Download Fixed and Mobile Radars (3.0.2) Android – Free

If you plan to travel by road this summer, avoid having to pay an extra cost for your holiday as traffic ticket thanks to the Android app Fixed and Mobile Radars. With this app APK on your phone you will know the exact location of all radars and traffic lights, located in both Spanish roads and the rest of the world.

The app fighting the tax collection effort of the DGT.

This application makes use of a public database of speed cameras and speed cameras, but also has the contribution of its community of users who can add radars and speed limit, then other users will vote as right or wrong.

key features

  • Application detection radars social character.
  • It indicates radars fixed, mobile speed and traffic signals in Spain and the rest of the world.
  • Warning radars It works in the background and with the screen locked.
  • Navigation function to use the app as GPS with address finder integrated.
  • Calculate routes between different points on the map.