Download Microsoft Outlook (2016) – Free

Email has become a key element in our daily routine. Every day We receive, read and answer dozens of emails, some of them related to our work that we must devote special attention. But lately we have the ability to access these mails from your mobile device wherever we are, always good to have a decent mail client desktop with which to manage the myriad of messages that come to the inbox.

The email application and professional calendar to keep up all your important issues.

And one of the best certainly Outlook 2016, the new version of email manager developed by Microsoft as an integral part of the Office suite. No one should be surprised that belongs to a set of focused on our productivity programs because, although it is primarily sold as a mail client, functions go far beyond becoming virtually a personal information manager with calendar functions, calendar, contacts, taking notes and task list.

What I can do with microsoft Outlook on my PC?

Well, like any good mail client for Windows, with this software you can perform tasks such as:

  • Receive, read, reply, compose and archive emails.
  • Manage your contact list and use Skype to chat with them directly from your inbox.
  • Attach all types of files to your outgoing emails, including files in your OneDrive account.
  • Manage multiple accounts email from a single client.
  • sort and organize all emails in different folders.
  • synchronizing accounts email totally different services such as Hotmail or Gmail.
  • Configure automatic when you'll be out of office responses.
  • Search any email in your inbox or other folders.
  • Manage rules to automatically delete spam.
  • Anchoring important mails to the top of the mailbox so that they are always visible.
  • Check the weather directly from the built-in Outlook Calendar.
  • Insert an automatic signature in your emails.

What's new in version of Outlook 2016?

Since 2007 when it was first released, Outlook has been renewed and has adapted to changing times. Like all the other tools that are part of the ecosystem of Microsoft Office 2016, with which it integrates seamlessly now, this particular one is also very oriented collaborative work in the cloud, promoting the tasks performed on equipment.

Therefore, special emphasis is on the ability to share files directly from OneDrive through Outlook, sharing calendars to facilitate scheduling meetings and creating groups to discuss important issues by Skype.

In addition, this new version has been especially enhanced search feature that many users complained about in the past. Now, it has become an intelligent search that learns from you and gives you keyword suggestions and contacts as you type, saving queries recent searches to save time and increase your productivity.