Download PSpice (Student 9.1) – Free

The design of any circuit board requires very specific software. There are many Things That Have to be taken into account, like the fact That circuit boards can vary in kind, from digital to analog, or be a combination of both. OrCAD That is an application developed Has Been Specifically to design circuit boards. Y a test the designs That we create With ORRCAD, we'll need an application like PSpice A / D Circuit Simulator.

PSpice is a That simulator analyzes the behavior of a virtual circuit board, using the Smoke method to detect the components That Could be at risk due to overstress, and the Monte Carlo method to determine how the components perform, THUS Preventing any board failure.

Furthermore, it includes advanced simulation technology That will allow all users to save plenty of time and get more reliable results When working with large designs.

If you need a tool to Simulate how an analog or mixed-signal circuit board behaves, download PSpice and try it out.