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pptPlex is a plug-in for the presentation program integrated into Microsoft Office, PowerPoint. It is a development designed to optimize the documents That you want, by Including more eye-catching transitions and more complex effects Those That are included than in the program by default.

The perfect complement for PowerPoint

This utility, That Integrates With PowerPoint's Ribbon perfectly interface (adding a new tab from Which you will be able to use ITS tools), will offer you the Possibility to change how you carry out your presentations, Because it's possible to create a master slide from Which you can access all the information Quickly sections, without Having to visit each page to reach the Most Important data.

Discover the quickest way to Improve Your PowerPoint documents graphically.

It's a development can be somewhat complex That to use if you are used to using PowerPoint in the traditional method, but if you spend some time learning how to use it, it will completely change how you work With the Office slideshow tool.