How do You Play Player on a free Smart TV – Download

Android TV a smart TV

You Play Player is a very good option to view TV channels both free and paid (Unpaid, of course) in our Android phones. But the truth is that no version for Smart TV. do not talk that has no application adapted for any Smart TV market come with some rare Tizen operating system or WebOS, but it does not work on your own Android TV, Google's operating system for smart TVs. And it is that today few applications are adapted for TV with Android TV.

For the same reason we bring this time Several methods to use this application on a television. We are aware that we all methods are suitable for all audiences, but we are sure that more than one will be useful.

You see shapes on a TV Play Player

The prerequisite for Player You Play common to all methods is having a TV or screen with HDMI, regardless of whether smart TV or not, because the latter is not necessary. Two of the methods that we bring in this case do require smart TV, but not all.

With a Smart TV with Cast

You Player TV CastYou Player TV Cast

If you have a Smart TV supports the use of Cast or Screen Mirroring we can easily double the screen via Wi-Fi, well of course you can play multimedia content.

  1. We turn to You Play Player application.
  2. Cast press the button located on the top menu: the second button from the right.
  3. If this is the first time we use this option we will get a pop-up window from which we have to select our Smart TV OF AREAand.

Once this feature is enabled put to play any channel You Tube Play application. To pause playback by Wi-Fi just go back to click on the same button before and give to Stop sending content.

Chromecast or similar devices


We have to repeat the steps above: open the application, we give the button Cast and reproduce the channel or video you want to play. Chromecast allows us to do what we have done in the previous step (duplicating the multimedia content of your phone on your TV) but without having a Smart TV. Let's say in this way offer the same as above but without having to toil away an important money on a smart TV.

Such devices, however, It is priced at 40 euros more or less. As we see it is not quite cheap but compared to other Smart TV that much difference. The good thing is that Smart TV in the future can enjoy more content on a device like Chromecast. This feature, incidentally, requires a HDMI port.

Emulate Android on a PC connected via HDMI

MEMU running on WindowsMEMU running on Windows

It is the cheapest option: just we need a computer and HDMI cable, something we all have in our homes. As we have already shown, we must:

  1. You Play Player installed on your computer through an emulator.
  2. Once we installed You Play Player via APK, we have to connect your computer via HDMI to the screen or television.

The downside of this method (although it is much cheaper than those presented so far) is that quality It is not as good as being a emulator videos may be somewhat slow play, although nothing important if we set good application.

Doubling the screen of our Android on PC connected via HDMI

HDMI cableHDMI cable

The latter method is much like the previous one but with the difference that this time we do not use an emulator for Android but we will use our own device, so that reproduction is more fluid, because in an emulator can not always enjoy the quality yes we have in the smartphone. Here is the process:

  1. Doubling the screen of your Android our PC through programs like AirDroid, the best app for this task. To do this we must install the application on both your computer and your phone and open the option within the computer version, which allows us to double the phone screen on your PC.
  2. In turn, this computer will display would double via HDMI. That is, through HDMI connect your PC to the screen where you want to see You Play Player.

Methods as we are also all very varied and simple to execute. My recomendation is Cast directly to a Smart TV or Chromecast, but in the case of not having any of these devices, any of the other methods it is suitable to run You Play Player on our TV, either Smart or not.

In the case of Smart TV it is obvious that no matter if the operating system is Android sized TV, Tizen or WebOS. Some methods are more versatile than others but the truth is that they are very useful, because each It allows to use this application on our TV.