Download WhatsApp Spy (01/04/07) Android – Free

WhatsApp, with more than a billion active users worldwide and monopolizing communications through smartphone in countries like Spain, has revolutionized instant messaging and chat. He did appear shortly after replacing a stroke sending SMS for chat-based system for Internet connection via data rates and wireless networks that allow smartphones.

And of course, it turns out that we now have a communication system similar to online chat messages lifelong with what this entails. Not only is it you are done with SMS traffic between particular messages or many of the phone calls (yes, you've discovered that you no longer call anyone now only messages), but also It has fostered anxiety to control one's neighbor: Fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, friends, girlfriends, co-curro, autonomous community presidents, treasurers party, ministers of justice and of course couples. All very cool and great.

Well, I do not know what love has many people to get into the lives of others, as if you did not have enough problems with himself, but for them developed WhatsApp Spy, a WhatsApp spy app for Android and remain wider than long.

How to spy WhatsApp who speaks your boyfriend / girlfriend?

This is the question that has brought you here, so let's try to answer it. To start you have to install the application you must work with your favorite messaging app, especially since they said they did not have to pay one euro per year. And then I'll throw you to monitor the activity of your contacts ... but nuanced, because allowing it know the last time a contact connection without revealing whether you are online or offline.

What did you think? What were you going to be able to read other mobile conversations? Do you really want to do that? Where is the trust? Well, well, there you, here do not judge anyone ... The point is that if you want to spy on when connection or whether is online without being seen, instead of entering WhatsApp as always you have to do from this app that just downloaded; He will tell you when they last logged while setting your access time the last time you went.

When connected? It is online? Quite a sinvivir.

However:WhatsApp Spy works? No, of course. The truth is that since the instant messaging app began to incorporate functions such as hiding the connection time or twice check for messages, these complementary apps have been left void. Also because with each update is perfected a little more development so they can not skip the usage restrictions you have.

So no, keep looking for one that allows reading other people's conversations, not just for Android also for PC, iPhone, Mac or web, there are also versions. However we've warned you that you'll have complicated ...