Download Office 2016 (16.0.7167.2040) – Free

From time to time Microsoft launches a revamped version of its office suite. The latest edition, published in September 2015, is known as Office 2016. This is a set of tools for Windows PCs aimed at increase user productivity, both at work at home or in the office.

The best office suite in the world.

Tools available in this office suite

As in previous versions, this edition of 2016 brings several distinct applications, each of which has a very specific task:

  • WordThe processor and text editor.
  • Excel: The spreadsheet program.
  • PowerPoint: Implementation of presentations and slideshows.
  • Access: Tool for working with databases.
  • Outlook: The email client and calendar.
  • OneNote: Application to take notes and capture ideas.
  • Publisher: Desktop publishing software, design and layout.
  • Skype for Business: Instant, online meetings calls and messaging.

How has Microsoft Office 2016?

This new edition of Microsoft Office suite is presented with interesting innovations focused mainly on five fields:

  • Collaborative work: It is now easier than ever for several users to work collaboratively and simultaneously on the same document. Everyone can To see the changes made by others and share documents with other users is as easy as a single click. In addition, there has been renewed versioning system to retrieve instances of the same document during the editing process.
  • Efficiency: The new Office is faster and more efficient. With the new Tell Me function You can tell Word, Excel or PowerPoint exactly what you want to do for these apps guide you throughout the process. In addition, the new intelligent search with Bing you can consult on the Internet without even leaving the document on which you are working.
  • Accessibility: Thanks to storage options in the cloud OneDrive and that the new Office applications are adapted both traditional Windows as variants of the operating system designed for touch screens, you'll access and work on your documents from anywhere, anytime, even from a mobile or a Mac.
  • Data Protection: Another outstanding feature of this new package are its policies Data Loss Prevention and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to protect shared documents violations in their policies on use, which involves identification of sensitive material and prevent accidental sharing via Office tools.
  • Integration into Windows 10Although work in earlier versions of Microsoft operating system, this Office has been designed for Windows 10. It It integrates seamlessly with Cortana, the virtual assistant to help you in all the tasks that have to do with your tools, especially Outlook, and syncs seamlessly with mobile applications designed for Windows 10 on phones and tablets.

But how much will it cost me the new Office?

By now you know that downloading Office in Spanish is not free, but from Redmond ensure that it is the most affordable and economical version Until now. Not that they have lowered the prices of the different versions (Home, Home and Student, Home and Business, Standard, Professional, Professional Plus, etc.) but there is flexible plans that fit the pocket of every user, whether individual or for the whole family or company.