Download Photoshop (CC 2018 19.0.0) – Free

For years, talk about retouch or modify an image on your computer It is synonymous with Photoshop. Anyone working with photographs, graphics or images on a professional level using this software developed by Adobe on a daily basis, and even many home users who want to improve the look of your photos or selfies resort to this tool. In fact, it has almost become a standard: no matter what image editor we use, we are photoshopeando.

Surely there simpler programs on the market to perform more basic issues, so it is not a software that would advise everyone. But if you have advanced knowledge of photo editing and retouching, this is the most complete alternative that can be found on the market.

A must if you dedicate yourself professionally to the world of graphic design.

Integrated into the Adobe Creative Cloud package including other tools of graphic design, video editing, web and design services in the cloud, such as Illustrator, InDesign, Audition, After Effects and Premiere, it is a multiplatform software, available for both Windows and Mac, in addition to a portable version to carry around and Express edition for use from mobile.

Why use Photoshop CS6?

This program better serve for virtually any activity related to the world of illustration, graphic design, web design or photo retouching professional. But people like you and me can also be used for more mundane things.

Always you go forth handsome in all your photos.

What do you eliminate that skin imperfection or that pimple on your wedding picture? What you ashamed yellowing of your teeth in another photo and want to whiten? What appears a guy who has no business in a romantic photo and want to remove it? The desktop client of this image editor has a solution for all that and more.

The tools available in the editor par excellence

This is a program editing raster graphics that works with layers and has plenty of tools that can do everything mentioned above, plus many more professional operations, not only affecting images but also videos and audios. Such utilities are selection tools, clipping, editing, painting, drawing and text, so we can do things like:

  • Crop images and smooth edges.
  • Create layer masks, vector or crop selection tools.
  • Smart resize images scale resolution.
  • Apply endless effects focus, blur, pixelization, stylized, distorted, etc.
  • Use default filters gallery: spatula, sponge, crazing, plasticized, etc.
  • Stabilize camera images.
  • Vectorize images.
  • Find images in Adobe Stock repository.
  • Remove backgrounds and remove objects from photographs.
  • Create photographic compositions as collages or montages.

What's new in the latest version

  • New editing tools.
  • Access to images in Lightroom.
  • Support for variable sources.
  • Share your creations with other applications.
  • Tips and tricks to use more detailed tools.
  • Scaled photo with IA.
  • Symmetric option to use paint automatically.
  • Color Range Mask applicable to Camera Raw.

How to remove objects from your photos with Photoshop


How to remove objects from your photos with Photoshop