Download Google Chrome (62.0.3202.89) Linux – Free

Google burst into the browser war Microsoft and Mozilla only When Were battling it out With Their Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers, respectively. google Introduced Google Chrome, Which Immediately started to gain users Thanks to its innovation and stability.

Innovation at the user's service

DESPITE arriving later on Linux than on other platforms, Google Chrome Also you have created a niche Among ITS users. On This operating system, the browser recreates the features That Have made it one of the favorite options Among users, Such as ITS Browsing by independent tabs, ITS support for add-ons or the home page of sites with Thumbnails. Together with ITS USABILITY, Google Chrome stands out for STIs speed and stability, Undergoing many updates on Behalf of Its developers.

Stable, quick and secure. That's Google Chrome.


  • High speed When starting up and loading web pages.
  • Compatibility with the main web standards.
  • Possibility to expand functions by Means of add-ons.
  • Greater stability AS ITS tabs run on independent processes.
  • Secure browsing That warns the user About the danger of Accessing Certain websites.
  • Integrated translator.
  • Download Manager.

The future of browsers

Google Chrome Integrates increasingly more and more functions make it to That That tool goes beyond web browsing further. It Allows you to log in with your user account for Google services, and in turn it fully Integrates With the Latter. It's possible to Already carry out functions and tasks That Were not so long ago inconceivable for a browser, like playing, for example.

Download Google Chrome for Linux and take a look at the future of browsing.