Download aTube Catcher (1.6) Android – Free

Is the best program to download videos from YouTube? Well, if you ask many they will tell you is atube catcher, also it considered by many as the best program to download music and that it is possible to extract audio from videos shared on this and other sites.

And the formerly known as YouTube Catcher is the best software exists to download videos portal Google and other as Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion, RTVE ... and even you can download porn videos from sites that host.

Does the version of aTube for Android?

Of course, and who will not want to download the application of this program on your smartphone or tablet if you want to lose all these online content? It would be nice to do it, if we had the official app for Android. What happens is that we have here, that It does not belong to the program developers for the original PC (No more to see the official website), have taken advantage of the name to launch its own app (actually already know that does not even exist atube catcher for Mac, at least not officially).

This is a application to extract the sound of video and pass it to MP3, so that you can do it is with Luis Fonsi video of Despacito download the song. Same with Justin Bieber, Shakira and other great artists in music history.

It is assumed that can download music from YouTube, but it's a big assumption.

APK this application you can download it for free ... but it seems that soon will serve because not even connect to the servers. That is, this goes far beyond the typical error program Windows socket or error 403 and other classics client download videos: it does not work directly. But do not worry, you always have an alternative like TubeMate YouTube Downloader, In addition to Spanish, which is better than this aTube of tangue.