Convert videos with VLC

If you use the VLC Media Player, you certainly want to know how to convert videos with VLC. So just follow a few simple steps.

An indispensable tool that we have in our computer is a video converter. But, What if we could use our favorite player to convert videos to different formats? This is possible with the popular VLC Media Player player. One of the most unknown functions of VLC is precisely the power convert and extract videos. This way you can save having to install a converter, and the same program You can play and convert videos with VLC free and easily.

First we have to run VLC and access the menu Medium > Convert, or you can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A. A new window opens with four tabs. We are interested in the first, Archive. We'll have to select the file you want to convert via the Add button.


Then we click on the button Convert the bottom of the window. A window with the settings you have to choose to convert opens: the destination folder and output format.


First we have to choose the place in which the video and the name we want you to put the extension that will be saved. Then we can only choose format which we will convert the video. VLC allows conversion to various formats: MP4, WebM, TS, OGG, ASF, MP3, FLAC or CD.


Once we have chosen the most concerns us, We can edit through the button that appears right next to the list. It will open a new window and can modify the encapsulation, video codec, audio codec and subtitles.


By last, we tell VLC to start conversion. Through its interface we can view the status of conversion. And when we get the finished video in the format chosen.

It is that simple convert videos with our player VLC Media Player. You no longer have to use several programs to work with video.

Source: Ghacks