Download Spotify Playlist Downloader (2.0) – Free

Where you can download music today? Some time ago we were using Napster, Kazaa or eMule to down MP3 files to your computer, but while listening to streaming music has been imposed on these somewhat obsolete programs and Spotify has them food toast.

Listen to songs from Spotify offline without being Premium.

The only problem with the Swedish music broadcasting platform is that if we are not Premium users do not have access to offline mode and always need a Internet connection to listen to our favorite songs. That was until now, because Spotify Playlist Downloader we have an application to download our playlists to Windows.

How to download music from Spotify using SPD?

To use Spotify Playlist Downloader just you have to download this application, insertar your credentials Spotify in the fields and follow the instructions in the dialog box below.

Spotify download music without resorting to YouTube.

Using this program is as easy as going to the web version of Spotify, copy the URLs of playlists we are interested in and stick them in the fields provided for that purpose. You can download up to five playlists simultaneously, whose songs are saved in your Music folder.

key features

  • Download playlists Spotify whole.
  • Songs stored locally on your computer in a few seconds.
  • MP3 files with 160 kbps bitrate.
  • Automatic download of album covers and albums.
  • Option to customize the automatic naming of downloaded files.
  • possibility of down to 5 playlists at once.