Download Microsoft PowerPoint (2016) – Free

Microsoft Office office suite is the favorite of millions of PC users worldwide. Their different applications are suitable for work both in the professional and domestic or academic. In it we find tools such as Word or Excel, but we can not forget microsoft PowerPoint, the program included in the package for creating multimedia presentations.

The best platform to expose data, projects and ideas

Here you will find all kinds of features to create presentations using slides. Functions that are not limited to result in an exhibition text or images but also it provides support for other elements such as audio or video. All this from scratch with blank templates or using predefined by the program itself.

Create presentations in the most intuitive way.

The method for making presentations entails no great difficulty from the beginning the user has free to translate their content and as it advances can be different elements including, both formal and content than rich.

Key Features of PowerPoint

One of their latest developments has become one of its most important functions. We found in the ability to synchronize our work with other project partners because we can work in the cloud. In this way collaborative work power and all members of a team can modify aspects of a document and keep up with your changes. But we also find features such as:

  • Editor that allows you to insert and format text.
  • Tools to insert and manipulate images and graphics.
  • Different themes with panoramic variants.
  • Different color schemes.
  • More compact tool bar colorfull style.
  • For power alignment guides texts.
  • Tools combination of shapes.
  • Transformation effect with a single click one fluid motion give the presentation.
  • Possibility to use second screens.
  • Extensive catalog of predefined templates and slides to choose from.

It is an application used in any situation: both create work environments presentations to create e-mails funny.

Different tools have been designed so that any user can create designs nimbly without the need for advanced knowledge management. The results can be virtually professionals with a minimum of dedication.

Although competition remains the preferred

Its characteristics have continued to becoming the leading program of presentations. Never mind that there are other good alternatives as well as free OpenOffice Impress or Prezi, which can be used online without downloading anything; It remains the benchmark and PPT format that to which other applications adjust their compatibility.

How to Convert a PowerPoint video


How to Convert a PowerPoint video