Download PokeAlert (4.0.13) Android – Free

GO Pokémon is undoubtedly the revolution of 2016. Its mobile video game system to hunt pokémons Using augmented reality has helped millions of smartphone users worldwide to start trying to play it.

The alternative to PokeVision

Radars for Pokémon GO and among them there are many PokeVision, considered one of the best. However it has jurisdiction as PokeAlert that stands as the most consistent alternative.

Catch all creatures around you more easily.

East pokémons radar to hunt Android basically scans around and throws notifications even when you're not using the app.


  • Pokémon shows a map in real time.
  • Scanning in the background.
  • Silent does not send spam to the game servers mode.
  • Login with Google account or your account Pokémon trainer.
  • multiaccounting support.

Of course, if you want your account will not be expelled it is advisable to access one that is not the game. Niantic bans if you notice that users are resorting to such methods.