Download PCSX2 (1.4.0) for PC – Free

The success of PlayStation 2 is unquestionable. With titles from the likes of Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy, Tekken or God of War, who would not want to enjoy the game console from Sony? PCSX2 It is a PlayStation 2 emulator for PC which brings you the ability to play these great games without the console between.

All you need is to have the games stored on your PC. The emulator will handle so you can run play PS2 classics on your PC.


  • PlayStation 2 emulator for PC.
  • Compatible File Format ISO, MDF, NRG, BIN, IMG and DUMP.
  • Take advantage of your hardware: enjoy a improved graphics with options to configure custom resolutions, or anti-aliasing filtering textures.
  • Unlimited Memory Cards. Save your game at any time.
  • Use PlayStation compatible drivers with your PC.
  • It includes a limiter frames to run games faster or slower.
  • Uses HD video recorder for record your games using the plugin GSdx.
  • Patching system "PNACH" which facilitates the use of tricks.

In search of lost hardware

PCSX2 is a program that requires significant resources to the system if you want to run the games with agility. If you do not want to suffer cuts and bugs it is advisable to have a good processor and a good graphics card. You must also configure different plugins depending on each game.

Discharge PCSX2 free, grab the BIOS file from your console and install the emulator. Once configured, located on your PC games and enjoy the vast catalog of titles it has certainly been the most successful console in recent years.

Emulate Final Fantasy with PCSX2


Emulate Final Fantasy with PCSX2