Headphone and microphone set up in Windows XP

Headphone and microphone set up in Windows XP

Learn how to set headphone and microphone in Windows XP and you can communicate with anyone. Turn your PC into a call center and talk with family and friends.

The headphone and microphone system is essential if you use VoIP and video conferencing software like Skype or if you are fond of online multiplayer games where sometimes it requires communication between participants. Learn how to set headphone and microphone easily and within minutes you'll be talking to your contacts.

Sound card and audio drivers

To use a set of headphones and microphone You need an audio card, a requirement that meet virtually all computers since often come integrated into the motherboard. You must have at least one audio output for headphones and an audio input to the microphone.

Make sure you have the latest drivers for your audio sound card. If you have problems, check the component manufacturer if necessary to search for drivers on the Internet. In our case, and in many users, the card is Realtek, one of the most popular brands. The solution is to download the version of Realtek HD Drivers that corresponds to your operating system.

Configuration Panel integrated sound card

Once you install the configuration tool opens your card. Connects the headphone and microphone to the line input and output respectively of the device. Some cards automatically detect the connection as here. Simply choose the type of device you just connected. Try playing an audio file for example to check that the headphones work as they should.

Microphone Settings

Open the Windows Control Panel and enter "Sounds and Audio Devices". Tab "Voice" You can start a test audio hardware pressing the button on the bottom right corner.

Option Hardware Test audio devices and voice

The setup wizard will start automatically to enable detection test the audio via the microphone and playback. After a few seconds you will see a window with a text that you must read aloud via microphone. Use a normal and constant volume. The signal meter should show activity. The volume slider will automatically move to leave the signal at the appropriate level to avoid distortion. Once you have pressed "Following".

Meter microphone signal

In the next step you'll need to repeat the operation, but this time hear your voice through the speakers. Adjust the volume to prevent the playback sound is coupled to the microphone. Please note that there is a slight delay between your voice and audio you hear.

Signal meter headphone

This is the last step wizard soundcheck. You can now use your microphone and your headphones when necessary. Do the test, invites conversation via Skype, for example, any friend or opens an audio editor to record your voice. Take advantage of all the capabilities of your personal computer properly configuring communication devices with which accounts.