Download Spain TDT (4.0) Android – Free

2000 was the year in which the so-called Digital Terrestrial Television entered Spain. If you do not know what is the TDT also called open digital television (TDA) say that it is a system for transmitting images and sound via binary coding that differs from satellite television and cable for more efficient use of spectrum radio with better quality video and audio and lower cost.

With his arrival the offer of TV channels multiplied (not necessarily improved quality) may in turn diversify, and now has thematic channels and specific targeted public appearance before reserved only payment platforms. Spain TDT is a Android app that will allow access to the existing supply in this country of channels from our smartphone or tablet. This operating system has a good deal of these applications, higher than iOS (although there too).

All Internet TV channels

Download and install the APK DTT Spain offers the playback programming in the main chains of TDT. You've seen similar programs in computer but require a wired connection to the antenna via a tuner that connects via USB to the PC. In this case it is not and we do not need more than a data network (wifi advisable for consumption).

How to watch TV on Android? It's easy if you download this app.

key features

  • TV Channels Spain: La 1, La 2, Paramount Channel, MTV, Teledeporte, Mega, Energy, LaSexta, Antena 3, Cuatro, Telecinco ...
  • Content organized by categories.
  • List of favorites.
  • corporate information of each chain.
  • Simple operation: press and play.

TV channels offer includes all kinds: from national to regional generalist through music or sports. A good alternative when you do not have access to television ever and also through apps like Kodi or devices like Chromecast it allows you to play on other devices such as Smart TV by Mirroring. Yes, maybe it misses some way of knowing what they will do on TV or check the schedule via Teletext or the like.

Also remember that this application is not like others you've seen that allow free access to pay channels. Here the channels are open and freely available, so you'll see if free football broadcast on any of these channels as well as movies and series.

Looking ahead to its usability provides an interesting detail, and it will not have to throw bareback channel scanning: thanks to its system of categories you can filter content because we can browse through different categories. That way we access directly to general or thematic channels such as children or sports.