How to Remove Programs Windows 10 startup for faster boot

Remove Programs Windows 10 startup for faster boot

Windows 10 is the new version of the operating system Microsoft. Blending the best of Windows 7 and Windows 8, the new version has achieved a high rate of adoption since its launch. That does not mean that it has not received complaints, of course, and one of them is that startup on some computers, such as Sony Vaio, is a bit slow. Although many causes, autostart applications can be one of them, and fix is ​​easy. Like a smartphone, that nothing ignited starts WhatsApp, Windows some programs also begin. That hampers the performance of your computer, but solving that problem is simple and you only need two things: 1) five minutes of your time and 2) follow the guidance that we put down.

Clean the programs that start with Windows 10 to improve performance

As is the case in most operating systems, Windows 10 there are many applications and programs that start automatically so they can be used after turning on the computer. This is supposed to make our lives easier, but not all computers this is something beneficial.

The fact that there are programs that start automatically implies that our CPU is more loaded during startup. Not only have to start the computer, but you have to open 5, 10, 15, or applications which are- and that, in terms of performance, it is a drag.

However, we can do something about it, and for this you just have to keep reading.

Accelerate Windows startup

From the task manager we can choose what programs run at startupFrom the task manager we can choose what programs run at startup

The first thing to do is tell Windows which programs do not want to start when our computer starts. To do this, just we have to follow these steps:

  1. Right click on the Windows button (lower left corner) and click on "Task Manager".
  2. When it opens, we enter the "Home" section, where they appear all programs. If nothing comes out, push the "More details".
  3. Once "Start", we see all programs configured to start when you turn on your computer, and the following structure is as follows: Name (is the name of the program (Photoshop)); Editor (the developer or company (Adobe)) M State (if enabled or disabled. If enabled, will be charged at the start) and impact start (The larger, more slow down your computer when it is turned on)
  4. Right click on the program you want and give it to "Disable". That done, the selected program will not run automatically when we fire the computer.

What programs can I remove

Usually, the vast majority of programs and applications that we have downloaded can be disabled. For example, Spotify, Skype, Drive, Dropbox ... are things we can start us when we need, and they do not have to be initiated automatically.

Visiting the website below you can make sure if it is safe not disable or processVisiting the website below you can make sure if it is safe not disable or process

Nevertheless, always we have doubt whether or not we can disable a program. Therefore, the best thing to do is visit this link and type in "Search", the program name. Have done this five options:

  • Y: If you get this, you have to leave it enabled.
  • N: You can disable it with no problem
  • OR: It is best to leave it enabled, but depends on the case. It is best to read the description field and judge for yourself.
  • X: Disable it when possible.
  • ?: No information on this program, so it's best to leave it disabled.

What should never be disabled

Even if you give of course, you are making an important announcement. Be very careful with what we disable and what did not disable, because if we remove something important, our safety and equipment integrity may be compromised.

Windows Defender or any other antivirus is better enabled them to improve protectionWindows Defender or any other antivirus is better enabled them to improve protection

There are certain applications that should not disable, and identifying them is really simple: just have to see what you put in "Editor".

  • antivirusIf you see that the editor is Avast, AVG, McAfee ... you know you're about to disable an antivirus. Do not do it, because it is better to have started as soon as possible. The same with firewalls.
  • The basic Windows programs, such as Bluetooth, audio, network card ...
  • Everything related to peripheral, such as printers, mice, or mobile phones.
  • As usual, all you have as "Editor" to Intel or AMD usually it associated with the motherboard or important computer components. Do not you disable.

You see, it is a quick and easy process, which has no complications and accessible to any user. If you see your computer slow loading, please disable certain applications and programs, you'll see how performance improves.

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