It arises from the need for CyanogenMod to become commercial. In fact, one can not live without the other. CyanogenMod needs funding to continue its development and ideas needed Cyanogen OS Android Community and the development of CyanogenMod to continue to exist. The commercial version does not exist without the open source version and the free version could not continue without Cyanogen OS. Whiting that bites the tail.

It is interesting also that if you have a phone with Cyanogen OS, you can install and set aside CyanogenMod version manufacturer, something that many people do not have to be tied to a company and the life of your terminal does not depend on the profit or loss of a company.

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How to use a QR code to share a WiFi network

QR code scanning

Today we use wireless connections for everything. The cable seems to be falling into disuse except frank and honorable few exceptions, and since a good portion of domestic electronic devices are connected without using wired ports. For example, we can listen to music through speakers or Bluetooth headset. When we are on the street, your smartphone connects to the Internet using wireless networks. Moreover, indoors our phones are connected to the network through the use of a WiFi access point. In this access point other household devices are also concentrated, such as laptops and tablets.

These WiFi networks are identified by an SSID and password protected. These elements are essential to access the Internet through one of them, and it is common for our friends ask us when they come to visit us. Now if you have a secure password difficult to remember, then it can be a problem. To resolve this is the best QR codes use.

Share your WiFi password with QR codes, the best way

As we have already mentioned, suppose you are a person aware of the security risks involved have a weak password for your WiFi. When someone asks for your password is surely a muddle give it, and having to find a balance between easy to remember and secure It can be tricky. If you follow the steps we are going to give you in this guide you will not have to worry about finding that balance anymore.

Creating the QR code on the web and download

QR Code GeneratorQR Code Generator

For create the QR code let's turn to the web QR Code Generator, which will allow us to generate codes for different necessities: enter a web, access a document, an identity card, an event or a WiFi password.

Click the lock icon you see on the screen and direct you to options to create a QR code that points to a wireless network. You will see that there are different fields: the type of encryption key, the network SSID and password. Fill in the three fields as appropriate:

  • In Encryption you must specify whether your encryption key is WPA or WEP. Generally this can be known by looking under the router.
  • SSID / Network Name you have to enter your network ID. This case is called Malavida network.
  • In Password you will need to enter the password to access the network as it appears on your router, or you have defined yourself if you've changed.

Once you have filled these fields, you'll download a JPEG or PNG image with your QR code, ready to be scanned and your friends connect to your network.

Connecting to WiFi using the QR code

The first thing you need is a smartphone Android or iPhone and application as QR Droid in the case of Android, or Scanner Zapper on iOS. As we have them downloaded, we open them and see how the camera terminal starts to operate. Put the code more or less centered on the screen and see something like this:

QR Droid after reading the connection dataQR Droid after reading the connection data

Click on Connect to the network or where appropriate, and thus we'll be connected to the WiFi network.

As you can see QR create a code and use it to share data with our friends WiFi It's very simple, and no longer you have to be thinking about finding a balance between safe and easy to remember. Worth a try.

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Popcorn Time on iPhone without jailbreak thanks to iOS Installer

iPhone installed with Popcorn Time

Until now users of iOS, unless you should do jailbreak their devices, they had to just see how Android users could seamlessly install applications to download videos or audio without restriction or to watch online movies. In the latter group includes Popcorn Time, one of the most used programs.

But some have decided to break with the restrictions Apple puts its devices for your application ecosystem is not broken. iOS Installer, in association with Popcorn Time, has just launched an installer that lets you download the app on iPhone without jailbreaking, that may compromise the integrity of the device. You can download it from here.

Popcorn Time How to Install an iPhone

Not much mystery the installation process and your team must meet a few simple requirements in addition to the installer: have instaladoi Tunes (rare is that it is not if you own an iPhone) and also if Windows that this is XP or above (rare is because a version of the previous operating system used to it).

1. Connect your device to your computer

As shown in the picture, you have to connect your iPhone to your computer.

Connect your iPhone to your computer to run iOS InstallerConnect your iPhone to your computer to run iOS Installer

2. Make the computer as reliable

The installation process will ask whether or not to trust the computer you are using the installer. Obviously you'll have to authorize you to access data from your smartphone.

Authorize your computer to access data iPhoneAuthorize your computer to access data iPhone

3. Airplane mode

Go to Settings and turn "Airplane mode" iPhone. After that you start the installation process should not take long.

