Download Puntotek (2.6.216) – Free

Puntotek allows us draw pictures or Convert clipart for later cross stitch embroidery. This application includes a wide set of tools with which to create or modify any image, from simple patterns to ornate creations that later come to life through exciting technique of cross stitch. Get out your mat and your needles!

With this application we will be able to transfer any image to a guide scheme with wires for the embroidery later. In addition, the program has a useful converter colors used, making equivalence with the threads of the leading companies in the sector with the aim of not miss a single nuance the transfer of the sketch from the screen to our web.

its wide Tool Palette It lets you create any image with the only limitation of our mind. Its various options allow you to configure any point type embroidery and its dimensions. And its exclusive system Puntotek Print Studio It allows custom printing schemes-guide your design.

Create your embroidered with cross stitch Puntotek.