Download Windows Vista SP2 (Service Pack 2) – Free

With the arrival of second service pack for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, both Microsoft operating systems reach their peak performance, thanks to all the new features included in this update.

Apart from the inclusion of all security patches released so far, this update contains improvements related to hardware, among which include support for VIA 64-bit processors and recording Blu-ray, improved support for exFAT and compatibility with Bluetooth 2.1 and Windows Connect Now.

As to overall system performance, They have improved the return of the sleep mode when no Wi-Fi available, the RSS gadget performance and also introduced the Windows Search 4 tool.

Also noteworthy one improved system administration. It has improved error handling and error messages, as well as detection of incompatible drivers.

The package resolves the problems that existed with Windows Media Player DRM and presents some interesting developments as a lower consumption of resources by gadgets or Windows Vista Feature Pack for Wireless.

Discharge Windows Vista SP2 free and update your operating system to discover all the innovations and achieve the perfect performance of the OS.