Download Vectorian Giotto (3.0.0) – Free

When it comes to creating Flash contents, by Adobe (the company originally developed the format That) is the reference materials Usually software. NEVERTHELESS, many users May Find That the process is very complex When you use the standard programs, but it is always possible to resort to utilities like Vectorian Giotto, capable of offering professional results with a very easy work methodology.

With Vectorian Giotto you will be capable of creating Flash animations, That you will be able to use later on your websites, with great ease. By Means of a simple interface you will be able to use ITS powerful drawing tools, Transform shapes or create integrated effects. Beginners will adapt to the program Quickly, while more Experienced users will be able to Increase Their workload.

It has full support for layers, and it is possible to combine text, images and shapes. What's more, you will be able to configure dimensions, background colors and frame speed.

Create the start and end image and Vectorian Giotto will take care of the rest of the procedure. Your creations are visible by Means of the software without any need to open a browser or external player.

With Vectorian Giotto you will be able to Easily create Flash animations Having without any code knowledge. Make the most of ITS powerful tools and renovate the aspect of your website.