Download EasyBCD (2.2.0) – Free

EasyBCD It is a utility that facilitates the configuration of some of the most interesting parameters of the system load. From a compact and very easy to use interface, it offers the possibility of Related modify the boot options Windows, which otherwise it would be quite difficult to do.

If you have installed on your computer multiple operating systems. No doubt will come in handy this application which is very easy to set PC boot and control all your loading processes systems operating.

Among the features offered EasyBCD They are the following:
- Configure the Start Menu System, choosing the order in which we want the different operating systems you have installed appear and how long it stays this menu.
- Add new entries to this menu indicating the priority each of the aggregates systems.
- Back up the boot.
- Create a bootable external device.
- Access system utilities such as the Command window, the Control Panel utility or restore the system.

If you want have the best system boot loader there, download EasyBCD.