Download VLC Media Player Portable (2.2.6) – Free

VLC Media Player is one of the free players more options gives users and more formats also it supports to be an open source program code is always evolving with each new release we are surprised with new features and options.

Enjoy VLC without facilities

Now we can carry in our pendrive Portable VLC Media Player, so that we can play any video or song on the computer you want, without installing any software and all options installable version. In addition to the formats supported by the application (MPEG, DivX, MPEG-4, XviD, WAV, MP3, MKV, OGG, DVD, VCD, H264,...), It also offers ability to load subtitles in virtually any format and is available in over 10 different languages.

The best media player you can find for free for Windows.

Another function of which we enjoy is the streaming service, with which to watch movies broadcast over the Internet or your local network easily. Take the Swiss Army knife playback anywhere and totally free with portable version of VLC Media Player.