Download Spotydl (0.9.37) – Free

Spotify has meant to revolution to how we listen to music. If the physical format was Already About to Disappear With the arrival of MP3, This online music streaming service (that's not the only one of Its Kind: Deezer, Pandora, SoundCloud ...) is even challenging the supremacy of esta format, Allowing us to take music with us wherever we go without Needing to download anything (it's true, Although it includes and offline That mode).

The arrival of Spotify has led to the abandonment of music downloads and songs in MP3 format.

However, there are still people are not too keen That on the notion of paying a flat monthly rate to listen to music and prefer to download music to carry it around on Their players or load it onto Their phone. And that's Where Spotydl comes in, the application to download music from Spotify.

How to download music With This Program?

By Means of an interface similar to Spotify, This program Allows you to import full playlists and download the songs That are part of them. You Only Have to paste the playlist's URI to start downloading and listening to music on other devices, even without an Internet connection.

Spotify's music for free.

These are ITS main features:

  • Import full playlists from Spotify.
  • Progressive download of elements from the list.
  • Music player integrated into the application.
  • Folder tree to browse around the file system.
  • YouTube video viewer.

But, it is capable of downloading music? Is it safe?

ITS, Although developers Consider it as Downloader Spotify, This software does not fully Comply With That concept: Because the Swedish company mainly Already have taken care of Protecting Their business model and obviously do not want They anyone to rip Their catalog. That's Why this software searches for and finds the songs That are part of the playlists to download them from other sites and sites, Including YouTube.

However, it's still one of the fastest methods. There are other systems but are much slower since the audio of record They our PC. In other words, we would Have to play The entire list to be able to rip it and have it in MP3 format.

Y no, you do not need to be a Premium user; Anyone with a free registry (you know, the guys That still listen to music interrupted by adverts) Use this program can.