Download WhatsApp Sniffer (1.0.1) Android – APK Free

Being nosy is part of human nature. Since time immemorial man has managed and has invented mechanisms to spy on their neighbors and learn other people's conversations that neither you nor they will come. And it does not escape which is arguably the greatest communication channel today: instant messaging and undisputed king, WhatsApp.

That's why no one should wonder that occasionally applications that promise to provide the necessary tools to eavesdrop on friends and strangers, to know what is counted and counted stop behind you arise. Obviously none of these apps available on Google Play, first because they represent a violation of user privacy and secondly because most of them are frauds and they do absolutely nothing of what they promise.

The app that aims to break the encryption of WhatsApp.

One of the most popular is called WhatsApp Sniffer, whose APK can download from this page, although I anticipate that not worth to waste time. As all these applications, if they ever came to work allowing read WhatsApp conversations of others, as of 2016, with successive security updates courier service not serve to nothing other than fill your internal memory or SD card useless files. Of course, we will not be us who you agüemos party: click the button Download and see for yourself.

How to download and install this app to spy WhatsApp?

Well, unless you have skipped the previous paragraph, you should know that you can not spy on WhatsApp with this tool or with any other. But since many people wonder How it works this app, we will have the detail to explain what you should do to use it.

  1. Step 1: Download the APK on your smartphone or tablet via the link rooteado download.
  2. Step 2: Install the BusyBox application from Google Play.
  3. Step 3: Run the application and accept the terms of use.
  4. step 4: Enables ARP Spoof box if you are connected to a WPA / WPA2 network.
  5. step 5: Hit the Start button to begin the process of spying.

If this app will give up working miraculously would be made listen to all conversations and chats WhatsApp, whether individual or group, which took place on the network to which we are connected, and mostrándonoslas capturing them in its interface. Since it is not, you can only stay spellbound watching a small circle turns incessantly with absolutely find anything.

And you just have to give the Stop, exit the application and uninstall it as quickly as you can to recover the space occupied uselessly on your Android smartphone. Yes, the time you recover lost ever ... and still you wonder if there a version that works for PC, Mac or iOS. You really need you to clarify that doubt?