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Long before the arrival of services streaming video and music, with Netflix, HBO, YouTube and Spotify as exponents, and even before the popularization of the torrent networks for downloading movies, series, albums and songs, there were another application that was king of downloads. We speak, obviously eMule, he P2P based on the eDonkey 2000 protocol program and the Kad network, which it became tremendously popular at the beginning of the 2000s, being the best application, with permission from Ares to download any type of file to a Windows PC: from individual songs to entire albums, through videos, games and even documents in Word or PDF.

King of P2P downloads.

And although it was an open source program that worked exclusively on Microsoft operating system (in fact, still does in Windows 10), its success soon led to development of clones running on other platforms such as Linux or macOS, as is the case of aMule multiplatform application. By the time we're talking, of course never got to make the jump to mobile operating systems, so it is not worth to keep looking an APK for Android because it simply does not exist.

key features

Once we unloaded and we installed the executable program, we used to connect to one of multiple servers available, we conducted a small port configuration and firewall our PC, it was time to start enjoying all the features and functions of electronic mule:

  • Search for files by name and type filtering: audio, images, videos, programs, etc.
  • Ability to pause, stop or cancel any download.
  • Option of obtaining supplies from other customers who are doing the same download.
  • All kinds of statistics on our connection time and upload speeds and download.
  • Preview media files not download something you did not want.
  • secure user identification.
  • IP filtering: allows filtering corrupt files circulating on the network.
  • Messaging system to find users with similar interests and tastes.
  • Recovery of damaged parts of corrupt files.

What is the latest version? Is the best?

With the passage of time and the implementation of new technologies, this application downloads has fallen into disuse. Therefore, almost 7 years a new stable version can not launch ago. It was in April 2010 when it was published this eMule 0.50a whose download you are offering. Technically, it is obviously the best launched so far, but maybe think it is worse or slower than the version you were using 10 years ago precisely because hardly anyone uses this network, there are fewer files available and therefore , downloads are generally slower.

What is the best server?

In addition to the always tedious operation having to open ports to ensure a faster connection to this network, connect to the best server It has always been a matter of vital importance to find exactly what we were looking for and download it in the fastest way.

Unfortunately, today the issue is not about to connect to the server but simply achieve better connect to one that works. When you download and install EXE program now comes standard with a list of servers that are obsolete or have fallen forever. Fortunately, We can add new servers manually as we show below (and they do work yet):

  1. Step 1: Go to the Preferences tab and select the Server option.
  2. Step 2: Activate the auto-update server list at startup.
  3. Step 3: Click on the Edit button and the notebook that opens, enter the URL
  4. step 4: Saves the document, apply the changes and accepted.
  5. step 5: Restarts eMule and watch have a new list of servers to which you can connect.

The program will go through all trying to automatically connect servers, but if you have something in a hurry you can always choose one with the right mouse button choose connect to it to start search and download files as soon as possible.

eMule vs Ares: Which is better?

2002 saw the birth of these two legendary programs P2P downloads They coexisted in time to go to a better life. It is therefore normal that people wonder what the best of both, but as is always impossible to declare an absolute winner as both had their strengths and weaknesses.

eMule for example, it had many more and higher quality files, but downloads were somewhat slower to start when just had to share files and also required a rather complex configuration. Ares instead offered us much faster downloads from the outset, but often was that what had gone down we had nothing to do with what we wanted. It's more, both programs were perfectly compatible and complementary to have to decide on one of them.

Learn how to configure eMule to download faster


Learn how to configure eMule to download faster