Download Poke Radar Android – Free

If you played a Pokémon GO since Niantic launched the game in early July and still walk several kilometers a day looking at Pikachu that is so you resist or Charizard so often escaped you, it may be time to get a little help .

Or radar maps for GO Pokémon like this Poke Radar Android, They are collaborative mapping that feed the users of the game. These show that there Pokémon around and the time remaining to disappear.

You can find even a Charmander on horseback.

There are many applications of this type because, as they are not authorized by developers, disappear from official app stores such as Google Play. And this is an example. Although the APK file Poke Radar function properly and that their use may not lead to banishment from the game because no access servers for information Niantic, you can only download this application from alternative platforms such as Malavida.

Features of this radar Pokémon GO

  • It is a collaborative map created by players of Pokémon GO.
  • Pokémon filter allows showing to only see those who have not hunted.
  • It allows to search for pokémons specific.
  • You yourself can add the Pokemons you have seen during the hunt.
  • Niantic may not banearte of his game since the app does not connect to their servers.

Although not as reliable as the first applications to be connected to Google maps and servers Niantic (which baneaba the user detect anything else) because anyone can add false information, radars and collaborative mapping They are the best option currently getting complete the Pokédex unfinished as ground as if I had hit a herd of Ryhorns.