Download Windows Movie Maker (2012) – Free

When we talk about video editing on a PC usually irretrievably think we very convoluted solutions They offer almost professional results, such as the case of Adobe Premiere, Final Cut or Pinnacle Studio, and we often forget the ordinary user, without much knowledge, he just wants to make a small edition and is not at all interested in the excellent performance we they can offer the above products.

A perfect editor for home video creations basic.

And for those times nothing better than a video editor homespun how is this Windows Movie Maker. It takes years leads bailing many unsophisticated users on the topic of video editing since its launch for Windows ME to Windows 10. The latest product has discontinued since 2012, but this latest version turns out to be the best of all (well above Movie Maker 2.1 or 2.6), still works in most modern operating systems.

key features

From a simple, sober and clean interface, which has barely evolved through different versions, you can perform actions such as:

  • Create your own movies or animations using photos or other videos.
  • Ability to import video, still images or audio.
  • Option to add music from your music library or download it from online services.
  • Record video from a webcam and audio narrations from a microphone.
  • Modifies the sequence of frames of a video dragging and dropping them on a timeline.
  • Emphasizes or reduces the volume narratives, music or video.
  • Add image effects, transitions and captions or labels.
  • Add credits to name the actors, director, recording location or composer of the soundtrack of our tape.
  • Preview your video before handing them terminated.
  • Save your creations locally, upload them to the cloud or email them.

Where download Windows Movie Maker? What is your executable?

Surely you've gone crazy looking for a setup file for this program without much success. That's because it does not exist as a standalone application but is included in the package of utilities Windows Live Essentials. You can still find the 2012 version of this software at Microsoft's official website following the link that we offer through our download button.

When you run the file can choose to install all the programs that are part of it, including Messenger, Mail, Writer or OneDrive or Select one by one the components to install. In this case Photo Gallery & Movie Maker comes as a single product. It only remains to give to Install and wait a few seconds for the process to complete.

If you want to continue enjoying the benefits of Movie Maker 2012 You have to hurry, because Microsoft has already announced that it will stop offering download from January 2017, replacing the app with a more modern version available through the Windows Store.

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