Download MegaDownloader (1.7) – Free

Storage service in the cloud of Kim Dotcom, Mega, has its own download manager integrated that facilitates file transfers between your PC and servers. However, you can opt for other alternatives such as MegaDownloader.

MEGA.CO.NZ. easily download files

MegaDownloader It is a file download manager Mega unofficial and free with which you can download the files hosted on the platform easily from your desktop.

How? Do not you know who Kim Dotcom?

Surely you remember a few years ago it was on the news how FBI agents raided a mansion in New Zealand in pure DEA operation in the decade of the 80. For it was this gentleman style, owner storage service Megaupload download Thumbplay. He was accused of having amassed a fortune at the expense of violating copyright of audiovisual creators. His response was to then create this service.

The advantages of using this client downloads

  • Maximize your bandwidth Batch download files faster.
  • It requires no installation and only consume system resources.
  • Totally safe. sensitive information encrypted by DPAPI and AES.

You can pause, stop and resume downloads at any time, unzipping packages and even watch streaming videos directly. You can also limit the download speed if you do not want to compromise your Internet connection.

It is also capable of Mega detect links copied to the clipboard to add them to the queue until it can be controlled remotely through its integrated server. It also incorporates other useful to download files, such as support for multiple downloads or managing priority downloads (obviously necessary aspects), coding links and the ability to configure a Web server or proxy functions. Together with its lightness and speed and the fact of not needing installation make this program a very practical and easy to use Mega client.

The question is that is a storage service in the cloud free racing others like Dropbox, Box or Google Drive. Is the best? Well, everyone likes. What is certain is that you will not miss anything when downloading files.

Downloading with MegaDownloader


Downloading with MegaDownloader