Download myMail Android – Free

Unify different email accounts under one interface contributes to better manage them and reduce the number of applications installed on the device. This is, among other things, providing you myMail Android.

A substantial improvement in productivity

myMail It is a quick application that enables managing different accounts with simple gestures allowing the most common actions with mail. Unified all accounts in one application, the user does not miss a minute going from one email client to another thus gaining in productivity.

A single mail client for all accounts.


  • Support for mail services Google, Microsoft, Yahoo !, AOL, GMX, Mail.Ru, Yandex and Apple.
  • Automatic detection of configurations IMAP, POP and SMTP.
  • push notifications new instant messages.
  • possibility of silencing mail accounts to separate work and leisure.
  • faster browsing through message lists.
  • Customizing the appearance of messages.
  • instant search.
  • Fast composition search queries.
  • Suggested contacts.

More productivity and safety

The design of myMail It is designed so that you have all the content of the email account in a more accessible form the couple has taken great care the appearance of searches, so that these are simple and quick. All without neglecting safety since the data is encrypted to ensure integrity, security and privacy even in Wi-Fi networks open access.

administered with myMail all your accounts faster and more efficiently mail.