Activating Airplane mode on iPhoneActivating Airplane mode on iPhone

4. Launch the application

Now that Time Popcorn is already installed you just have to launch the application. But beware, there is an important detail: you'll have to launch the application before they turned off the airplane mode.

Time Popcorn installation successfully on iPhoneTime Popcorn installation successfully on iPhone

Finally, we can see how it has taken effect the installation process and we can enjoy Popcorn Time on iPhone.

Popcorn Time running iPhonePopcorn Time running iPhone

Ready for battle: iOS vs Installer and Apple Popcorn Time

Whoever is behind the development of this installer can say that It has launched a significant challenge to Apple. We're talking about a tool that allows the installation of third party applications that had previously seen with cydia, for example. But the novelty is that, as we said at the beginning, no need to jailbreak.

Therefore it does not need to be very clever to assume that Apple has already been put to work so that future updates iOS hinder actions like this. Anyway we must also be alert to new versions since installer will not pique the interest of few developers not too satisfied with the rules of Cupertino imposed on its application store.

Just remember that both use iOS Installer as Popcorn Time is always at your own risk.

Clona et falsifie pages Web Clone Zone


Si vous pouviez écrire partout où vous vouliez, que feriez-vous écrire? Maintenant, vous pouvez résoudre le doute, plus ou moins, Zone Clone. Il est une application web qui permet pages web Clone et modifier son contenu complètement, y compris les images que vous pouvez télécharger à partir de votre PC.

La complexité du processus de création des clones Web dépendra de la façon dont vous voulez élaborer pour faire la réplique, basé sur trois étapes:

  • Sélectionnez un Web pour cloner (articles, blogs, pages ...).
  • Modifier où vous pouvez écrire votre propre texte et télécharger de nouvelles images.
  • part clonée la page avec toute personne utilisant une URL unique.

Comment cloner un site Web avec Clone Zone?

Entrez l'URL

Au sommet de l'outil que vous avez une boîte où vous entrez l'URL du Web à cloner. Idéalement, il un des sites de blog ou nouvelles. Une page avec beaucoup de contenu multimédia peut ne pas fonctionner aussi bien.

Titres et le texte modifie

Maintenant, il vous a ouvert sur le web qui sera changé. Pincées voir que toute section met en surbrillance et vous pouvez commencer à écrire. Vous pouvez copier et coller librement.

remplace les images

Vous pouvez également remplacer facilement des images. Il vous suffit de cliquer sur l'un d'eux et de les télécharger à partir de votre ordinateur ou, si vous préférez, utilisez le moteur de recherche Google qui intègre des images Clone Zone.

Enregistrer et partager

Enfin juste que vous devez choisir une URL, modifier son titre et la description et sélectionner une image à partager.

Nous avons chiquitizado Malavida

Pour tester comment cela fonctionne Zone Clone Nous avons utilisé un outil précieux: Chiquito Ipsum. Cela génère l'écriture de contenu web comme le ferait un Lorem Ipsum tous les styles, mais beaucoup plus parce qu'il est comme si je l'ai fait Chiquito de la Calzada.

clone Malavidaclone Malavida

Le résultat peut être vu ici aussi. Non pas que ce changement va se passer aux annales de la conception web, mais aller, tout est mis ... Oui, pour sauver des sites Web et générer des liens devront enregistrer en tant qu'utilisateur (Gratuit).

Zerodium, the trafficker exploits vulnerabilities buying gold price

Hack on a mobile phone

There is an underground market tools to hack anyone. The Deep Web is full of black markets where you can order hacks aimed at individuals or companies in particular. There are places in which computer exploits and discoveries of all kinds are shared. So far that space was reserved only crackers, how could it be otherwise. Now the tide may have changed. There could be external actors to this netherworld wishing to benefit from it, getting into something that could be defined as corporate hacks dealers. Such companies are not like Hacking Team, which security experts have enrolled for their purposes.

What we are talking about is a company called Zerodium, which it has come to offer large rewards for exploit zero-day. Then sells them on the open Internet, without having to go to the Dark Web to buy them.

Zerodium websiteZerodium website

Zerodium offers a million dollars for hacking an iPhone

As we have known thanks to CNN, Zerodium offered last year one million dollars through a back door that would allow remote access to an iPhone. In November 2015 he appeared a winner, a team of hackers that has not been identified.

their rewards not limited only to Apple. The range of what they are willing to pay includes the following:

  • $ 100,000 hacks for Android and Windows Phone.
  • $ 80,000 for hacks that have to do with Adobe PDF Reader and Adobe Flash.

