Download WBFS Manager (4.0) for PC – Free

Avoid problems with games stored on your Nintendo Wii game console is as easy as with software that lets you save backups. This is precisely the aim of WBFS Manager.

Backups for your Wii games

He File System Wii is WBFS, a system similar to that used by NTFS hard drives in Windows. You just have format the storage unit you use the file system WBFS and when charge the unit, you can work with your games. You have to know that WFBS Manager It is not an official product of Nintendo but it works perfectly.

GUI for working with storage units WBFS format.


  • List of games stored information title, file sizes and codes.
  • Drag and drop.
  • Image processing ISO group.
  • self-extracting archives in RAR format.
  • Export CSV documents listed.
  • possibility of use of more than one directory for covers.
  • Input for creating Homebrew Channel.

By downloading WBFS Manager for Wii in Spanish have always your games backed by backup. Avoids the consequences of accidental loss of data with this manager WBFS file system for Windows.

Create backups of Nintendo Wii games


Create backups of Nintendo Wii games