Download Metro7 (1) – Free

One of the things that has highlighted the future operating system of Microsoft Windows 8 is the new Metro user interface, which is specially designed for use with touch devices, while at the same time It offers a very comfortable use Computer users who only need access to your email and social networks, and now thanks to Metro7 You can enjoy this interface while working with Windows 7.

A clear and easy to use interface

Interface Metro7 It is identical to that of Windows 8, can access to all options through simple screen widgets (Which is shaped like small rectangles), and even showing some of the information without having to access if you want each of the options.

From the basic interface which is accessible nothing will be possible to install the application access to weather information, enter Facebook, checking email in Gmail or activate a screen with a giant clock.

But is that in addition to these options Metro7 It includes the same store widgets included in the development version of Windows 8, allowing the ability to add more options to the desktop if possible.

Discharge Metro7 free, really You will notice the change.