In this sense, Zerodium functions as a digital arms dealer. You pay hackers to learn how to enter different operating systems, and then packages and sells exploits elite subscribers. We're talking about $ 500,000 a year to receive the best hacks in the mailbox of the current government, which would allow its citizens to spy on comfortably. Companies could also benefit from this as they could learn Zerodium subscribing to prepare measures against attacks and even use them for industrial espionage.

We are talking about a very controversial business model. We insist, which sells Zerodium are zero-day exploits, the favorite weapon of cyber warfare. It is very powerful hacks that exploit vulnerabilities that the system developer, application or network protocols of a company or government does not know and have not had a day to fix.

Methods to hack iPhones are paid very expensiveMethods to hack iPhones are paid very expensive

The zero-days are a weapon

As stated, that's what they think from the security firm Zimperium. Sell ​​zero-days in an open market can make Internet and gadgets we use every day are much less safe for users. There are companies like Zerodium, in fact, it is not good for long-term public.

As expected, since the company has another view. According to them, what they want is help law enforcement better tools to investigate at your service.

The history between the FBI and Apple shows the most interesting business from zero-day appearance, which is the need for government agencies to access failures unpatched to conduct investigations and saving lives (Chaouki Bekrar, CEO of Zerodium)

The same person has told CNN that the alternative is much worse, and that translates into governments requiring companies that grant unlimited access to any device through a backdoor something the FBI and asked Apple following incidents of San Bernardino. Opinaréis you do not know what, but this in my village is cynicism manual.

Zerodium CEO has gone further and has slight details about people they work with, saying that for now They limited to large companies and government organizations in the West.


Dear Researchers, we've published our full prices / bounties for # 0day Exploits:
Get big bounties, not bug bounties!

- Zerodium (@Zerodium) 18 November 2015

Zerodium against hunters bugs

What large technology companies often usually do to deal with these dangerous failures is offering rewards to those who discover. Usually it is economic incentives, which are awarded as prizes to researchers who discover a fault in a system or network. Thus two things are achieved: rewarding financially crackers so that is not compromised all the security of the company, and that a third person detects a failure for you that you just have to limit yourself to solve.

Google uses this rewards program to strengthen Android devices, and Facebook has come to pay $ 40,000 to discover a bug. Up Uber has a loyalty program designed to hackers, while United Airlines gave two security experts a million miles free flight.

These people help everyone be safer on the Internet, while the business model Zerodium only protects customers. This is forcing technology to increase the amount of their financial rewards. While it may not be a problem for Google or Apple, it's pretty big for small businesses that collaborate with some of the projects most popular open source.

Malicious software codeMalicious software code / Christiaan Colen edited licensed CC BY-SA 2.0

Further, Zerodium is not the only company selling zero-days to the highest bidder. As stated, there would be other actors involved in this business. Some of them are the arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin, the RAND Corporation and Harris Corporation, which manufactures a police phone tracking tool known as Stingray. Others like Exodus Intelligence recognize that has kept some zero-days in secret, so that your customers can use it as long as necessary before they patch it.

This could be considered evidence of questionable behavior, something very similar to the reasons why they attacked Hacking Team last year. It is starting a new arms race in cyberspace, and gives quite scary implications. You can visit the official website Zerodium this link.

10 tips to play crossy road and avoid frustration

Collage of characters crossy road

You who are near or past their thirties will remember the classic Frogger, a very frustrating game popular in the eighties it was to help a frog across a road and a river to safety.

Developers crossy road have had the idea of ​​recovering the concept of classical and put a chicken and a basket of characters more to cross roads, railroad tracks, rivers and roadsides on aesthetics 8 fun and colorful bits so beloved from smartphones invade bags and pockets of each of us. And after exceed ten million downloads, it seems that his idea has been a success.

If you think start playing this game but you want to avoid the attack of nerves, despair, frustration and even having to buy a new smartphone after stamping yours against the wall, follow the advice we give you.

If you do not planteas meditation ...

Crosses through the middle

will you have more room for maneuver and so you avoid staying locked. You can see the cars, trains and obstacles coming from further and have more reaction time. In this game, three tenths of a second can mean a record or a dismal failure.

