Download Songr (2.1) – Free

You can say that streaming music services like Spotify have ended with mass downloading MP3 songs. However there are those who still resists as a gala Roman invasion village and continues to use this format: because he likes to have it offline and whenever you want to take in the car, to prick music, to edit and create mixes … for whatever reason.

Bajar MP3 music is not dead

He did not die because there are still free programs like Songr 2, a tool that strip online music services like Grooveshark or MUSICSEARCH and even sites like YouTube to play music and download it to your PC.

As easy as searching, right click and download.

Admittedly, this application seeks you loose and free songs does not shine by its design. In fact it is quite austere but it does not matter too much because It offers us a glance all those who want to know. These are its main features:

  • Integrated search engine that lets you find music by artist name and song.
  • Converts the results into direct links to listen to your player.
  • Access music stores and purchase songs from Amazon, Rhapsody or Zune.
  • Explore the different genres.
  • Searches for songs by lyrics.
  • Download individual songs or albums.
  • History last songs played.
  • Access to the biography of multiple artists.
  • Results Offered according to different criteria: alphabetical, duration, bitrate, size, reliability, search engine used ...
  • Biographies of artists see and receive suggestions for similar musicians.

How is it used?

It is sucked: you are looking for songs according to any criteria you choose (artist, song, lyrics ...) and the results yourself decide which one interests you most.

So while waiting for the program as panacea to download songs from Spotify, SoundCloud or Apple Music and also high quality, try this application to increase the size of your music library offline. Yes, beware of copyright, huh?

Which is better, Songr or aTube Catcher?

For the truth it is that they are different programs. This is focused on finding songs through online music services, such as we had before. Instead aTube Catcher in strong are the videos and even can extract audio from them is not so comfortable for these purposes. So maybe you need not choose ... maybe you need both.

Free music and videos on your PC thanks to Songr


Free music and videos on your PC thanks to Songr