Download OSXFuse (3.5.8) Mac – Free

The latest operating systems developed by Apple are able to work with NTFS formatted disks, although it is a function initially disabled. For it has been designed OSXFuse.

OSXFuse It is based on and is a MacFUSE interface for the NTFS-3G driver that allows you to read and write NTFS disks in the latest Apple operating systems. Once you run it can perfectly set up your Mac to be able to work with such drives.

Easy to install and use: insured yield

This is a utility that comes from the Linux, open source and therefore free. his Installation is very simple and even lets you make appropriate settings on your computer with ease. The utility is located in the Add-ins pane of operating system preferences and recognize the NTFS disk as soon as you connect to your computer.

Discharge OSXFuse free for read and write NTFS disks in your Mac OS X.