Do not remove the sound

Most users usually remove the volume when we play with the smartphone. In addition to spending battery, usually annoying for us and for those around us. However, playing crossy road sound lets you hear the train arrive or siren of police patrols. Play volume is much easier.

Decide where you touch the screen

This game lets you touch the screen in front and behind the character. When you start playing decide what you personally find it more comfortable to not go lurching and power make sure movements. No time for questions.

A treacherous river crossy road

Play in landscape

Although usually more comfortable playing with the smartphone vertically, the field of view will be wider horizontally. You'll have to use two hands instead of one but look better and will be more prepared for the dangers that surround you.

Beware rivers

Cross rivers can be more treacherous than a high-speed train or a patrol in hot pursuit. Try to cross them on the far side of the white margins partly because, if you fail a log and longer lose the account, they will make you lose the game directly. Rapid have never been friends from no one.

Get used to counting

To not end up under the wheels of a car or stamped on the train, it is important always count the number of tracks I want to cross every moment to equal the number of touches. Take a quick account you prevent despair before you achieve your goal of the day.

Pause occasionally

This trick, quite obviously, can keep your mobile runs out of the window. Crossy road play means losing nonstop and very frustrating. And with that level of nerves it is impossible to get a record. Pause for a few minutes before resuming the game helps rabies disappear and return to play better.

Crossy road at the party

Keep your finger pressed in case of emergency

If you have made a jump that you have repented instantly, leaves very firm finger on the screen. Your chick, your elephant or your woodcutter will not move before releasing it again. It seems silly, but this rapid movement can save lives.

Choose the strategy of the game

Or you focus on taking all possible currencies or try to beat your record. While both strategies are not viable: the coins are usually in the least secure way, ergo the most difficult to move. Play games dedicated to collect coins and others to distance record and points.

Do not spend real money

Crossy road and get motivated by keeping the gifts regularly offers player. These gifts, which translates into coins and new characters to the game, are off the hook so that you continue enjoying this game. If you pay to speed up the process, you may be throwing away the illusion that the game manages to generate.

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How To Fix Firefox spellchecker

Firefox's spell checker is an important tool for those who write regularly on the Internet and especially for those users who want to be sure not to make any spelling or typographical error.

It may be that Firefox spell checker does not work. The first thing to do is check if the spellcheck is enabled in the browser. So we must go to Tools > options > Advanced and tab general see if the box is checked Check spelling as you type.


It may be that the spell checker does not work even if we keep this box checked. Chances are that a dictionary is missing. To find out we must double-click the right mouse button on any element of a web page. If the box appears on the menu Add dictionaries, It means that we lack the language dictionary in which the web is made.

In this case we have to click, choose dictionaries we need and install them. The process is the same as when you install a browser plug. Reboot and .... Voila!.

Zerodium, les trafiquants exploitent les vulnérabilités d’achat prix de l’or

Hack sur un téléphone mobile

Il y a un outil de marché souterrain de pirater tout le monde. Le Web profond regorge de marchés noirs où vous pouvez commander hacks destinés à des particuliers ou des entreprises en particulier. Il y a des endroits où les exploits informatiques et découvertes de toutes sortes sont partagées. Jusqu'à présent, cet espace était réservé seulement des biscuits, comment pourrait-il en être autrement. Maintenant, la marée peut avoir changé. Il pourrait y avoir des acteurs extérieurs à cette netherworld qui souhaitent en bénéficier, d'entrer dans quelque chose qui pourrait être défini comme Hacks entreprises concessionnaires. Ces entreprises ne sont pas comme Hacking équipe, que les experts de sécurité se sont inscrits à leurs fins.

Ce que nous parlons est une société appelée Zerodium, qu'il est venu d'offrir de grandes récompenses pour exploiter zero-day. Puis les vend sur Internet ouverte, sans avoir à passer à l'obscurité Web pour les acheter.

site Zerodiumsite Zerodium

Zerodium offre un million de dollars pour le piratage d'un iPhone

Comme nous l'avons connu grâce à CNN, Zerodium offert l'année dernière un million de dollars par une porte arrière qui permettrait l'accès à distance à un iPhone. En Novembre, il est apparu ici à 2015 un gagnant, une équipe de pirates qui n'a pas été identifié.

leurs récompenses ne se limite pas à Apple. La gamme de ce qu'ils sont prêts à payer comprend les éléments suivants:

  • 100 000 $ pour hacks Android et Windows Phone.
  • 80 000 $ pour hacks qui ont à voir avec Adobe PDF Reader et Adobe Flash.

