How to play Android games on PC

MEMU screen with a game running

Recurs intends to run Android on desktops or laptops, emulate the experience of this mobile operating system on a computer or even improve it by taking advantage of features that does not usually have a phone. Recently we talk about precisely how vitaminaba and use, Remix OS, and one that will do much the same way in the future, Papyros. But today we talk about a third that leaving a little aside the experience itself system is thought only to bring the best possible Android to PC games, his name is Memu.

Android games on your PC

But before we get into depth with it, see how to set it on your computer, how to install games and how to play them, let's look a little why emulators, its importance and modifications that make it possible for an OS designed for mobility it can be executed in an environment like Windows, on a computer that commonly prostrate on a table.

Play Android games on PC without emulator is impossible

An emulator for less familiar in these matters, is essentially a computer program capable of playing certain system or program in a different. That is, in this case for example a software that lets you run a system like Android, designed primarily for phones and tablets, with different applications and options in a conventional computer.

Images of several popular Android gamesImages of several popular Android games

So why is it very interesting to use this type of application? Because they allow us to transfer the experience of other one alien environments, exploit its characteristics outside their usual habitat, and just what we will do now, run programs or games that were written for him.

Play Android games on PC, therefore, it is quite impossible if we have an emulator as now we want to introduce, MEMU.

MEMU, the Android games emulator for PC

As we mentioned at the beginning, the network we can find endless solutions to emulate the Google mobile operating system. Bluestacks, for example, is one of the best known. Some are better made, others are quite improvable ... but most move the entire experience. This may be fine, but sometimes we are only interested in a particular point and we want to develop it especially well.

Promotional image of MEMUPromotional image of MEMU
MEMU has wanted to focus on games

For those who essentially want the system on your computer to play games for Android comes MEMU, an emulator exclusively focused on this purpose, bring the fun to Windows Mobile devices, from desktops to notebooks, 2 in 1 and even tablets.

Developed from start to finish following the advice and opinions of the community jugona Android system in Microsoft, through forums such as the popular XDA, the emulator has ensured offer the highest performance and most compatibility how many emulators focused on games or no market.

It is more powerful than the latest mobile flagship presented supports different configurations hardware, compatibility with the most popular games, it can cohabit with other emulators installed on your computer and, most interesting, can play with the keyboard, the mouse and even joystick. There is nothing.

MEMU install games and start playing

To start with Memu, we only download the EXE file to install and run. We will show you the directory where it is installed, we will tell you agree or select an alternative one, and It will start downloading the files needed for operation and will be installed in minutes, depending on the speed of your connection. All very simple.

download memu

MEMU installation processMEMU installation process

When we have the emulator running, we will face the home screen of Android any. To download the games we have to do the following:

  1. Search Google Play icon and access the store by entering data from our Google account or creating for a new one.
  2. After the usual steps, we arrive at the main screen, we will go to the section games or find that desire and grant your tab.
  3. Click the button Install and ready. Once in our system we can play it.

From MEMU we indicated full compatibility with keyboard, mouse and even joystick, as noted above, large titles like Clash of Clans, Clash of Kings, Candy Crush Saga, Runes of War or SimCity Buildit. However, we can also play other as Game of War, Boom Beach and as many as you want, including through the installation of APK files directly to directories on your hard disk emulator, very useful.

Memu is, of course, a fantastic solution to further Android games on PC.