Download WhatsDog (5.0.0) Android – APK Free

Nowadays, our privacy level has dropped to the minimum due to our bad habit of publishing every single detail of our life social on networks of the likes of Facebook or Instagram, to the abusive conditions That we agree to Regarding the treatment of staff our data on the Internet or to Certain messaging applications That can be Have used by anyone to us under the radar 24/7.

And If That Were not enough, there are applications like surveillance Also WhatsDog for Android (sorry, iPhone users ... the App Store does not allow This Kind of application) in charge of monitoring the connection status of any WhatsApp user. And Regardless of Whether That person has blocked us or have enabled the option That Hides That information. THEREFORE, it's a rather shabby spying That method can make use of anyone.

Your contacts will not realize your spying on them or that you 're checking on Their connection times.

How does it work?

Well, it's quite easy. You Only Have to enter the number of the person you want to spy That one in order to About generate a report WhatsApp His connection times. The Latter will be registered by dates and hours by Means of a calendar and stats Regarding Also include the time spent by the contact online each day.

Are there alternatives to this application?

Well, Google Play and WhatsApp are very careful. This type of application That Violates the user's confidentiality, as well as WhatsApp's conditions of use, would not stand a chance on the official Android market nowadays. These apps are tracked down in order to remove all WhatsApp or any other service spies of This Kind, and esta instant messaging platform is making an effort to Increase the security and privacy of the conversations held On Its app in order to cover possible cracks used by This Kind of spyware.

So, there are not any alternatives to this application capable of surviving Google's censorship more than just a few days. Even the latest version of WhatsDog 5.0.0 published in August of 2016 by Secondlemon only works intermittently.

We obviously do not wish to Promote the Use of This Kind of application. We Consider That Everyone Should be Entitled to Their free time and enjoying life as They wish staff, and there's no possible justification Knowing how and when to use anyone Their WhatsApp account.