Peeple, the Intelligent peephole to your door

Peephole in the door

Admittedly the peephole in the front door is a good invention: when you see who is calling and if you are interested in open and if not, then not. The thing was evolving technologically with video intercom and closed circuit television, allowing you to identify the visitor from anywhere in your home.

But what if you're not at home? Yes, there are systems to send a video signal to your phone or computer but Peeple proposes a fairly simple system much simpler: A Intelligent peephole caller sends photos.

How many people call when I'm not at home?

This is really a small camera that mounts on your door peephole and photography through it. It is easily attachable as you can see in the video and allows you to easily remove it if you want to be yourself who looks through it. Peeple detects if someone calls or try to open the door immediately send a notice to your application on your mobile with your photo as it connects to the Wi-Fi network in your home.

For that, it actually is to record who went through your abode. At the end of the day it's like on your phone, you have caller ID and a record indicating how many times you phoned. In fact you can see the history and know how many people pass through your door when you're not ... or just know if you want to open or not if you're at home and do not feel like moving.

Kickstarter funding campaign

Ah, Kickstarter! That paradise where any thought has no place and, best of all, you can get funding. It is at this platform where you can find Peeple and how to collaborate economically and take advantage of some other advantage according to the amount contributed.

For that you'll have to hurry because they are 3 days left to the deadline ... but hey, do not worry too much about its viability because the campaign can be considered successful: $ 50,000 needed to fund and already exceed $ 80,000.

You have the possibility to get in several models: Camera, camera + window (if you do not have in your door) and camera + supermirilla (for large doors). It is available in various colors and couples (if you also rear door). Even a special edition 50 Cent ... yeah, inspired by the rapper.

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