Download AnyDVD (HD AnyDVD &) – Free

Over time we buy optical discs, such as CDs and DVDs, may be damaged or lost, so a good solution is to save Backups all of them, so that we can recover an identical copy of your data in case a problem occurs desgracia.El is that many of them have protection systems that prevent perform a backup to which legally we have the right.

The most complete tool for your DVDs

Fortunately, there are tools like AnyDVD, which allows us to backup The shoot went really identical of all our albums on CD, DVD and Blu-ray format.

Developed by SlySoft, the same company CloneDVD Y CloneCD, AnyDVD It lets you create a clone of a DVD to another DVD, transferring all its contents without changing one iota. And if you prefer, you can also remove ads, user prohibitions, restrictions and parental menus, and simulate a code region and to eliminate the protection codes.

Ideal for backing up our CD, DVD and Blu-ray tool.

It has a tool, AnyDVD HD, which enables make a copy from a DVD to HDD our PC, so we can decide whether to move to another DVD or not. This utility also supports the standard HD format, Blu-ray, which it includes a fairly complex protection code called BD + and we can skip smoothly thanks to AnyDVD.