En ce sens, Zerodium fonctionne comme un marchand d'armes numérique. Vous payez les pirates pour apprendre à entrer dans différents systèmes d'exploitation et des paquets, et Sells exploits abonnés d'élite. Nous parlons de 500 000 $ par an pour recevoir les meilleurs hacks dans la boîte aux lettres du gouvernement actuel, qui permettrait à ses citoyens d'espionner confortablement. Les entreprises pourraient également bénéficier de ce qu'ils pourraient apprendre Zerodium vous abonnant à préparer des mesures contre les attaques et même les utiliser pour l'espionnage industriel.

Nous parlons d'un modèle d'affaires très controversé. Nous insistons sur le fait, qui vend Zerodium sont exploits zero-day, l'arme préférée de la cyber-guerre. Il est très puissant hacks qui exploitent les vulnérabilités que le développeur du système, l'application ou des protocoles réseau d'une entreprise ou d'un gouvernement ne connaît pas et n'a pas eu un jour à corriger.

Les méthodes pour pirater les iPhones sont payés très cherLes méthodes pour pirater les iPhones sont payés très cher

Les zéro jours sont une arme

Comme il est indiqué, c'est ce qu'ils pensent de l'entreprise de sécurité Zimperium. Vendre zéro jours dans un marché ouvert peut faire d'Internet et de gadgets que nous utilisons tous les jours sont beaucoup moins sûrs pour les utilisateurs. Il y a des entreprises comme Zerodium, en fait, il est pas bon pour le public à long terme.

Comme prévu, étant donné que la société a une autre vue. Selon eux, ce qu'ils veulent est aide application de la loi de meilleurs outils pour enquêter à votre disposition.

L'histoire entre le FBI et Apple montre l'activité la plus intéressante de l'apparence zéro jour, ce qui est la nécessité pour les organismes gouvernementaux d'accéder à des défaillances non patchées de mener des enquêtes et sauver des vies (Chaouki Bekrar, PDG de Zerodium)

La même personne a dit à CNN que l'alternative est bien pire, et qui se traduit par des gouvernements exigeant des entreprises qui accordent un accès illimité à tout dispositif par une porte dérobée quelque chose que le FBI et demandé à Apple suite à des incidents de San Bernardino. Opinaréis vous ne savez pas quoi, mais dans mon village est manuel de cynisme.

Zerodium PDG est allé plus loin et a légèrement plus de détails sur les gens avec lesquels ils travaillent, en disant que pour l'instant Ils se limitent aux grandes entreprises et organisations gouvernementales dans l'Ouest.


Chers chercheurs, nous avons publié nos prix complets / primes pour # 0 jours Exploits:
Obtenez grandes générosités, pas bontés de bugs!

- Zerodium (@Zerodium) Le 18 Novembre ici à 2015

Zerodium contre les insectes chasseurs

Qu'est-ce que les grandes entreprises technologiques font souvent généralement faire face à ces défaillances dangereuses est offrant des récompenses à ceux qui découvrent. Habituellement, il est des incitations économiques, qui sont attribués comme prix aux chercheurs qui découvrent un défaut dans un système ou d'un réseau. Ainsi, deux choses sont réalisées: récompenser financièrement crackers pour que n'est pas toute la sécurité compromise de la société, et qu'une troisième personne détecte un échec pour vous que vous avez juste à vous limiter à résoudre.

Google utilise ce programme de récompenses pour renforcer les appareils Android et Facebook est venu à payer 40 000 $ pour découvrir un bug. Up Uber a un programme de fidélité destiné aux pirates, tandis que United Airlines a donné deux experts de la sécurité d'un vol libre millions de miles.

