The Pirate Bay Online (Spanish) – Free

Who would have told us in times of Megaupload would someday .torrent files. Not only that, but today is the method most used by the average user to download files via P2P system (peer-to-peer, a network peer pairs). And maybe that's why we all know The Pirate Bay, the web of Swedish origin founded by the organization anticopyright Piratbyrån in late 2003. Although individual hands passed in 2004, today manages a company registered in the Seychelles.

The Pirate Bay It is currently one of the largest BitTorrent indexes in the world, sharing files of all types through a trusted protocol that allows sending and receiving large transfers at high speed. Despite successive attacks and attempts to tear it down that you have suffered this website, which is proud of its roots pirates, still stands.

And now they hide behind a multitude of proxy links and mirrors from which you can access various versions of the page in different countries. Their motto might well be a bit like Hydra in Marvel comics: a head cut and appear two more. is the case, the link with Britain, which does not prevent a who lives in France can access it, or a resident in Spain can download torrents from one of the American pages.

How it works The Pirate Bay

The operation of this website is very simple and without frills: embedded in the space what you want to search and the server will return a list of all downloads available there under that term, first showing last uploaded files. However, we can also sort the log by file type, name, seeders (Number of computers that are sharing the same .torrent) and leechers (People who are downloading). Typically, as many seeders, faster and will transfer your file, the more leechers, the more reliable, although not always.

This website works through magnets, which they are files that do not require downloading so that they open directly to your BitTorrent client. They function as a link and are very comfortable. The linkar we can preview the .torrent from where we can see if there are comments on the file you want to download (always useful ... or almost always) or if the transfer is made by a user VIP Trusted (Trusted).

Its catalog is vast and you can find almost everything, but you will have (many) more problems if you want to look for something in Spanish. The main drawback since its last facelift is the publi bombarding you click on the search bar and the Damned pop-ups sound ... bad beam divides them, often the invention of the devil.