Download Blackmart Alpha ( Android – APK Free

One of the advantages of Android over iOS encountered by many users is the ease with which one can install applications unofficial stores. Just activate the option in settings allow applications from unknown sources and one can already download an APK from any Web and install it on your smartphone or tablet. Not so with the iPhone, which must conduct a jailbreak to break that protection.

This facility along with being an open operating system has led to the emergence of alternative shopping apps to Google Play. Aptoide or Mobogenie are two of the best known but now they are joined Alpha Blackmart.

A universe of free apps and many are not on Google Play.

Without having to jump through hoops to Google

And it is that one of the reasons to which many users of such markets grab apps is that you can have an Android and not having to go through the prerequisite of using a Google mail account so the Californian company has more difficult to collect data from your activity. That is, a priori more privacy.

It highlights a particular trait against Google Play and is Blackmart in its offer apps it offers no trial or trial and no payment; everything is free.

How many applications? More than 270,000.

How does it work?

Enough with install and open the app and access the application offerings. You go to the downloads you want on your device, so easy. This is the list of categories you can have a look to lower apps.

  • Keyboards.
  • Launchers.
  • instant messaging and chat.
  • Music.
  • Image editors.
  • Video.
  • Time.
  • Games.
  • Utilities.

Additionally you can browse different listings, as the tops of my most requested by users.

key features

These are some of the most outstanding features and functions that comprise the application:

  • Thousands of free apps.
  • integrated search engine that lets you apply filters such as price, size or popularity.
  • Automatic installation files.
  • Updates alerts apps.
  • My ability to move the internal memory to the external terminal.

¿Blackmart safe? What are the risks of lowering an unofficial applications store Android?

In principle, yes provides security for your smartphone. What happens is that unlike the Android Market lifelong not revised with the same thoroughness apps that are uploaded. That's why if you want to bet on security is better to download Google Play if you have not already installed on your mobile. The common problem of these shops is that apps are often of dubious origin many of them being infected by viruses that could damage the phone and steal information.

Which is better? ¿Blackmart or Aptoide?

No need to choose, can use both apps ... will not find in a store and another in the other and vice versa. Both complement.

In short, if you want to discover a world of apps because you're bored of over a million you have in Google Play you can always turn to Blackmarket.