Ces personnes aident tout le monde plus sûr sur Internet, tout en le modèle d'affaires Zerodium ne protège que les clients. Cela oblige la technologie pour augmenter le montant de leurs récompenses financières. Bien qu'il ne peut pas être un problème pour Google ou Apple, il est assez grand pour les petites entreprises qui collaborent avec certains des projets open source la plus populaire.

code logiciel malveillantcode logiciel malveillant / Christiaan Colen CC édité sous licence BY-SA 2.0

En outre, Zerodium n'est pas la seule entreprise qui vend zéro jours au plus offrant. Comme il est indiqué, il y aurait d'autres acteurs impliqués dans cette affaire. Certains d'entre eux sont le fabricant d'armes Lockheed Martin, la RAND Corporation et Harris Corporation, qui fabrique un outil de suivi téléphonique de police connu sous le nom Stingray. D'autres, comme Exodus Intelligence reconnaissent que a gardé quelques jours zéro en secret, afin que vos clients peuvent l'utiliser aussi longtemps que nécessaire avant le patcher.

Cela pourrait être considéré preuve d'un comportement douteux, quelque chose de très semblable aux raisons pour lesquelles ils attaquaient Hacking équipe l'année dernière. Il commence une nouvelle course aux armements dans le cyberespace, et donne des conséquences tout à fait effrayant. Vous pouvez visiter le site officiel Zerodium ce lien.

10 conseils pour jouer route crossy et éviter la frustration

Collage de caractères route crossy

Vous qui êtes près ou au-delà de la trentaine se souvenir du Frogger classique, un jeu très frustrant populaire dans les années quatre-vingt, il était d'aider une grenouille sur une route et une rivière à la sécurité.

Les développeurs route crossy ont eu l'idée de récupérer le concept de classique et de mettre un poulet et un panier de caractères plus pour traverser les routes, les voies ferrées, les rivières et le long des routes sur l'esthétique 8 bits amusants et colorés si aimé de smartphones envahissent les sacs et les poches de chacun d'entre nous. et après excéder dix millions de téléchargements, il semble que son idée a été un succès.

Si vous pensez commencer à jouer ce jeu, mais vous voulez éviter l'attaque des nerfs, le désespoir, la frustration et même avoir à acheter un nouveau smartphone après le vôtre estampillage contre le mur, suivez les conseils que nous vous donnons.

Si vous ne planteas pas la méditation ...

Des croix au milieu

vous avez une plus grande marge de manœuvre et ainsi vous éviter de rester bloqué. Vous pouvez voir les voitures, les trains et les obstacles qui viennent de plus et ont plus de temps de réaction. Dans ce jeu, trois dixièmes de seconde peut signifier un dossier ou un échec lamentable.

Ne retirez pas le son

La plupart des utilisateurs supprimer généralement le volume quand on joue avec le smartphone. En plus de la batterie de dépenses, généralement ennuyeux pour nous et pour ceux qui nous entourent. Cependant, jouer route crossy son vous permet d'entendre le train arriver ou la sirène des patrouilles de police. le volume de lecture est beaucoup plus facile.

Décider où vous touchez l'écran

Ce jeu vous permet de toucher l'écran devant et derrière le personnage. Lorsque vous commencez à jouer à décider ce que vous trouvez personnellement plus à l'aise de ne pas aller embardées et de puissance faire des mouvements sûrs. Pas de temps pour les questions.

Une rivière perfide route crossy

Jouer dans le paysage

Bien qu'ils soient généralement plus à l'aise de jouer avec le smartphone verticalement, la champ de vision sera plus large horizontalement. Vous devrez utiliser les deux mains au lieu d'un, mais regarder mieux et être mieux préparés pour les dangers qui vous entourent.

Méfiez-vous des rivières

rivières Cross peut être plus perfide qu'un train à grande vitesse ou une patrouille dans la poursuite. Essayez de les traverser de l'autre côté des marges blanches en partie parce que, si vous ne parvenez pas à perdre un journal et plus le compte, ils vous feront perdre le jeu directement. Rapide ont jamais été amis de personne.

Habituez-vous à compter

Pour ne pas finir sous les roues d'une voiture ou estampillée sur le train, il est important toujours compter le nombre de pistes Je veux passer chaque instant égal au nombre de touches. Prenez un compte rapide vous empêchez le désespoir avant d'atteindre votre objectif de la journée.

Pause de temps en temps

Cette astuce, bien évidemment, peut garder vos pistes mobiles hors de la fenêtre. Crossy jeu de route signifie la perte non-stop et très frustrant. Et avec ce niveau des nerfs, il est impossible d'obtenir un enregistrement. Pause pendant quelques minutes avant de reprendre le jeu aide disparaître la rage et revenir à mieux jouer.

route Crossy à la fête

Maintenez le doigt appuyé en cas d'urgence

Si vous avez fait un saut que vous êtes repenti instantanément, laisse un doigt très ferme sur l'écran. Votre poussin, votre éléphant ou votre bucheron ne bougera pas avant de le relâcher à nouveau. Il semble stupide, mais ce mouvement rapide peut sauver des vies.

Choisissez la stratégie du jeu

Ou vous vous concentrez sur la prise de toutes les monnaies possibles ou essayer de battre votre record. Bien que les deux stratégies ne sont pas viables: les pièces sont généralement la façon la moins sûre, ergo pour déplacer le plus difficile. Jeux de jeu dédié à collecter des pièces et d'autres à record de distance et les points.

Ne pas dépenser de l'argent réel

route Crossy et se motiver en gardant les cadeaux propose régulièrement des joueurs. Ces dons, qui se traduit par des pièces de monnaie et de nouveaux personnages pour le jeu, sont hors du crochet afin que vous continuer à profiter de ce jeu. Si vous payez pour accélérer le processus, vous pouvez être jeter l'illusion que le jeu parvient à générer.

Giveaway route crossyjwplayerLoad fonction () {

Comment réparer Firefox spellchecker

Le correcteur orthographique de Firefox est un outil important pour ceux qui écrivent régulièrement sur Internet et en particulier pour les utilisateurs qui veulent être sûr de ne pas faire une orthographe ou une erreur typographique.

Il se peut que Firefox sort vérificateur ne fonctionne pas. La première chose à faire est de vérifier si la vérification orthographique est activé dans le navigateur. Nous devons donc aller à outils > Options > avancé et l'onglet général voir si la case est cochée Vérifier l'orthographe que vous tapez.

correcteur des épreuves

Il se peut que le vérificateur d'orthographe ne fonctionne pas, même si nous gardons cette case cochée. Il y a des chances qu'un dictionnaire est manquant. Pour en savoir, nous devons double-cliquez sur le bouton droit de la souris sur un élément d'une page Web. Si la case apparaît dans le menu Ajouter des dictionnaires, Cela signifie que nous manquons le dictionnaire de la langue dans laquelle la bande est faite.

Dans ce cas, nous devons cliquer, choisir les dictionnaires dont nous avons besoin et de les installer. Le processus est le même que lorsque vous installez une prise navigateur. Reboot et .... Le tour est joué!.

Finding the MAC address and IP of your Mac OS X

Finding the MAC address and IP of your Mac OS X

¿When configuring a device to your Mac asked your IP address did you get your ID? Both the IP address and MAC address can be useful and appropriate to know where to find them. We explain how to know the MAC and IP of your Mac OS X.


Will my DNS server has been kidnapped?

Internet server

When a Web browser tries to find an unknown place, search and sends a query to a domain name server (DNS) that keeps track of technical information sites. The DNS server resolves the query answering with details of the correct location, the Internet browser used to find and display the required site. Tampering or sabotage in the process of resolving a DNS query is known as DNS hijacking or hijacking.

Symptoms usually observed

When configuring the DNS server has been changed to point to a malicious server, affected by visiting their websites common user receives alerts or messages indicating that its software is outdated and needs updating, or receive the same creatives repetitively. Clicking on these messages you will be directed to a page, which is really infected.

Fake video player updateFake video player update

Messages like the above are not usually pose a hazard if they are hosted on trusted websites, however will lead us to an installer that will download malware us to take action on it as pushing a button.

Test for signs of DNS hijacking

The online application F-Secure DNSCheck examine the connection allows our team to his DNS resolution by comparing data from the IP address with DNS resolution. The mismatch between the two indicates DNS configuration problems, which can include DNS hijacking. This service is suitable for home users, not for computers in a networked enterprise.

F-Secure DNSCHECKF-Secure DNSCHECK / Home screen, does not require any installation

Steps if the DNS server configuration is modified

In principle you should contact your Internet provider, since it is he who makes the DNS servers to check whether they are actually altered. The following image shows the result of a test that shows that everything is correct, indicates our ISP and location.

Result of analysis of F-secure DNSCHECKResult of analysis of F-secure DNSCHECK

I recommend performing Next steps If abnormalities are observed:

  • Disconnect the Internet router and reset it.
  • Change the router password, especially if it is still the default password.
  • Disable remote management on the router.
  • Check and update the router to use the latest firmware, you will usually be done automatically.
  • Restart your computer to clear the DNS cache.
  • Spend a virus.